5 Marvelous New Marijuana Strains You Must Try

There are at least several hundred marijuana strains, with the creation of new masterpieces increasing rapidly. Professional breeders have greater freedom than ever before, allowing them to cultivate hybrids seemingly at will. Events like the annual Emerald Cup give the best breeders in the business the chance to showcase their new arrivals.

It can be tough to keep up with such a dizzying array of new strains. However, we enjoy the challenge, so we have written this article! In it, we feature five magnificent new strains that are either in your local dispensary or soon will be.

1 – Apples and Bananas

This evenly balanced hybrid strain has captured the imagination of marijuana lovers like few others in recent times. It is the result of a collaboration between Cookies and Compound Genetics. When the rapper, Berner, debuted Apples and Bananas, it resulted in a two-hour queue as weed fans eagerly waited for this new creation.


At The Emerald Cup, there were further queues at the Cookies dome with customers willing to pay hundreds of dollars for a pack of Apples and Bananas seeds. So, what is all the fuss about? It combines GDP, Blue Power, and Platinum Cookies with Gelatti. The result is a gorgeous apple, banana, and cherry aroma. Users say the strain tastes like a heavenly mix of banana pudding and baked apple pie!

If you try it, expect a strong cerebral effect followed by the feeling that you’re floating once the high reaches the body. It is also an exceedingly potent strain, with tests indicating a THC content of over 28%!

2 – Garlic Breath

This indica-dominant hybrid is a cross of Mendo Breath and GMO. Its THC content is in the high 20s, and it is marketed as a nighttime strain due to its sedating effects. Frankly, it isn’t the best option if you’re a novice. Not only is it potent, but the effects are potentially disorientating. When using Garlic Breath, it is sensible to take small hits and enjoy a stress-relieving experience.


As the name suggests, this strain produces a pungent garlic odor, albeit not quite as strong as strains with OG or Diesel genetics. While there is a garlic flavor to the taste, you may also get pleasant floral and herbal tinges. Ultimately, if you’re an experienced user seeking something to help with insomnia or headaches, Garlic Breath is worth trying.

3 – Layer Cake

Swamp Boy Seeds is responsible for creating this mouthwatering cross of GMO and Wedding Cake. It is a slightly indica-dominant hybrid with some lab tests revealing a THC content above 30%! Those who have tried Layer Cake claim that their mood gets elevated, and things taste better. However, it will probably cause a level of body relaxation that makes it a better option for chilling out at home than socializing.


As you might expect from the strain’s name, there are many layers to its aroma and flavor profiles. Layer Cake provides a spicy and skunky scent that soon gets overpowered by diesel and cheese notes. The cheesy/diesel combination is also noteworthy in this strain’s flavor. If using Layer Cake, take a single hit at first; according to many users, this is all you’ll need to feel the effects!

4 – Kush Mints

LA-based breeder Seed Junky Genetics is credited with creating this cross of Animal Mints and Bubba Kush. It is another indica-dominant hybrid that carries up to 26% THC. It is an excellent option if you’re looking for something to ease your stress levels in the evening. Given its capacity for sedation, you’re best served trying Kush Mints an hour or two before bedtime.


One whiff of this strain provides you with a strong dank wood and pine scent, followed by spicy chai notes. Light Kush Mints up, and that pine and woody combination is joined by a subtle yet sweet hint of chocolate and a much stronger mint flavor. Users also recommend having snacks nearby because Kush Mints could result in a major case of the munchies.

5 – Oreoz

3rd Coast Genetics is responsible for bringing this indica-dominant hybrid to the market. It is a cross of Secret Weapon and Cookies ‘n’ Cream.


As seems to be the case with new marijuana strains, Oreoz has an exceptionally high THC content of up to 33%, according to some lab reports. Its potency means that using tiny amounts is best if you plan to achieve anything of note for the rest of the day. Realistically, Oreoz is for users with a high THC tolerance because novices will struggle to leave their sofa for hours after using it!

The coffee, wood, and dark chocolate aroma are noticeable from the get-go, and this pleasant scent can linger in a room for quite a while. The Oreoz flavor profile consists of a gorgeous coffee and chocolate combo with an element of smokiness that makes it almost irresistible to the experienced cannabis user.

Final Thoughts on Fresh New Marijuana Strains

If you’re new to cannabis, these five beautiful strains may seem well worth every penny you spend on them. However, they are primarily too potent for novices and are best consumed and enjoyed by experienced marijuana smokers.

Individuals who have little weed-using experience or low tolerance to THC should consider strains with a 1:1 ratio of THC to CBD instead. You will still experience a high, but it is more manageable and probably more enjoyable than being overwhelmed by a strain with 25% THC!

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