The 5 Perfect Strains to Wake and Bake To

We have all struggled to get up in the morning, but whether you are an alarm snoozer or an espresso addict – we have a solution!

So say goodbye to the lie-in, and hello to the perfect wake and bake! Our list of the five best strains to start your day will be the only pick me up you will need!

1. Chocolate Thai – The Legendary Strain

chocolate thai – the legendary strain

Chocolate Thai can be tricky to find, but is definitely worth the hunt! This land-race Sativa offers between 12 – 16% THC and will be sure to start your day off right!

True to its name, Chocolate Thai gives off a beautiful chocolatey scent with notes of coffee – absolutely perfect to go with, you guessed it…. your morning coffee! This cerebral herb will bring you round nicely into a creative and positive mindset!

Chocolate Thai is known for its low-key side effects, making it perfect for the less experienced consumer and for galvanizing those all-important productive days! You can expect a smooth transition into a creative and energetic high that sees you getting the most out of your morning! Also, Chocolate Thai is a perfect strain to combat depression, muscle spasms, and insomnia!

2. Green Crack – The Speedy Strain

If you find yourself moving at zero miles an hour in the morning, then this is the strain for you! Green Crack is a Sativa dominant variety that carries up to 25% THC, and is known for fast and long-acting effects!

Forget the name, though – Green Crack bears no resemblance to its name sake. In fact, it is an incredibly sociable strain that can leave you and your friends chatting for hours! Green Crack, also known as Green Cush or simply Cush, is a fruity flavored bud that will leave consumers feeling super focused!

green crack marijuana strain

Perfect for those with a busy day of work ahead, Green Crack is renowned for its sharp energy that can last for hours! Expect a super intense ability to get things done – you won’t need coffee with this strain!

Also, in terms of medical benefits, Green Crack is a firm favorite amongst patients that suffer from depression, ADHD, and PTSD.

3. Island Sweet Skunk – The Buzzy Strain

island sweet skunk

Island Sweet Skunk is a Sativa dominant with the perfect levels of THC, which come in at around 18%. If you are looking for an energetic high that won’t leave you rendered immobile for the day, then this is the strain for you!

It’s a sweet and citrusy variety that makes for the perfect breakfast accompaniment, and with its herbal scent and earthy flavor, Island Sweet Skunk truly lives up to its name. Early risers can expect a relaxed high that isn’t too trippy – the magical combo that will leave you feeling energetic and creative!

Often used to help with headaches and gastrointestinal complaints, Island Sweet Skunk is a perfect all-round wake and bake! This vibrant herb is also great for combating lethargy, poor appetite, and muscle pains!

4. Sour Diesel – The Pungent Strain

Known for its strong diesel aroma, this earthy sativa packs a massive 26% THC, and with only around 4% CBD, it is one of the stronger strains on our list!

sour diesel cannabis strain

If you are slow in the mornings, then this could be the perfect strain for you! Fast acting and super energizing, Sour Diesel is now a firm favorite amongst the regular wake and bakers!
Despite its high levels of THC, this potent strain won’t leave you “couch locked,” but rather mentally tuned in making it a perfect choice for the artistic consumer. Sour D will open up creative doors you didn’t know existed, and is a perfect go-to strain for anxiety and depression sufferers, as well as chronic fatigue!

5. Pineapple Express – The Famous Strain

Weed lovers around the world will have heard of this strain – the strain made famous due to the 2008 movie of the same name! This Sativa dominant strain is a favorite across America and has THC levels reaching up to 25%!

Perhaps the most subtle strain out of the list, though, Pineapple Express will leave you feeling buzzed and relaxed, making it perfect for reading, writing or getting creative!

pineapple express cannabis strain review

The mental high created by this strain can last for hours, making it a perfect wake and bake option! Also, as the name suggests, smokers of this strain can expect the tropical taste of pineapple, with back notes of pine and a fruity aroma.

Much like the rest of our list, Pineapple Express is a wonderful strain to combat symptoms of anxiety and depression, as well as mild to moderate aches and pains.

Wake & Bake Cannabis Roundup

Whether you are looking for a morning pick me up, or merely love starting your day with a tasty joint – wake and bake strains can be some of the best available!

While some wake and bake strains pack a hefty punch and can leave you feeling quite high, many will leave you nicely tuned in and fully capable of getting on with your day!

The fact is that starting your day with a smoke can lead to digestion aid, boosted mood as well as heightened creativity! Now, when you say it like that, how can you refuse!?

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