Agent Orange | Cannabis Strain Review

Agent Orange | Cannabis Strain Review

Named after the infamous chemical, the agent orange strain of weed luckily is not toxic. In fact, it has been used for its happy and euphoria-inducing high that can bring about a case of the giggles. It tastes very citrusy, like lemons and oranges, which also is known for happy and feel-good sensations.

Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Caryophyllene, Terpinolene
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painDepression
Growing Info
Can be grown indoors or outdoors in a mediterannean-like climate that is dry and warm. If growing indoors, expect a flowering period in about 8-9 weeks. If growing outdoors, a harvest by October is to be expected.

Despite having a name that might leave thousands of Vietnam war veterans reeling in PTSD-induced terror, Agent Orange cannabis is actually a powerful, well-balanced marijuana strain that many have sought out for its uplifting, therapeutic effects. With a noticeable orange flavor and a rich lineage that guarantees its value, Agent Orange marijuana offers a genotype with both indica and sativa qualities, making it one of the top hybrid marijuana strains out there.

| Thankfully, the Agent Orange strain is nothing like the tactical-use defoliant war chemical it was named after.

As you probably know, Agent Orange was an herbicide mixture that America used during the Vietnam War; it was used to remove forest cover and crops, and an estimated 20 million gallons were used in Laos, Cambodia, and Vietnam from 1961 to 1971.

Anyway, let’s take a look at this potent strain and learn all about its effects, flavors, aromas, and even – if you are so inclined – how you can grow it yourself. Unlike Agent Orange the chemical (which is fortunately no longer made) the Agent Orange marijuana strain is widely available in the United States. And rather than destroying things, it is a strain capable of boosting your mood. Let’s check it out.

What is the Agent Orange Cannabis Strain?

Agent Orange weed was created by TGA Genetics, and is a cross of Jack the Ripper and Orange Velvet (a well-known strain with a smooth, citrusy intensity). It is full of therapeutic terpenes and cannabinoids, and while it may not be the strongest cannabis on the market, it gets its name from its delicious orange taste.

It is a sativa dominant (75%) hybrid with high resistance to diseases and pests, and was designed to be as close to the flavor, aroma, and appeal of a fresh orange as possible. Bred as a hybrid with high sativa elements, Agent Orange weed offers an interesting blend of self-motivating sativa properties with a pleasant addition of relaxing indica effects.

With this unique blend – combined with its fresh, bright flavor – Agent Orange marijuana is a great daytime strain to use just as you are beginning your normal routine. Primarily utilized in this way by those who struggle with mental disorders like stress and depression, it can also be useful as a mild pain treatment thanks to its calming and therapeutic effects.

Agent Orange Aroma, Flavor and Aрреаrаnсе

The very first thing you will notice upon getting a whiff of Agent Orange weed will be the smell of, erm… oranges. However, this isn’t the smell of just any boring old orange juice or artificial orange substitute – this smells like the real deal.

Realistically, it is the terpenoid profile of the strain that is responsible for its remarkable smell; the fruity citrus mixture of lemon and orange is a joy to behold, and the actual smell of oranges can vary between overt sweetness and the tart complexity the emanates from a small tangerine.

In a sense, Agent Orange cannabis smells like what you would imagine a fresh orange to smell like – even with the pungency of the citrus oils that compliment it. Behind this initial aroma is the more general flavor of citrus, as well as a cloying sweetness that punctuates underneath.

The flavor of Agent Orange is remarkably similar to its initial aroma, though there is an odd umami quality to the taste which is unlike any other orange-flavored strain you’ve ever enjoyed before.

| Agent Orange marijuana tastes as sweet and citrusy as it smells, with orange as the main flavor.

There is also a hint of cheese in the taste, however, and the mix of sweet and savory tang that is produced is simply wonderful — this is unquestionably one of the tastiest strains you’ll ever find.

Of course, the aftertaste is perhaps the best part of the smoking experience – a spiciness reminiscent of that old European tradition of mulled wine, filled to the brim with oranges stuffed with cloves. Agent Orange marijuana is an oddly festive strain, offering somehow both a Christmas flavor and a more mundane orange experience at the same time.

In terms of appearance, the Agent Orange strain is an interesting oddity as its large, flat-topped colas can actually turn purple if appropriately dried. This odd detail makes Agent Orange pot extremely noticeable and distinctive, and also makes it a lot easier to pick out of a dispensary display.

The purple colored, potent orange strain is thus a very popular one, offering a myriad of wonderful effects and benefits.  Furthermore, it is a plant that grows tall with wide green leaves popping out from a center laden with buds, orange pistils, and white trichomes. All in all, it is an aesthetically pleasing color combination that appeals to the human senses.

Agent Orange Strain Grоw Infо

Most marijuana experts will tell you that Agent Orange cannabis is ‘moderately’ difficult to grow. If you have Agent Orange seeds and want to grow it outside, you’ll need to live in a warm and sunny climate akin to that of the Mediterranean (whether you grow it indoors or outdoors, make sure your crops are exposed to good airflow to replicate the breeze on the luscious Mediterranean Coast).

| The Agent Orange strain is one that requires heavy topping to ensure it produces viable bushes that will provide a good yield.

In order to allow for more lateral growth and a thicker plant in general, regularly cut back new growths along the top of the plant as the plants mature (this is one of those times when you might think you are cutting back too much, but in fact, you are probably not cutting back enough. Cut frequently and cut harshly, and you should get a good yield in the end).

You can grow Agent Orange marijuana either indoors or outdoors, but make sure you’re sticking to warmer months if you are going to go with outdoor cultivation. (You can even use hydroponics if you have the setup already prepared).

One thing to bear in mind is that the wide plants you will have created will likely need some kind of support network, so make sure you utilize some trellises or other support mechanisms to ensure the buds don’t crash into the ground and rot.

Once you have harvested, make sure to dry your Agent Orange marijuana plants thoroughly, as this strain can be extremely susceptible to mold during the drying phase. You will know you have done it right if you start to see purple coloration developing, resulting in an iridescent, beautifully colored bud.

All told, Agent Orange weed isn’t too difficult a strain as long as you have a bit of technical know-how, as well as an understanding of basic pruning techniques. For all your efforts, you will be sure to get a large yield out of this intriguing strain.

In fact, when you grow it indoors it will yield up to 16 ounces of bud per square meter, and it takes 8-9 weeks to flower. If you grow it outdoors, it will yield up to 19 ounces of bud per plant, and is usually ready for harvest in October.

Agent Orange Strain Review: Effects

When using the Agent Orange marijuana strain, make sure it smells and tastes like an orange peel – if you don’t get an obvious citrus smell, there is probably something wrong (it is one of the few marijuana strains around where even novices should know what it is).

Once you have enjoyed the taste, you should experience the famed ‘stoner’ high that the nugs produce. The effects of Agent Orange weed are quite similar to the intensity of its aroma – they will hit you hard, and they will hit you fast.

| With Agent Orange weed, expect a nearly instantaneous loss of mental function followed by a wave of “citrus-tainted” euphoria and relaxation.

By far the strongest emotions you can expect to feel are happiness and tranquility. Around the midway point of the smoke, you can expect to get creative energy that carries with it the optimism and joy that you experienced at the initial taste. You will find it easy to unwind, yet there is little chance that you’ll end up stuck to your couch. The high quickly moves from head to body, boosts your mood, and possibly causes you to start giggling.

Another unusual aspect of the Agent Orange strain is what we call a ‘double high.’ Its initial effects are immediate, and about two hours later, just when you think it is time to wind down, the effects return. There is a decent kickback towards the end that can leave you feeling sluggish (or otherwise prone to taking a nap), but it isn’t anywhere near as noticeable as some of the more indica-leaning hybrids that exist out there. If you are an experienced indica smoker, you likely won’t even notice it.

Also, due to this small indica effect you can easily use Agent Orange marijuana at the start of the day, enjoying its uplifting effects throughout the afternoon until around lunchtime, wherein you’ll enjoy a period of gentle relaxation and indica-influenced peace.

These effects are fairly typical of a hybrid that leans towards sativa – as Agent Orange weed does – but what makes it especially useful is the medicinal applications of the strain.

Agent Orange Strain Review: Potential Medical Benefits

The most obvious medical benefit of Agent Orange marijuana is the alleviation of stress. Even its aroma and taste can make you feel better, and the high should help if you have anxiety or depression. Agent Orange is also known for boosting appetite, which may make it a good option for chemotherapy patients. Also, as it is capable of focusing the mind, it is possible to use Agent Orange weed to treat conditions such as ADHD and ADD.

| As a hybrid strain, Agent Orange can treat a variety of conditions thanks to its varied array of effects.

Happiness-inducing effects are readily apparent at the start of the high, making Agent Orange weed a great pick for those suffering from mental anguish, anxiety, and depression.

In consuming Agent Orange cannabis, sufferers can enjoy wholesome, complete happiness at the start of their day. And for those that experience mild pain and discomfort, it can provide tremendous relief. For those with more chronic or severe pain, however, it is likely better to go for a more indica-dominant variety that can knock out the pain.

One other commonly reported medicinal benefit of Agent Orange marijuana is its ability to help treat headaches – for those with low-intensity migraines, it can prove excellent at defeating the ever-present scourge of agony.

Pоѕѕіblе Sіdе Effесtѕ оf Agent Orange Cannabis

Although its THC content is in the moderate range, Agent Orange weed acts fast, so novices beware. There is a slight risk of dizziness, and you might also feel paranoid. Common side effects include dehydration and cottonmouth, and on occasion, users may also develop anxiety (though this is more likely if you already suffer from the condition).

Since Agent Orange cannabis is relatively typical as far as hybrid strains go (despite its inherent meritorious qualities), one would be correct in assuming that its side effects are fairly run of the mill. In other words, there’s nothing really to be concerned about that’s any different from any other strain you’ve smoked before.

Final Thoughts: Agent Orange Strain Review

All things considered, Agent Orange weed is the epitome of a ‘proper’ sativa. When used in moderation, it ensures you have a smile on your face, no matter how you were feeling before. It also ensures you become extremely stoned (despite the moderate THC level), so use it wisely!

Agent Orange marijuana is undeniably an excellent daytime smoke that gives you energy and doesn’t knock you out cold; as well as helping you feel happier, it also does a decent job of alleviating pain. It also offers a nice blend of the positive effects of sativa, with a passive indica element towards the end of the high.

With an uplifting, creative energy that persists throughout the day, the Agent Orange strain excels as an everyday flower that will leave you happy and fulfilled all day long. Also, this is a decent strain to try and grow yourself thanks to its versatility — just make sure you are regularly pruning and caring for the plants, as well as providing them with structural support.

As long as you avoid the Agent Orange strain if you have any kind of paranoia, it will offer any user a bright citrus taste with the sweet comfortability of a fresh orange in its aroma — as well as a constant, uplifting feeling throughout the entire day.

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