5 Best and Most Exotic Cannabis Strains of the Year

The marijuana industry dates back for hundreds of thousands of years. During this time we have discovered sativas, indicas, and hybrids – and within these categories, there have been hundreds of unique cannabis strains of weed.

It is pretty amazing when we think about how far cannabis has come since its first discovery. For instance, it is thought that there are at least 779 known cannabis strains of cannabis in the world, and amongst those, there are hundreds of incredibly well known go-to strains. You’ve got your Blue Dream, GSC (Girl Scout Cookie), Sour Diesel, OG Kush, Gorilla Glue, etc. – all extremely popular amongst weed lovers. However, this is just a handful of the most commonly bought strains — there are too many others to mention, even if we tried.

But what about those lesser-known strains of cannabis? As time has moved on and legalization of cannabis has progressed across the US, we are finding that there is a greater interest and demand for those rare and exotic buds! Gone are the days where you would happily smoke the first bit of cannabis you could get your hands on — with legalization, the “marijuana masses” have developed a great intrigue into what other marijuana strains this wonderful plant has to offer.

But What Makes a Cannabis Strain Exotic?

While many less experienced weed users may tell you that it is all about the high, true cannabis aficionados know that flavor and smell rank up there (along with effect) as the most important thing. Smoking cannabis is a sensory experience that’s not to be short-changed by effects alone. The smell, the distinctive taste of the first drag, and even the color of the smoke – it is all part of the appeal.

While the reliable cannabis strains are incredible and have so much to offer, the excitement behind discovering an unusual cannabis strain is something to embrace. Whether it be its appearance, taste, effect or even its back story, everyone should try at least ONE exotic strain in their life.

To save you the trouble, we have gone exploring for the top 5 exotic cannabis strains that you should try this year. You can thank us later…

1. Snowcap – The Cool Cannabis Strain

Known for its menthol flavors, Snowcap is up there at the top of the list for exotic cannabis strains! This hybrid marijuana strain comes in at 50/50 indica:sativa, and boasts up to 22% THC. But what is perhaps most unusual about Snowcap is that it doesn’t even look like cannabis!


Snowcap is possibly one of the hairiest strains of cannabis we have seen, with its dark green leaves and light green buds shrouded in brown pistil hairs. It is indeed an unusual sight, but don’t let its appearance put you off — Snowcap packs a relaxing yet uplifting high that will satisfy even the fussiest of weed lovers.

Also, giving off a citrusy lemon scent with hints of menthol, Snowcap has definitely earned its name as a cooling marijuana strain. The smoke is smooth and smells like it tastes, leaving you with a wonderful cerebral effect that will have you feeling creative, happy, and just a tad giggly.

2. Malawi Gold – The Hard to Get Marijuana Strain

Native to Central Africa, Malawi Gold is perhaps one of the most difficult to get cannabis strains out there at the moment. This pure sativa originates from the Salima region of Malawi, and it produces beautiful big golden buds.


With around 16% THC levels, Malawi Gold offers a cerebral high that makes it an ideal cannabis strain for those suffering from mood disorders.

However, it is worth mentioning that the CBD levels here are low, so it should be used with caution if you are already suffering from anxiety. High THC levels combined with low CBD have been known to promote mild anxiety.

In terms of appeal, flowery, earthy and woody are just a few words to describe the flavors of Malawi Gold; this delicious bud comes with a citrus overtone, which makes it extremely fresh and tasty.

Also, given its origin, Malawi Gold has adapted to growing in long-lasting sunlight so the flowering time for this plant is quite long! Certainly worth the wait, this energetic and extremely rare sativa is a must-try for cannabis-lovers.

3. Bubba Kush – The Chilled Cannabis Strain

As is the case with many Kush strains, Bubba Kush is famous for its heavy tranquilizing effects that will leave you in a state of total relaxation. This indica strain is a prize-winning bud that packs a whopping 27% THC.


Not to be messed with, Bubba Kush will deliver a strong high that not only leaves you feeling sleepy, but could render you couch-locked for hours.

Perfect if you are planning to have a day (or weekend) watching movies, Bubba Kush delivers a wonderful chocolatey flavor that is super comforting when coupled with its sweet and spicy aromas. Also, this sweet strain is a go-to for those suffering from stress or insomnia.

Bubba Kush boasts some bulky buds that range between a deep green and purple color making it a vibrant plant that has some generous yield.

4. Pinkman Goo – The Rare Strain

Possibly the most exotic of our findings, Pinkman Goo has been baffling weed lovers the world over. This unique indica cannabis strain not only has a fascinating discovery story, but it is also one of the most unusual cannabis strains out there.


The seeds of Pinkman Goo are said to have been first discovered behind a refrigerator by a woman in her family home, and as it turned out, once she planted them, Pinkman Goo was born.

Unique in every aspect, this plant comes in pink and purple hues, which makes it a beautiful strain to grow. Also, arguably the most interesting part of the strain is the “goo” that has made it so famous.

Pinkman Goo produces a “goo-like” substance (which is actually a resin secreted from the resin glands) that makes the strain one hell of a find. It has been revealed that the pink goo-like resin is higher in THC than the nonsticky buds, and it is likely you will find around 18% THC within this marijuana strain.

Overall a wonderfully vibrant strain, Pinkman Goo boasts a peaceful high with an earthy tasting flavor.

5. Frisian Duck – The Covert Cannabis Strain

This tasty hybrid cannabis strain is 50% indica, 50% sativa, and 100% a master of disguise. Appearance-wise Frisian Duck may be the most discreet cannabis plant that we know of, bred deliberately to have deformed leaves so that is doesn’t resemble the recognizable cannabis plant we all know and love.


Frisian Duck delivers between 14-17% THC, 5% CBD and a whole load of flavor. If you are a fan of the more spicy strains, this is the one for you as it boasts a peppery taste and pine-like aroma.

Also, it is brilliant for easing aches and pains, and it delivers an almost instant hit of clear-headed tranquility without causing you to crash into a state of sleepiness. You can expect to feel energized and relaxed all in one wonderful package.

Final Thoughts on our Top Exotic Strains

So there you have it! Our Top 5 recommended exotic cannabis strains for you to try this year. While we realize choosing the perfect strain is an incredibly personal choice that can differ from a person’s mood, character, or condition, we hope our collection of recommendations has delivered something for everyone.

All 5 of these strains are unique in their own rights, and all of them provide a top-notch high. So, go exploring and find yourself one of our top 5, and be sure to tell us what you thought.

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