The Best 5 Weed Strains RIGHT NOW!

Trends in the world of marijuana are constantly changing, and it seems that every other week a brand new strain is appearing – typically producing quite a bit of buzz about its existence. Nevertheless hundreds, if not thousands of delicious and helpful cannabis types do exist, they can just sometimes get silenced by the hype of “fresher” options. In this day and age, life is usually quite busy. This means that people have less time to make errors and try things again and again until they allocate the right choice – and ultimately make a decision to follow through with it.

There are numerous issues and challenges that can also appear throughout life that might require a little extra boost of assistance, sometimes being more serious and requiring greater care. This can include managing restlessness and hyperactivity, getting to sleep on time, not feeling fatigued or exhausted all day, dealing with various emotions, and in the most serious of circumstances, battling a medical condition.

For those who choose to turn towards the good green stuff to help get through life more effortlessly and wander back into a steady flow, this article is a guide of marijuana strains that can assist numerous aspects of life, making it not only quicker for you to find one that works, but also saving you effort and energy that you could be utilizing in other facets. Some of the types mentioned are old classics, while others are slightly newer. However, what they all share in common is each and every one is a top-of-the-line Mary Jane option.

Keep reading to discover the best 5 weed strains RIGHT NOW!…

1. The Best Marijuana Strain for a Good Night’s Sleep

No one likes tossing and turning in bed when they should be catching some deep z’s. Not being able to fall asleep at night is not only frustrating, but lack of sleep can also lead to numerous health problems and can potentially cause circumstances as serious as delusion or hallucinations. Insomnia, a diagnosed condition which involves serious trouble falling asleep or staying asleep, affects 1 in 3 people at least in a mild manner, so this situation is extremely prevalent.

Many of the pharmaceuticals prescribed by doctors for sleep can be linked with dependency issues, as well as some negative side effects. For this reason, cannabis can be immensely beneficial in helping you not only fall asleep quickly, but also stay asleep for the duration of the night. Here’s the best cannabis strain right now for falling asleep with ease and remaining asleep all night…

Northern Lights (indica):

Northern Lights


Northern Lights indica is a real knockout strain. Not only this, but NL emits a ton of nostalgia, portraying the sensation of being wrapped up in a warm blanket on a cozy Winter’s evening with the green and pink dancing aurora borealis above your head travelling throughout the sky with all its brilliance. First developed back in the 1980’s, Northern Lights is an old classic featuring a hefty THC content of 20-26% on average.

Are indicas not for you? Try Ogre (hybrid).

Ogre leaves its consumer in a state of sedated bliss, but it isn’t as hard hitting as Northern Lights and many other sleep-inducing indicas. For this reason, it is an ideal one to smoke an hour or two before your intended bed time, that way you can enjoy your high a little before simply passing out for the whole night.

2. The Best Cannabis Choice for a Restless or Hyperactive Mind:

Aside from the more serious and diagnosable ADD and ADHD, many individuals also deal with restlessness and hyperactivity on a regular basis, even if it isn’t at a level of being diagnosable. There aren’t many options in the medical world for those who wish to maintain a little extra calm or focus in their day to day lives, but it turns out some strains of weed are actually brilliant for maintaining that zen state of mind, all while still keeping productive, functional and able to get work done. Here’s the best marijuana strain right now for a hyperactive and restless mind…

G-13 Haze (hybrid):

Considered a strain not exactly fit for complete marijuana novices due to its intense THC content (that racks in at around 22-24% on average), G-13 Haze is a well-balanced hybrid that helps the mind sort of come back to a neutral ground whenever it swings too far in any one direction. For instance, if you are feeling restless and cannot sit still, G-13 assists with concentration and motivation, allowing you to stay seated for the allotted duration of time that you need to get things done. On the other hand, if you’re feeling especially hyperactive and overthinking everything with your mind running a million miles per minute, this hybrid assists by bringing a bit more clarity and serenity to your mental state.

Want something a little different? Try Blue Dream (hybrid).

Opposite of what its name might imply, Blue Dream does not place you into a sleepy state Instead, it impacts the consumer with a jolt of energy and focus, which is not hyperactive or restless in nature, but rather balancing and concentration-promoting. This is of course essential for someone who has been diagnosed with ADD/ADHD, or simply for an individual that has a difficult time keeping focused and involved in their assignments on a regular basis.

3. The Medical “Cure-All”

In addition to more mild medical occurrences, cannabis is actually also very capable of assisting with an array of more serious medical ailments, some of which even medical practitioners don’t have a proper cure for. This, at times, can include medical mysteries because cannabinoids found in marijuana are known for having some powerful healing properties that bring the body back into equilibrium – even when the target issues aren’t completely defined. Sometimes these cannabidiol (CBD) packed strains are the best option for those with medical conditions, especially on a more serious level, which is what can qualify a certain weed type as a medical “cure-all”. Here’s the best weed strain right now for healing an assortment of medical conditions and ailments…

ACDC (hybrid):

Acdc Strain

This strains is jam-packed with non-intoxicating (non high-producing) cannabidiol (CBD,  and has on average a 1:20 THC to CBD ratio. Some lab tests have even shown ACDC strains to contain upwards of 19% CBD content. For this reason, this medicine-packed hybrid always acts brilliantly to help combat numerous medical conditions, which is why it can be accurately termed a medical “cure-all” strain. Also, with such a miniscule THC content, ACDC has little to no psychoactive effects, which is what makes it ideal for those who wish for relief yet need to be able to function throughout daily life and activities. Experience clear-headed assistance and a break from the pains and challenges of a serious or even debilitating diagnosed ailment.

Want something with a higher THC content? Try Harlequin (sativa).

Also packed full of CBD, Harlequin sativa is a real energy boost which helps to not only provide motivation and energy throughout the day, but also to immensely relieve negative symptoms from a medical condition – much like ACDC. Tailored more for those that still wish to have a bit of the psychoactive effects tied with smoking marijuana, Harlequin offers a THC to CBD cannabinoid ratio of 2:5, which seems to be a pretty good sweet spot “balance.”

4. The Strain That’s More Energizing Than a Morning Cup o’ Joe:

Fatigue, at both a chronic and moderate level, can often be tied to a number of origins or sources, but nevertheless it makes functioning on a daily basis quite challenging. Just like with insomnia, feeling exhausted can lead to many health issues which can become serious and generate problems. Not only this, but going through your day feeling like a lifeless zombie is no fun and makes something as simple as driving to work or talking to a coworker a complete nightmare. That’s why it’s amazing that good old Mary Jane can actually work even better than a big fat cup of coffee, all without the caffeine and the sudden crash mid-day. Here’s the pot strain that’s more energizing than a morning cup o’ joe…

Durban Poison (sativa):

Durban Poison


Known to be a real cannabis classic, Durban Poison sativa offers an energizing and uplifting high that does not simply cause you to burn out and crash in the end, but rather come down slowly and steadily. It is almost as pure as a sativa can get, with a practically 100% sativa genetic makeup. Lab results have shown that this reefer contains 17-26% THC content on average, meaning that just a little bit can go a long way. Also, this implies that you’ll have plenty of herb left to take a few more puffs throughout the day!

On top of acting to combat fatigue, Durban Poison also targets some of the negative side effects that can be attached with medical conditions like chronic fatigue, depression, anxiety, stress and mental or physical pain.

Not feeling a sativa? Try Jillybean (hybrid).

Even if it has a funny name, this is certainly one serious marijuana strain. Jillybean hybrid might make you laugh or enjoy the little things in life a bit extra, but more than anything it is known for producing a euphoric productivity that simply makes it a joy to go through your day. This being said, it is certainly an energizing strain, yet it does not produce the jitters like some sativas can. This could be coped up to its hybrid and balanced genetics. A brilliant choice for creative minds, those who would like to get their art related projects completed and meet their deadlines could discover real results with Jillybean.

5. The Ultimate Mood Changer:

In addition to diagnosable mental illnesses, mood disorders and chemical brain imbalances, numerous individuals suffer from mild to medium strength mood swings and emotional periods when it can be difficult to just get through life and make it past another day. Whatever the trigger may be, it is almost never comfortable to feel sad, depressed or negative and it can take a real toll on your quality of life – especially when these feelings persist over long periods of time. Mood alternating prescribed pharmaceuticals, such as antipsychotics, antidepressants and anti-anxiety medications, are not for everyone and do not suit all individuals as a viable option for treatment or emotional management.

They usually arrive with a slew of side effects, and often require much trial and error to find the perfect dose. And in the end, there is still no guarantee that you’ll find one that works. An alternative solution is actually cannabis, which has been known to help balance out mood and emotions and sometimes even work for people who haven’t had much luck testing out various medications. Here’s the best cannabis strain right now for managing moods and emotions…

Lamb’s Bread (sativa):

Known to be one of the ultimate uplifting strains, Lamb’s Bread not only encourages a positive and content outlook on life, it also genuinely makes you believe that existence is simply beautiful. A sativa that fights against fatigue strongly (which helps with some of the negative effects of mood disorders like depression), Lamb’s Bread generates introspection and encourages good vibes. With origins from sunny Jamaica, it is even said that Bob Marley himself used to smoke this joyous reefer that has a THC content of around 18% on average. Helping to quickly subside stress and melt away negativity or sadness, this is by far one of the best ganja types available on the market when it comes to regulating moods and emotions.

Want something with fewer psychoactive effects? Try Cannatonic (hybrid).

Some individuals desire a cannabis strain that works to balance brain chemistry, while still allowing them to be able to function through day to day life. The definition of a marijuana type that fits these criterias is Cannatonic hybrid. With a low THC and high CBD content that stands at around 7-15% THC and 6-17% CBD, Cannatonic works intensely to combat mood disorders, in addition to numerous other medical conditions.

Final Thoughts:

If you have been wondering which 5 marijuana strains top the list for being the best RIGHT NOW and were curious also what their runner-ups would be, then this article is a quintessential read that clearly explains the different choices depending upon your specific condition, ailment, or side effect that you are feeling requires assistance. We hope you found this article to not only be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.