Don’t Miss These 5 Joy-Bringing Marijuana Strains

#3 leaves you feeling completely elated and energized…

Joy is a sensation that most people can unanimously agree is a desired one, and when it comes around, it is easy to find yourself never wanting this intense feeling to leave. Joy makes us smile, leaves us giggling – maybe even with a fluttering feeling in our hearts – but as with all emotions, things change. It is impossible to feel joy all the time, but increasing the moments in your life where joy is present is obtainable.

A big part about contentment, happiness, joy – whatever you want to call it – is maintaining a certain perspective towards life, but aside from this, some alternative medicines may also be able to help. Marijuana in particular is said to cause many of those who consume it joy, often brightening up difficult times in life as well as making existence just easier to bear overall. If you have been considering consuming cannabis to enhance the vibe of your life, then this article just might be for you.

Keep reading to discover all about 5 cannabis strains that bring on the joy…

1. Green Crack (Sativa) – The Festival Kick-Starter:

green crack high strain

You have been looking forward to attending that upcoming festival for almost a year now, basically since last year’s festival ended and you learned of the incredible lineup and endless fun activities. After months of working your butt off, it is finally time to leave for a few days, and even though your mind may be totally pumped to kick-start the festivities, maybe your body is not. Maybe your emotions are not so ready either. Nevertheless, you cannot miss out on this opportunity, but what do you do?

Yeah, you could down a lot of coffee and bump that music that will get you in the party mood, but what about cannabis? The sativa strain Green Crack is a crazy energy booster, known for being way more effective than an entire pitcher of coffee, with little to no crash afterwards so you can keep going even late into the early morning hours.

Often dubbed the “get sh*t done” strain, when you are going to a festival you aren’t exactly wanting to get anything important done in particular (at least not work wise), but we all know how it usually goes at these events. There are thousands of new people to meet, numerous quests to go on, way too many DJs to dance to and copious amounts of food to try. The list does not stop there; you will need a whole lot of energy to run from the west side of the festival grounds to watch your favorite artist and then suddenly 30 minutes later end up on the east side of the festival for that other beloved DJ of yours. Let’s face it, without the help of something energizing like the Green Crack marijuana strain, there’s a good chance your legs simply won’t carry you fast enough, and you might miss out on an act you really wanted to see (what a bummer!).

Green Crack Specs:

  • Origin from Skunk #1 hybrid.
  • 75% sativa, 25% indica genetics.
  • Earthy and sweet aroma, with hints of refreshing citrus. Pleasant flavor; sometimes can hit the throat a little hard.
  • 14-20% THC content (potent).
  • Fast flowering period if you plan on growing: 7-9 weeks.

2. Serious Happiness (Hybrid) – The Go-To Joy-Bringer (It’s in the Name):

There are plenty of reasons in life to be happy, content with where you are at in your existence and the role you are fulfilling in the world. It is, however, not always easy to maintain a mental perspective of contentment; and there are a multitude of reasons why. Life can be cruel at times, bringing about difficulties and adversities which make it challenging to see the bright side of things, not to mention the numerous existing mental conditions that actually make it hard on a biological level to feel joy (oh, the joys of brain chemicals).

For those who have felt down for a long period of time, sure, prescription anti-depressants are an option and they work for some, but it should not be the only available choice for those who are searching for the spark in their life again. For those who are just momentarily feeling down, these pharmaceuticals probably won’t even be an option, which is why on many levels an alternative does need to be present – and it is.

Marijuana has a magic ability to affect its consumer in numerous ways, from helping with certain medical conditions to just getting them through each day, the mass variety of strains available for purchase is outstanding, especially because of how differently they can influence people.

One type in particular may be a one-way ticket to experiencing joy, and funnily enough its powerful abilities are in its name. Serious Happiness is a hybrid cannabis type, and yes, this is seriously what it’s called, almost as if the breeders knew exactly how this weed was going to help massive populations of people. Leaving its consumer with an uplifting body buzz paired up with mental clarity and joy, don’t worry about being left jittery or overly-hyped out, because Serious Happiness has a calmer approach to bringing on the good vibes.

Serious Happiness Specs:

  • Bred by crossing AK-47 hybrid and Warlock hybrid.
  • 50% sativa, 50% indica genetics.
  • Peppery flavor with an aroma that is earthy. Hits the tongue with a sweet taste.
  • 17-19% THC content on average.
  • 9-10 weeks flowering period (average length).

3. Laughing Buddha (Sativa) – The “Hold On, I’m Crying From Laughing” Strain:

Ever had those moments where you start laughing so hard that your stomach hurts and tears just begin rolling down your face? Not all events, moments or people can produce this result; not to say that crying because of laughter is rare, but certainly it takes someone or something special to initiate this type of wholehearted chuckling. We all know that laughter is contagious, too; if you start giggling hysterically in front of your friends, the entire group is bound to join in pretty quickly.

Biologically speaking, laughter is incredibly healthy and beneficial for overall well-being, so it is actually positive to laugh as much as you can in life. Laughter is said to also increase overall feelings of joy and happiness, bringing about a more optimistic outlook on life.

Nothing screams “this will make you laugh” more than a cannabis strain with the name Laughing Buddha. As soon as this name enters the brain, an image of the spiritual, fat and religious figure himself appears, the epitome of joy historically, and wisdom too, for that matter. Aside from being named accurately, Laughing Buddha has many other promising qualities, including the fact that it can cheer up even the most solemn of individuals, leaving all who give it a taste with sensations of upbeat energy, followed by a heavy bout of the giggles and even more serotonin delivered to the brain.

Laughing Buddha Specs:

  • Cross between Thai sativa and Jamaican sativa.
  • 75% sativa, 25% indica genetics.
  • Smells insanely sweet, but tastes more fruity (citrus, lemon and pineapple), with hints of spice and herbs.
  • 18-20% THC content on average.
  • Longer flowering period at 10-12 weeks.

4. Lamb’s Bread (Sativa) – Surviving Family Time AND Enjoying it:


4. lamb’s bread (sativa) - surviving family time and enjoying it:

Family is a rather complicated subject matter. While it is common to love some of your relatives, there are often a few that you just cannot see eye to eye with, which makes spending time around them sometimes challenging. Maybe you are extremely close to your immediate family, but still hanging out with them over extended periods of time is tough, because even when someone is close enough to you to and you can be yourself, moments sometimes occur where personalities clash. In reality, life would be so much easier if peace could be kept in all situations, that way everyone could just have a good time and relax together instead of adding complexity.

The good news – cannabis might actually help you survive family time AND even enjoy it. The sativa strain Lamb’s Bread, said to have been smoked by the chillest man alive, Bob Marley, is stress reducing and crushes depressing emotions or negative thinking, helping you to keep an open outlook on life. Lamb’s Bread makes it simple to not let the small troubles rub you the wrong way, and because of this you might find that things about your family members that used to act as a trigger, no longer are very bothersome.

Most of all, because of Lamb Bread’s almost purely sativa genetics, it is immensely energizing, so even if you are exhausted from a long week of work, you will have the physical vitality to be social with your relatives.

Lamb’s Bread Specs:

  • Originates from the landrace strain Jamaican sativa.
  • 95% sativa, 5% indica genetics.
  • Smells pungent and kind of cheesy, with sour undertones. Tastes more sweet and herbal, with hints of pine and spice.
  • 19-25% THC content on average (strong).
  • 7-9 week flowering period for quick cultivation.

5. Black Diamond (Indica) – The Night-Time Unwinder:

Sometimes the best way to feel joyful in life is simply by fully utilizing and appreciating the time you have available to relax, allowing yourself to let go and unwind completely. If your mind is still trapped thinking about the insanity of your day, or God forbid your entire week, it can be immensely challenging to actually chill out once you are done with important tasks. The longer you remain in work mode, the harder it gets to switch out of that function, but rest, relaxation and recuperation is vital to keep your energy levels, motivation and concentration at a point where it can carry you forward over long periods of time.

Now, wondering whether or not you will loosen up after work will no longer need to enter your train of thought, because handy cannabis is here to help. Marijuana knows how to unwind the body, especially if you select the right strain. Indicas strains are most suited for nighttime relaxation, but some of them will just make you fall right asleep and sedate you, especially if you are exhausted from a long day. Going straight to bed is not always the best option, because it is important to do some things that make you happy and bring you joy as well, especially during down time.

The Black Diamond indica strain is truly a diamond in the rough, not given nearly as much credit as it deserves. Increased exposure to this weed type will help to provide BD with more attention, so that all can benefit from its unique properties. A quintessential strain for letting go, lessening the weight off your shoulders and simply kicking back and relaxing, this marijuana strain is amazing for being sociable and doing things, without getting overly hyped out nor sedated.

For this reason, it is outstanding when you want to watch Netflix at home, because it can make you giggle like no other, as well as moments where you would like to invite some friends over for a movie night. Users beware: Black Diamond makes you so hungry that you might be shocked to see how high your pizza bill is the next day, or how empty your fridge has become.

Black Diamond Specs:

  • Cross between Diamond OG indica and Blackberry hybrid.
  • 50% indica, 50% sativa genetics.
  • Said to smell similar to a fine red wine, with musky and deep undertones that are earthy in nature. Tasting more sweet, with notes of berries, grapes, pine and herbs.
  • 18-24% THC content (potent).
  • Average length cultivation with flowering period of 9-10 weeks.

The Roundup:

There are so many reasons in life to feel joyous, blissed out and enjoy what comes your way, sometimes it just takes a little extra something to help your mind get to a place of truly appreciating even the smallest things that can bring a smile to your face or a slight giggle. It can be easy to forget to laugh now and then, which is why cannabis is here to help act as a pleasant reminder. If you have been needed a boost of fun in your life recently, than these 5 cannabis strains could be a place to start your search for a marijuana type that can bring on that joy.

We hope you not only found this article to be educational, but also informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.

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