Dr. LaShanda Brown

Dr. LaShanda Brown Ph.D

Dr. LaShanda Brown offers holistic strategies for nurses who are overwhelmed, fatigued, and on the verge of burnout. She works with people who are ready to apply self-care strategies to improve energy, mental clarity, and confidence, that ultimately lead to fewer sick days, sluggish days, body aches and pains.

She has worked as a nurse for 25+ years, 10 of those as a Nurse Practitioner. She is currently working as a Nursing Professor where she teaches and researches community health. She is passionate about teaching health promotion in the community and especially passionate about making sure healthcare professionals have solid self-care practices.

Dr. LaShanda Brown is a Gerontological Nurse Practitioner who has practiced primarily in community and mental health settings. She has been in academia for 8+ years, teaching primarily community mental health. She completed her dissertation research on public health nursing for blacks in 1930s North Carolina.

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