Smoking Amanita Muscaria: Is It Safe?

A rich variety of ancient cultures and indigenous tribes have used Amanita muscaria mushrooms for thousands of years. For instance, Siberian tribes such as the Chukchi and Koryak used the mushroom ceremonially.

These days, it’s possible to purchase dried or ground amanita. You can buy gummies or use dry mushrooms to create a tasty beverage.

However, smoking Amanita muscaria is also gaining popularity amongst certain users. These individuals claim that ancient cultures used to do it, and the process results in rapid and noticeable effects. Opponents of this custom suggest that smoking the fly agaric mushroom wastes crucial compounds and is unhealthy.

This article investigates the action of smoking amanita, highlighting whether it is helpful or harmful.

No Foul Odor, Just Great Flavors!

There’s no need to smoke amanita and worry about possible health effects when you can treat yourself to delicious gummies. VidaCap’s Amanita muscaria gummies contain 500mg of the extract apiece and are high in muscimol. Instead of spraying the room after you smoke, pop one of these gummies in your mouth and marvel at the mouthwatering Berry Mango flavor. Amanita never tasted so good!

Can I Smoke Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms?

Yes, you can buy a fly agaric joint and light up. There are plenty of companies that sell pre-rolled amanita cigarettes. It’s also possible to grind up a dry mushroom or use ground amanita. Place the powder on a rolling paper like a roll-up cigarette or marijuana joint.

However, if you buy a pre-rolled amanita cigarette, please ensure the product has third-party lab reports highlighting the amanita extract AND muscimol content. Some sellers mix the ground amanita with hemp flower to ensure the joint offers a smooth smoke. Certainly, it is best if you DON’T smoke ground amanita when mixed with nothing else.


One possible issue with pre-rolled amanita joints mixed with hemp flower is that you’re unsure if the effects come from the hemp or the amanita. High-quality hemp flower is rich in CBD, a non-intoxicating cannabinoid linked with benefits such as relaxation and reduced anxiety.

As it happens, muscimol, one of the main compounds in amanita, also has calming and relaxing effects!

What Are the Benefits of Smoking Amanita?

Those who enjoy smoking amanita say that the onset of the effects is rapid and long-lasting. Beneficial Amanita muscaria effects when the mushroom is smoked may include:

  • Improved Mood: There are reports that amanita users feel happier and more sociable. Also, individuals that were feeling anxious claim they became calmer and more relaxed as the effects washed over them.
  • Euphoria: Even though amanita doesn’t contain psilocybin, some users suggest they feel euphoric. They describe a sensation of pleasure and comfort as if they have experienced a major endorphin rush.
  • Pain Relief: There’s also a possibility that the pains and aches you feel dissipate or even disappear.

According to studies, the muscimol in amanita could have neuroprotective effects. However, a significant degree of additional research is required to have confidence in this belief.

However, just because you CAN smoke amanita mushrooms doesn’t necessarily mean you SHOULD.

Smoking Amanita Is Not the Same as Smoking Shrooms

Remember, amanita doesn’t contain psilocybin, the compound found in shrooms linked with psychedelic effects. Thus, it is legal in every American state (except Louisiana) and dozens of nations worldwide.

Relatively few people smoke magic mushrooms. No reliable research is available on the effects of smoking shrooms (incidentally, it is the same situation with amanita).

In the main, those who have tried smoking magic mushrooms report that the effects are either less noticeable than when eaten or are non-existent. Worse still, side effects include vomiting, nausea, and confusion. There is also the possibility of experiencing a bad trip, which can be terrifying.

Meanwhile, the fly agaric mushroom doesn’t contain psilocybin. Its most abundant active ingredients are ibotenic acid and muscimol. When dried and decarboxylated, ibotenic acid converts into muscimol.

When buying any amanita product, you want a high level of muscimol and as little ibotenic acid as possible. Muscimol can have euphoric and sedative effects and perhaps help you remain calm. In contrast, ibotenic acid is potentially neurotoxic. Its adverse effects include dizziness, disorientation, and vomiting.

On the plus side, neither muscimol nor ibotenic acid breaks down at higher temperatures. In contrast, psilocybin does, so smoking shrooms will destroy a large proportion of the fungi’s psychedelic compound.

Smoking Is Inherently Harmful

The dangers of tobacco smoking are well known. It is a habit that damages almost every organ in the body. The chemicals in tobacco cigarettes contain a myriad of carcinogenic substances.

Thus, individuals who smoke other products, such as marijuana or hemp flower, believe their habit is significantly less dangerous than smoking cigarettes. However, even if something is “less harmful,” it doesn’t mean there aren’t risks attached.

The truth is the act of smoking is potentially damaging to your health, regardless of the substance. Bear in mind that you’re combusting a substance, then inhaling it! For instance, research shows that the highest temperature reached during the burning of tobacco is around 1,470 degrees Fahrenheit (800 degrees Celsius). A medical degree isn’t necessary to understand the damage this can cause to the lungs.

Also, remember that most pre-rolled amanita joints will contain plant matter such as hemp flower.

As far as amanita mushrooms are concerned, there’s also a danger of inhaling mold spores. The inhalation of certain types of mold could lead to lung inflammation and infections.

There Are Plenty of Amanita Consumption Methods

As it is such a fast-growing market, there are many other ways to ingest amanita. Here are a few of them.

Amanita Tea

It is really easy to learn how to make amanita tea. You only need some dried mushrooms, a saucepan, a sieve, and water. Heat the water to a boil, then reduce to a simmer. Add the amanita and any other ingredients you like. Including lemon juice is a good idea as it helps reduce the mixture’s pH, resulting in a higher muscimol level.


Keep the amanita in the water for up to three hours. Next, pour the liquid through a sieve into a storage container.

Dried or Powdered Amanita

High-quality sellers thoroughly dry their amanita mushrooms, ensuring they have a strong muscimol content with minimal ibotenic acid.

You can buy dried mushrooms and consume them. As the taste may not prove appealing, it is worth experimenting with recipes to provide a more palatable flavor. For instance, you could sauté them with butter and a little salt.

Most amanita sellers also offer ground amanita; some put the powder in capsules for easy consumption. For instance, you can sprinkle crushed mushrooms on a salad or pasta dish.

Amanita gummies

Amanita muscaria gummies are probably the hottest product involving this particular mushroom. They taste like regular gummies but are infused with amanita extract. They are a delicious way to consume the fly agaric mushroom and make it easy to dose.

However, please ensure that the brand offers third-party lab reports highlighting the product’s muscimol and ibotenic acid content.

Final Thoughts on Smoking Amanita Muscaria

Ultimately, you can smoke amanita; plenty of companies sell pre-rolled joints. Another option is to make your own amanita cigarette by combining ground powder with hemp flower.

However, no research highlights any benefits of smoking this fabled mushroom. Indeed, there’s a possibility that smoking it could do more harm than good. Smoking potentially offers faster effects and might preserve amanita’s muscimol content. Yet, the smoking process itself damages the lungs.

In the end, there’s no need to smoke amanita when there are many better, healthier options, such as dried or powdered mushrooms, amanita tea, and gummies.

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