The Best Amanita Gummies on the Market – Everything You Need to Know

Amanita muscaria gummies are quickly becoming one of the hottest products in a fast-growing niche. With a greater focus on psychedelics in the modern era, consumers are starting to wonder what products such as magic mushrooms can do for them.

The problem is that, barring a small number of locations, psilocybin, the hallucinogenic compound associated with shrooms, is illegal.

Amanita muscaria, also known as the fly agaric mushroom, does NOT contain psilocybin, meaning it is not a “magic” mushroom. Thus, it is legal in many countries and 49 American states (it is outlawed in Louisiana.)

While it is not a psychedelic mushroom, amanita has many potential benefits. Common ways to use it include eating dried mushrooms or crushing them into a powder. You can sprinkle the powder on your food or drink. Some brands place the powder in capsules for easier consumption.

However, there is a new way to enjoy fly agaric, amanita muscaria gummies. This article reviews five well-known sellers of this product and outlines what to look for when searching for a high-quality online seller.

1 – VidaCap Amanita Muscaria Gummies

VidaCap has earned a reputation for selling world-class mushroom products. Its range includes reishi, chaga, and cordyceps mushrooms. Therefore, it isn’t surprising that the brand has expanded into the amanita sphere.

There are eight amanita muscaria gummies in a container, each containing 500mg of extract. At this stage, we should inform readers that this information alone doesn’t outline what you can expect from an amanita product. Its relevant active compounds include muscimol, ibotenic acid, and muscarine.


What you want are amanita muscaria gummies with a high level of muscimol, as it has various beneficial effects, which we outline later. In many cases, brands fail to provide third-party lab reports. Thus, you have no idea how much muscimol is in each gummy.

VidaCap does things differently by including an updated lab report with its product. It shows that the muscimol level is high and likely greater than its rivals offer.

The brand also ensures its amanita muscaria gummies are suitable for vegans by avoiding using gelatin. The addition of cane sugar helps give an extra burst of sweetness to the already delicious Berry-Mango flavor.

Ultimately, VidaCap sets the standard in the field of amanita gummies, and it is up to the rest to match or exceed it. We have no hesitation in stating that VidaCap is the #1 brand on the market.

2 – Premium Jane Amanita Muscaria Mushroom Gummies

We discovered a second outstanding brand in the amanita muscaria gummies niche in the form of Premium Jane. This brand is already known as one of the best in the CBD field, but it has branched out and brought its world-class qualities to the amanita realm.


Its offering comprises eight gummies, each containing 500mg of amanita extract. The delicious berry mango flavor titillates the tongue, and the product is suitable for vegans. As it happens, Premium Jane ensures that customers who order from within the United States pay no shipping fees.

To top things off, Premium Jane offers a 30-day satisfaction guarantee. If you aren’t totally satisfied with its amanita gummies, contact the brand to request a refund. You also have the option to ask for a different product in exchange. Thus, you can find out what the fuss is about regarding amanita with little risk to your bank balance.

3 – Galaxy Treats Amanita Mushroom Gummies

Next on the list is Galaxy Treats, with its interesting Moon Shrooms Amanita Mushroom Gummies offering. The brand sells its gummies in an 8-pack, with each piece containing 750mg of amanita extract.


The Blueberry and Cherry Berry flavors are pleasant, and you will likely look forward to trying the next one. Galaxy Treats says users can expect to feel chilled out and relaxed. This suggests that the amanita gummies are high in muscimol. Yet, there are no third-party lab reports to prove this.

Also, the brand uses marketing language that could provide a misleading impression of the product. It states that the gummies can deliver a “psychedelic” experience and calls its product “moon shrooms.” Yes, it does state that its amanita gummies contain no psilocybin, but nonetheless, it’s entirely possible that users could get the wrong idea.

Furthermore, Galaxy Treats includes gelatin, ensuring it’s unsuitable for vegans.

4 – ELYXR Amanita Mushroom Gummies

This brand’s 5000mg Amanita Mushroom Gummies product contains 10 gummies. Thus, there is 500mg of extract per piece. ELYXR’s packaging is fun with a psychedelic feel. However, the brand wastes no time stating that the gummies are free from psilocybin.


ELYXR sells its amanita muscaria gummies as a ‘Party Pack,’ meaning that you can expect to enjoy several different flavors. Ingredients include sugar and tapioca syrup, which helps explain the sweetness of the gummies. It also avoids gelatin, making it suitable for vegans.

The brand includes a lab report, but it only serves to confuse rather than educate. It states that there is slightly more than 1.7mg of muscimol per gummy, an exceedingly low amount. Hopefully, the brand can clear up this issue, as it will help to solidify its position as a top brand.

5 – EMPE Amanita Mushroom Gummies

The next brand on the list is EMPE, which sells Spiritual Mushroom Gummies (5000mg). Like ELYXR, there is 500mg of organic mushroom powder per gummy. From the beginning, the brand makes it clear that its product is suitable for vegans.


Also, it contains Amanita pantherina and yellow fly agaric, which is a major selling point. On the downside, it includes artificial colors and flavors, although we can’t complain about the taste of the Mango and Blue Raspberry flavors.

Alas, EMPE is yet another brand that fails to provide third-party lab reports. Consequently, we have no idea how much Amanita muscaria, Amanita pantherina, and yellow fly agaric it contains.

6 – Trusted Mushrooms Amanita Gummies

We round off our review with the Trusted Mushroom brand. Its product is called Denver’s Amanita Mushroom Gummies. Like #3 and #4 on this list, each container includes 10 gummies with 500mg of mushroom extract suitable for vegans.

Trusted Mushrooms includes plenty of information about amanita, and its main compounds, muscimol and ibotenic acid. It also outlines its decarboxylation process. This is positive because it shows that the brand is keen to educate its customers.


However, it makes some lofty claims regarding the bioavailability of its extract. The brand suggests that its exclusive, trademarked technology increases bioavailability by up to five times. It achieves this by breaking down the chitin in the mushrooms and unlocking active compounds.

The issue here is a lack of evidence. Trusted Mushrooms doesn’t even provide third-party lab reports outlining the muscimol and ibotenic acid content. As such, one should take such claims with a grain of salt until they are proven.

How to Find Hih-Quality Amanita Mushrooms Online

Since the amanita gummies market is nascent, consumers may struggle to separate suitable products from low-grade ones. This is particularly the case since the industry is poorly regulated. With minimal oversight, practically anyone can offer Amanita muscaria products, safe in the knowledge that they won’t face much regulatory resistance.

Therefore, customers must know how to differentiate between good and bad products. Below, we outline a few things you must consider before making an amanita gummies purchase.

Lab reports

Few things are more important than the existence of third-party lab reports. Regarding amanita products, a lab report highlights the amount of muscimol and ibotenic acid.

You want gummies to contain a high level of muscimol and as little ibotenic acid as possible. This is because muscimol is similar to GABA in chemical structure. As a result, it has relaxing effects and potential neuroprotective properties. There is also some evidence that it could help combat neuropathic pain.

In contrast, ibotenic acid, while it has stimulating effects, is also potentially neurotoxic in large doses. Research has shown that rats injected with the compound suffered nerve damage.

Decarboxylation converts ibotenic acid into muscimol. Without lab reports, you can’t tell whether a brand has completed this process because you have no idea how much muscimol is in the gummies.


Besides having a high muscimol content, it’s also best if the gummies contain minimal artificial coloring and flavoring. However, unlike the CBD gummies industry, most brands currently include such ingredients, along with cane sugar, processed sugar, and tapioca syrup. Frankly, if you’re only consuming one gummy a day, the tiny amount of sugar, artificial flavoring etc., shouldn’t pose an issue if you have an otherwise healthy diet.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you must ensure that the amanita gummies don’t contain gelatin or other animal products. Most brands use pectin but double-check the ingredients to be sure.

Brand reputation

This one is tricky since amanita gummy sales is a recent phenomenon. This means you’re bound to see a huge number of new brands on the market. Check for customer reviews on third-party sites rather than relying on what you see on a brand’s official website.

Alternatively, focus on brands like VidaCap that have established a reputation for excellence by selling other mushroom products.


You can combine the three considerations above into this section. A transparent brand will provide third-party lab reports outlining its amanita gummies’ muscimol and ibotenic acid content. It will also provide a full list of ingredients.

Finally, its official website will ideally provide information about the organization and its founder. If a brand isn’t transparent, it isn’t trustworthy and doesn’t deserve your money.

Final Thoughts on the Best Amanita Mushrooms Gummies

If you’re in the market for amanita mushroom gummies, the variety of options has grown significantly. Yet, this isn’t necessarily a good thing. With little oversight, the amanita industry is plagued with brands selling dubious quality products.

A prime example is the lack of companies offering third-party lab reports with their products. One would think it is a basic means of establishing trust, but relatively few brands meet this simple demand.

VidaCap is an exception and has already become a shining light within the industry. Its amanita gummies are of premium quality, and its lab reports clearly show an abundance of muscimol. It is up to other brands to catch up lest they fall behind.

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