5 Cannabis Strains with a Nice Minty Flavor or Aroma

One of the most alluring and enticing aspects of each cannabis strain is its unique and distinctive terpene profile. Apart from an individual strain’s THC or CBD content, cannabis is a plant with a wide variety of different types and variations. By crossing these genetically diverse strains, cannabis breeders can create a multitude of different flavor combinations and terpene profiles.

Each strain’s idiosyncratic terpene content is what gives it its particular aroma and flavor.

While classics like well-known Kush varieties remain sought after, cannabis lovers have begun to expand their terpene horizons. This has opened up a whole new world of flavors and aromas to cannabis consumers. While everyone has their own individual preference, many are drawn to strains with a nice minty flavor or aroma. That’s why we’ve drawn up this list of five cannabis strains with a delicious minty flavor or aroma for you.


#5. Wonder Kid – A Varied Lineage

Wonder Kid is one of the cannabis strains that showcases the skill and dedication cannabis growers have for their craft. Its lineage is a complicated tree of interconnected predecessors, with several strains used to create the final product.

Cannabis breeders Khush Kush crossed (The White x Chemdawg 91) x (Pre 98 Bubba Kush x Chemdawg 91) x Buffalo Bill. After much time and effort, the wonderful Wonder Kid was born. The Wonder Kid strain distills the flavors and cannabinoid makeup of its predecessors into one final, potent, terpene-rich mix.

As Wonder Kid genetics are firmly indica-dominant, this strain’s consumers describe its effects as “body melting.” Due to its potency, Wonder Kid users may experience intense relaxation coupled with a strong sedative effect. Some medicinal consumers find Wonder Kid useful for alleviating aches and pains.

Wonder Kid is notable for its heavy coating of trichomes. As you can imagine, its THC content is very high. When tested, most Wonder Kid samples have a THC content of between 23-25%.

Due to its complicated and diverse lineage, Wonder Kid’s flavor profile is quite a varied mix. There are notable hash and fuel elements but also hints of coffee beans, and mint. Some say they can pick up sweet, citrusy flavors with creamy berry notes thrown in for good measure. The bad news is that its other potent flavors overpower Wonder Kid’s minty taste.

Unfortunately, Wonder Kid, with its subtle minty flavor, won’t leave you with fresh breath. However, this strain may bring about such an intense body high that you’re left glued to your seat.

If you’re looking for a strain with a more distinctive mint flavor, then check out…

#4. Double Mint – The Girl Scout Cookie Strain

Double Mint is, as its name implies, is a strain with a strong mint flavor. When you discover Double Mint’s lineage, you can see where it gets its name. During the breeding process, Natural Genetics Seeds backcrossed Mint Chocolate Chip with its mother strain SinMint Cookies. This genetic meddling produced a strain with a strong sweet, minty terpene profile.

Users of Double Mint report a mind-blowing euphoria, coupled with intense sedative effects. Double Mint is firmly in the category of strains that you only use towards the end of the day. The deeply relaxing and sedating effects may help to reduce stress, but they can also make you feel very sleepy.

#3. Peppermint Cookies – The Perfect Midday Treat

Peppermint Cookies is an award-winning hybrid, taking home Best Hybrid at the 2015 DOPE awards in Seattle. This accolade is in part due to its distinctive minty flavor, but also because of its subtle, gradual, euphoric high.

Thanks to its unique hybrid chemistry, Peppermint Cookies is a strain with evenly balanced indica and sativa effects.

Peppermint Cookies is a slow onset strain, whose mounting high can take a while to become noticeable. Initially, Peppermint Cookies high may help you with your daytime tasks, especially those that involve creativity. However, you should probably stay clear of any jobs that require intense concentration or attention.

Some say that this strain is an excellent one to enjoy with friends. It can make you feel more open and social and even more chatty. You might find yourself meandering into random conversations or experiencing giggling fits, or simply enjoying what’s going on around you.

Some Peppermint Cookies consumers say that it has some analgesic properties, and use it for relieving moderately painful conditions. Its uplifting effects may also provide temporary relief from mood disorders, such as depression and anxiety.

In terms of its aroma, Peppermint Cookies’ buds have a sour and musky odor. A slightly minty and herbal fragrance offsets these danker smells. While this stain’s flavor is a unique combination of mint and creamy biscuits, that is reminiscent of raw cookie dough.

#2. Arjan’s Ultra Haze – The Thinking Man’s Strain

Arjan’s Ultra Haze is a Dutch sativa strain, created by breeding Neville’s Haze with landrace strains from Cambodia and Laos. This means that it shares a genealogy with many classic strains originating from Southeast Asia.

Arjan’s Ultra Haze is notable for its exceptionally mellow, cerebral effects, and its gently active buzz. Four separate Cannabis Cup placements have firmly rooted Arjan’s Ultra Haze as an excellent strain.

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 is high in alpha-pinene, which gives it a piney fragrance, infused with rosemary and sage. Grinding open this strain’s buds reveals hints of pepper and mint. When inhaled, this strain has a strong but nice minty flavor.

Consumers of Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 say that it can spark a sensation of purpose and creativity. Some find it useful as this strain can instill a feeling of introspection. Therefore, this strain may potentially be helpful for consumers suffering from chronic stress or mental health issues.

Arjan’s Ultra Haze #1 is another one of those strains whose effects build with a slow, creeping intensity. For this reason, users may not notice its effects straight away. Just watch out for its slight indica ending, as it can suddenly make you couch-locked before you know it.

#1. Thin Mint GSC – Thin Flavor, Thick Effects

Thin Mint GSC is an incredibly potent strain that is considered to be a Girl Scout Cookies phenotype. The reason for this is that laboratory analysis of Thin Mint’s terpene profile showed it was remarkably similar to GSC. Its overall lineage consists of some big-name cannabis players and includes the world-renowned Durban Poison and OG Kush strains.

Thin Mint’s buds have a nice minty aroma, complemented by subtler herbal and sweet and spicy notes. On smoking, Thin Mint’s flavor is deliciously sweet and minty, which makes it one of the best-tasting strains on the market.

Thin Mint is well known for its powerful, full-body experience that can leave its consumers utterly mesmerized. This strain has an average THC content of 20%, but it can also reach up to 24%. For this reason, Thin Mint is not suitable for novice cannabis users.

Final Thoughts on 5 Cannabis Strains with a Nice Minty Flavor or Aroma

If you’re looking for a cannabis strain with a nice minty flavor or aroma, then this list is a great place to start. However, novice cannabis consumers should not be fooled by these strain’s enticing minty fragrance, as they pack a potent punch. These minty flavored strains should be enjoyed in moderation, and users should be careful not to overindulge.