5 Best-Tasting Cannabis Strains

If you’re seeking the benefits of cannabis, you don’t have to settle for an unpleasant tasting strain. Cannabis has changed so much throughout time, and these days it’s possible to find massive variety of flavors and aromas. The days are long gone when one had to sacrifice flavor or taste for potency and strength. Now cannabis consumers can enjoy the best of all worlds. Those with refined palates can still get a buzzworthy high without sacrificing savor and piquancy.

Those with refined palates can still get a buzzworthy high without sacrificing savor and piquancy.

Growers often use their considerable skills not only to increase yield but to maximize what hits our taste buds. Each year sees new strains that entice and tantalize. These terrific strains flourish under the watchful eye of cultivators for cannabis lovers around the country to enjoy.

It’s been a rough ride for cannabis these past few years. But with less stringent legislation and a push for marijuana acceptance, there is a recent explosion in the sheer volume of choices available. We’ve managed to whittle down all the options and zero in on five of the best-tasting strains this year.

5. Sugar Black Rose

This pungent strain by any other name would be just as sweet – and potent. Many users may yearn for the out-of-this-world experience guaranteed by THC-heavy strains like Lemon Alien Dawg. However, this strain is on the moderate side by today’s standards with 18% THC.

Instead, those looking for a beautiful, relaxing evening indoors can rely on the sedative-like effects of Sugar Black Rose. It gently lulls users into a dreamy, cozy state of mind while boasting heavenly flavors like lemon and pine. Consumers can also enjoy a hint of musky earth along with floral tones and sweet candy notes.


Sugar Black Rose is an indica-dominant hybrid descending from the Critical Mass and Black Domina strains. It boasts a flowering time of about 53 days and has a high yield.

4. Somango XL

Somango is built up of a sturdy kick of earthiness, with hints of tropical and berry, all coming together for a solid dank herb taste. Though the name itself doesn’t seem to imply the strain is appealing to one’s tastebuds, it is greatly loved by many of those who get to try Somango.

When the three potent strains of Big Skunk Korean, Jack Herer, and Super Skunk all banded together, they create Sommango XL. Its THC levels are incredibly strong, hovering around 17-28% percentage depending on the batch.


Somango’s parentage gives rise to a strain that is not only potent but incredibly buzzy. Its intense kick of energy-boosting trichomes provides a burst of mellow, sedative inducing essence.

It is about 75% indica and 25% sativa, making for an exciting melding of worlds. Somango is sweet and somewhat tart, but delicious on the tongue without a harsh aftertaste. Users enjoy its fresh, fruity notes and its deep, piney, and spicy flavors.

3. Lemon Shining Silver Haze

Lemon Shining Silver Haze is every bit as fun as it sounds. Its THC level reaches up to 25% and contains great lemony goodness. A symphony of other flavors also backs it, including vanilla, pine, candy, and sour dankness.

While its aroma and taste are delightful, many users claim it offers powerful analgesic effects. This suggestion is indicated in the relief of a litany of complaints, including low energy and focus, anxiety, stress, and muscle aches.

It’s a powerful and eye-opening energy booster, not a good fit for anyone looking for sleep. However, if you’re a night owl and want a creative edge with a tasty bite, this strain is for you.


Lemon Shining Silver Haze isn’t exactly a newbie in the cannabis arena. Instead, it’s an old favorite and a winner of the 2008 High Times Cannabis Cup. Growers prefer it because of a quick flowering time of only 8-9 weeks. Also, layers of sugary, frosty trichomes cover it.

2. Game Changer

The same thing day in and day out can become incredibly mundane and boring. The same goes if you smoke the same cannabis all the time. That’s why the Game Changer strain has an especially fitting name, offering consumers something different.

With THC levels reaching an outstanding 29%, those who don’t have much experience with cannabis will want to take it easy. For those who are searching for a new routine that breaks them out of their usual box, aim for this delicious and strong strain, with a succulent grape and candy flavor.

Purple Dragon and the lush Green Thai are the parents of Game Changer, and the two in unison produce a skunky and pungent profile. With a gentle cheesy zing blended with the juicy berry, this strain offers both sweet and savory.


Users also enjoy its hypnotic and relaxing charm, all while inducing couch-lock, relaxation, stress, and pain relief as well as substantial mood enhancement.

Game Changer is also eye-catching with purple hues, dark blues, greens, and reddish-orange nuggets. It is more on the indica side with a 60/40 split and has a quick growth time of 8-9 weeks.

1. Strawberry Cough

Don’t let the name fool you. It may sound like a seasonal allergy, but Strawberry Cough goes well beyond the pastiche of most strains. Instead, it draws inspiration from the sweet, red, ripe berry that is its namesake.

Users also get a swift hit of vanilla, with just a slight bit of skunk and deep earthiness. It’s an excellent strain for relieving stress, and with a THC level of up to 26%, it’s potentially intense and potent.

It is linked with mitigating other physical ailments, including depression, mental fog, along with bodily aches and pains. As a stimulating strain, users cite its energizing potential in many day-to-day pursuits, including creative endeavors and painting.


It is a relatively easy strain to grow and flourishes in a little under ten weeks. It is versatile and can grow both indoors and outdoors, making it a hit amongst growers.


Thin Mint Girl Scout Cookies

This strain has amassed a cult following for its strange yet intoxicating flavors. Thin Mint GSC has hints of sweet and sour, with a citrusy bite followed by aromatic pine. It is a bit too redolent for some users, although others rave about its chocolatey hints and earthy goodness.

With a THC level of 19%, it is potentially an exciting ride, though this strain isn’t exactly an all-around favorite. Many either love it, or they don’t.

Bubblegum XL

Bubblegum XL takes consumers back to the times of playing with your friends on the streets, chewing bubble gum, and swimming on hot Summer days. Nostalgic, sweet notes leave a feeling of endless yearning, but its potent profile makes it a wonderful sativa with uncharacteristically slightly sedative properties if you need to relax and unwind but not fall asleep.

With a mild THC level sitting at 19%, Bubblegum XL gets you high but will not make you buzz and zip around the room. Bred from the strains  Power Plant and Santa Maria, this sativa is a quick grower, taking just 8-9 weeks. This speed comes with a price, however, as you shouldn’t expect massive yields.

Blue Dream

Blue Dream has become iconic amongst many cultivators. It has a high THC level (about 27%) and a low CBD level (around 2-3%). Its background includes the strains Blueberry and Haze. It is sativa-dominant, and though we don’t know much about it, it is popular in many circles.

Blue Dream combines sweet and crisp blueberry flavors with hints of vanilla, floral, and earthy undertones. Its high has a slow burn. It is cited as an energetic strain, great for battling cases of ennui without taking away from its soft, relaxing edge.

It is mostly an outdoor strain as it can top five feet. For anyone looking to grow in cramped spaces, this is likely a bit of a challenge.

Final Thoughts on the Best-Tasting Cannabis Strains of the Year

Cannabis isn’t your run of the mill “stinkweed” anymore. It has evolved and morphed into something more like a work of art. Time, patience, and incredible innovation have led the way in creating strains that taste more appealing than the standard decades ago.

No longer is the taste of rubber, industrial fumes, and skunk accepted as part of the marijuana experience. Nowadays, cannabis connoisseurs have developed refined palates and are looking for more than just a buzz.

Luckily, today’s options have what even the pickiest among us would want. From sativa to indica, there’s something for everyone.

Legislation is quickly turning a corner. Therefore, we can look forward to even more crossing of strains and the development of new and ingenious breeds.

The proliferation of delicious and tasty strains lends itself to a new way of thinking among cannabis users. Marijuana is no longer something bred and grown in the dark, in out-of-the-way places where no one’s the wiser. It is becoming more acceptable. And, with acceptability, has come a push to go past boundaries and create something that didn’t exist before.

The world is open for marijuana, and there isn’t a shortage in the varieties available. Cannabis has come a long, long way, and we probably won’t see a halt to its momentum for some time.

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