Green Ribbon Strain (Cannabis Strain Review)

Green Ribbon Strain (Cannabis Strain Review)

The Green Ribbon strain offers an exhilarating zingy flavor, along with a wonderful fresh forest scent. Users gravitate towards this strain to help them improve their mood. It may also provide a burst of energy, making it ideal for afternoon usage.

Dominant Terpene:
Euphoria, Focus, Social
Common Usage
DepressionFocusLack of appetite
Growing Info
Although it is best to grow Green Ribbon outdoors, it can thrive indoors with enough light. Its flowering time indoors ranges from 8-11 weeks. If you cultivate it outdoors, expect it to be ready for harvest by the middle of September.

When choosing a cannabis strain, it is essential to analyze your expectations. Are you hoping for something to help you sleep, or give you energy? Do you want to relax after a stressful day at work, or focus on a creative project? Knowing this information can significantly reduce the enormous field of cannabis strains.

The Green Ribbon strain, for instance, is best for users who want energy, focus, and creativity. Let’s find out more in this review.

What Is the Green Ribbon Strain?

This is some debate as to the origins of the Green Ribbon marijuana strain. Most people accept that breeders in San Jose, California, are responsible. It also seems as if it is a balanced hybrid. However, its parentage is less certain.

Some say that Green Crack is one of its parents. However, it is also associated with Trainwreck, Afghani, and White Rhino. If you want to get Green Ribbon, the West Coast is the best place to look.


Although it is ostensibly a balanced hybrid, Green Ribbon’s effects ultimately lean towards sativa. Initially, you will likely feel a potent cerebral high soon after imbibing. This can result in an energy boost, along with an uplifted mood and a strong desire to get things done. You may also feel that your creativity levels have suddenly increased.

It is at this time that you should complete whatever tasks you have for the day. Eventually, the high makes its way down the body and could induce couch-lock. Consider using Green Ribbon in the afternoon or early evening.


Green Ribbon doesn’t have an overwhelming scent. However, when you focus, you will get subtle hints of citrus and sweetness. There are also pine and earth undertones.


Green Ribbon has a pleasant taste with spicy yet sweet flavors that linger on the tongue. Users often say they get pine and woody flavors on the exhale. It is a smooth smoke that shouldn’t cause you to cough.

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This strain has medium-sized buds with a significant number of glistening trichomes. Indeed, there are so many that you may think the nugs are white at first glance!

Green Ribbon Strain Grow Info

Ideally, you will grow your Green Ribbon seeds outdoors. If you are lucky enough to have space, this strain is ready for harvest by early October. It provides an excellent yield of up to 20 ounces per plant.

However, the vast majority of growers don’t have the means to cultivate cannabis outside. Therefore, you can try to grow Green Ribbon indoors. Its flowering time ranges from 8 to 11 weeks. You can expect to receive anywhere from 12 to 16 ounces per square meter in terms of yield.

If you grow indoors, consider using one of the SCROG or lollipop methods. Either option will help keep plant growth under control. It is also advisable to remove the lower leaves from the canopy.

This tactic ensures that the main colas receive ample nutrients. While the fan leaves help the plant, remove any yellow ones you find.

Finally, you may struggle to find Green Ribbon seeds, clones, or even buds outside of California. Those purchasing from outside the Golden State will likely have to pay a premium. However, if you want a top-notch balanced hybrid, it is probably worth the cost.

THC Content – Highest Test

Green Ribbon is a relatively strong cannabis strain with an average THC content of around 20%. You may find some versions with 22%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This is a strain with minimal CBD. Most tests indicate around 0.1% – 0.2% CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Green Ribbon Strain

MMJ users tend to focus on Green Ribbon due to its uplifting effects, which could help with depression. You may feel uplifted during the high, and forget your troubles for a short period. It could also help alleviate any feelings of stress you have after a hard day.

One interesting facet of Green Ribbon is its propensity to help people focus. As a consequence, you might consider it if you have ADHD/ADD.

It is a reasonably potent cannabis strain, which is possibly useful for individuals with chronic pain. You could try Green Ribbon to help manage the symptoms of headaches, migraines, or muscle cramps.

It may also induce the munchies. This is potentially good news for people looking to boost their appetites.

Possible Side Effects of the Green Ribbon Strain

Like most potent cannabis strains, Green Ribbon has some adverse effects. Dry eyes and dry mouth are among the most commonly reported. However, if you use too much, you could experience mild anxiety or even paranoia on occasion. Exercise caution when trying this strain.

Final Thoughts on the Green Ribbon Strain

The Green Ribbon strain is a good option for individuals looking to elevate their mood. It is best used in the afternoon, especially if you have things to do. This strain provides users with a short-term burst of energy and may also increase appetite. However, please note that the high moves into the body and eventually causes couch-lock.

In general, Green Ribbon is best cultivated outdoors. However, it does provide a reasonable yield if you take it indoors.

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