Homegrown Nursery [Brand Review for Growers]

Homegrown Nursery Quick Summary


  • Nice range of cannabis clone strains.
  • Reasonably priced plants.
  • The brand delivers to your farm.
  • The website provides a ton of cultivation information.
  • The plants are feminized.
  • Wholesale program.


  • Only available to California residents.
  • Not much information about the brand online.

Homegrown Nursery Full Review

There is a multitude of growing guides on WayofLeaf. We also try to ensure you tackle strains suitable for your experience level. Homegrown Nursery specializes in selling marijuana clones and provides a huge level of information for the grower.

Homegrown Nursery handpicks the best genetics to provide top-quality cannabis clones and plants.

The company claims it is the “premium source for cannabis clones and plants in California.” Homegrown Nursery also handpicks the best genetics to provide top-quality cannabis clones and plants. Its team has decades of experience in the marijuana industry and can help growers of all skill ranges.

What Products Did We Review?

We went through the brand’s entire range, including hybrid, indica, sativa, and exotic options. We found that Homegrown Nursery also sells to wholesalers and likely supplies several commercial dispensaries within the Golden State.


Homegrown Nursery ALL Products

Homegrown Nursery – Hybrid Plants

The company sells a total of 18 strains, and you can purchase a hybrid version of each one. Popular options include:

The price range varies slightly. Strains such as Purple Punch are available from $18 to $35, depending on the height. The cheapest options include Blue Dream and Fire OG, which are $12 to $30.

Homegrown Nursery provides a reasonable degree of information about each strain. For instance, Animal Cookies is a clone-only strain and is a cross of GSC and Fire OG. Though it is a hybrid, it is fairly sativa dominant (75%). Yet, it produces heavy body effects. However, the brand doesn’t outline the THC percentages of all its plants. For instance, it merely says that Animal Cookies is high in THC.

From a grower’s perspective, Animal Cookies flowers in 10 weeks. Like all the other options, there are four plant sizes to choose from:

  • Clone 6-8 Inches: $12
  • 12-15 Inches:$20
  • 16-20 Inches:$25
  • 21-25 Inches RTF: $30

Homegrown Nursery – Indica Plants

There are 12 indica strains, including:

Once again, Homegrown Nursery includes a reasonable degree of information. Its GDP offering is only available in indica. It is a cross of Purple Urkle and Big Bud, with a THC level of 17-24%. GDP likely leads to physical relaxation with cerebral euphoria. Homegrown also does a nice job of including a few reasons why MMJ users choose a strain.

Homegrown Nursery – Sativa Plants

There are 16 sativa plants on offer, including:

The last option, Sour D, is a cross of Super Skunk and Chemdawg 91. Information on this strain is limited compared to others. This is a surprise given how well Sour Diesel is known.

Homegrown Nursery – Exotics Plants

There are only five exotic plant options:

Unsurprisingly, these are the most expensive plants. There is also less information on them than with most of the other strains. However, Homegrown does remain forthright about each strain’s genetics. For instance, Mimosa is a cross of Purple Punch and Clementine and has sweet and citrus flavors.

Homegrown Nursery – Exotics Plants

Licensed cannabis growers in California can purchase plants wholesale. Homegrown Nursery tells interested parties to get in touch for a quote. Please note that the minimum order is 100 clones. The company can deliver to your farm’s address and covers major cities such as LA and Sacramento.

Homegrown is staffed with experienced growers, and they only work with healthy, feminized plants. Also, it doesn’t get involved with plants unless they have verified genetics. It sells hybrid, indica, and sativa clones to wholesalers.

What Else Should I Know About Homegrown Nursery?

Homegrown Nursery only sells to California residents aged 21+. It controls, verifies, and clones all plants from the seed. Each one of its clones has pure genetics and is feminized. The company also promises to deliver to all customers within the state of California. However, you will get faster service in LA, Fresno, or Sacramento because that’s where its main delivery points are located.

The company promises to deliver to all customers within the state of California.

Its nursery is climate controlled and designed to keep insects, pests, mold, and other contaminants away. The company also pledges to ensure all clones are rooted and viable before sending them to customers.

According to the Homegrown Nursery website, it takes them approximately two weeks to turn a small clone into a plant ready for sale. One of its best features is its replacement or refund policy. Customers only pay on delivery. If you are not satisfied with your plants, you can return them within 24 hours for a full refund or a replacement.

Knowledge Is Power

The Homegrown Nursery team doesn’t just sell you plants and leave you to it. Its website is filled with useful tips on growing clones into healthy plants. On its ‘Growing Marijuana’ page, you will discover how to cultivate clones from start to finish. For instance, Homegrown Nursery recommends doing the following as soon as you buy your plants:

  • Water your clones with a nutrient solution diluted to 400 – 600ppm of water.
  • Place them beneath a low-intensity fluorescent light with T8 or T12 bulbs.
  • Keep the cubes moist but don’t overwater.
  • Get ready to transplant the clones once they get large enough.

Homegrown Nursery also provides information on the following:

  • How to properly transplant your clones.
  • Easing them into direct light.
  • How to boost the THC process.

Its dedication to ensuring customers cultivate their plants in the right way is admirable. However, what it outlines is the tip of the iceberg. Check out WayofLeaf’s Growing Guides for a compendium of cannabis cultivation knowledge.

Homegrown Nursery Review: Summary & Where to Buy

There is no question that Homegrown Nursery is an interesting brand. It sells a decent variety of cannabis clone strains and provides information on each one. Residents of California are in luck because the company promises to deliver to your farm. Homegrown also promise to refund or replace clones within 24 hours if you’re unhappy with your purchase.

If you have the requisite license to grow and sell marijuana in California, you can benefit from wholesale prices. However, you need to purchase at least 100 plants.

One major downside is that Homegrown only delivers to residents of the Golden State. Also, we found it challenging to find information about the company online. It seems like a legitimate enterprise, but we don’t know the founders’ names or identities.

Overall, Homegrown Nursery is worth a look if you feel you can trust the brand. It also offers plenty of information on growing marijuana. If you have used the services of Homegrown Nursery, let us know what you thought in the comments section.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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