Impact CBD Review [How Does It Stack Up?]

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Impact Sports is a UK-based CBD brand. It provides high-quality CBD that stays at the forefront of the market thanks to research from CiiTECH.

This brand’s products are geared toward the sports and athletics market. In this review, we investigate how Impact Sports’ products hold up compared to other popular sports brands.

Impact Sports CBD: Quick Summary


  • All of the products are vegan-friendly and cruelty-free.
  • Research backing from CiiTECH gives the products extra credibility.
  • Impact Sports uses CO2 extraction.
  • The prices are reasonable for the quality you get.


  • The product range is relatively minimal.
  • Lab reports are not posted on the site.

About Impact Sports: What’s Behind This Brand?

Impact Sports recently overhauled its ‘About’ page. There used to be some more information about the founders, rugby players James Haskell and Ben Franks. The two of them started the company after discovering the benefits that CBD had on them; it’s becoming increasingly common for ex-athletes to use cannabinoids.

Currently, the About page places more emphasis on the brand’s partnership with CiiTECH. This Israeli firm remains at the forefront of cannabis research, and Impact Sports takes this knowledge in order to create the best quality products possible.

Impact Sports uses supercritical CO2 extraction to produce a high-quality extract. Apart from that, little information is included about where the hemp is sourced and what Impact’s process is. It’s made clear that the hemp comes from farms in Europe, with EU-approved strains that adhere to all UK guidelines about cannabinoids.

All in all, Impact Sports is a reputed brand in terms of its background, with plenty of research backing that gives customers the faith they need.

Impact Sports CBD Products

Impact Sports stocks a variety of CBD products, including tinctures and topicals. While the packaging is not overly flashy, it’s what’s inside that counts. Let’s find out about the full range.

Impact Sports CBD Oil

Impact stocks two CBD oils in the form of a spray rather than a dropper. This is unique, but it’s something we appreciate; sometimes, it’s much easier to use a spray. The tinctures come in 10ml bottles, each containing 60 sprays.

impact cbd oil


Impact Sports uses a vegan-friendly formula with an MCT coconut oil base. There are no other ingredients besides coconut oil and hemp extract, which is excellent news. Plus, each bottle contains 0% THC.

The irritating thing is that Impact Sports only offers two strengths. With 400mg and 1600mg, it’s likely that one of these will work well for you; however, it can be disappointing to see when we are used to so much choice in the CBD industry.

Oddly, this brand also lists its capsules under the CBD oil heading. They come with a vegan-friendly casing and 32mg of CBD per tablet. It’s the ideal potency for most users.

Cost: £32.99 – £59.99

Impact Sports CBD Topicals

Impact Sports sells two topicals that you would expect to see from an athletic CBD brand, and one that you wouldn’t. The two balms are similar but come in heating and cooling options depending on your preference.


impact cbd balm

Once again, these balms are vegan-friendly; they’re also cruelty-free. Both contain 300mg of CBD in the full stick. The heating balm works with arnica, but the cooling balm doesn’t explicitly state the ingredients. Whatever is in there, it seems to work, with these products having fantastic customer reviews. The stick application is also excellent because it means you don’t have to get the product on your hands.

The unexpected product is CBD oil shampoo. According to the website, this product is suitable for all hair types, paraben-free, sulfate-free, and enriched with vitamins and omegas. The theory behind it is to introduce a thorough cleanse for your hair post-workout. The 200ml bottle contains 200mg of CBD isolate.

Cost: £24.99 – £34.99

Impact Sports CBD Edibles

In the edibles department, Impact Sports stocks just CBD lozenges. These are an effective form of tincture because you can suck them and dissolve them under the tongue, making them a tastier alternative to tinctures.

It’s a little disappointing that Impact Sports only sells the lozenges in Mint flavor. But at least you benefit from the two-in-one of effective CBD and something that makes your breath smell great.

Vegans will be glad to know that these lozenges contain no animal ingredients. There are 25 lozenges per tub, lasting you about a month and providing an easy way to top-up on CBD at any time of day.

Cost: £22.99

Impact Sports CBD Gifts

The last section on the Impact Sports website is for gifts. These are mostly branded products, but there is also a Sports Gift Box that contains topical balm and sweatbands.

The products on offer include gym bags, rugby balls, and cold packs. If you know someone who really loves this brand, then these are fun stocking fillers.

Cost: £3.99 – £36.99

Where to Buy Impact Sports CBD

You can purchase Impact Sports directly from the official website. All orders placed by midday on a weekday should be shipped the same day by Royal Mail Tracked. Customers can choose between 24-hour and 48-hour delivery.

Right now, Impact only ships to the UK and EU. As a result, American readers will have to search for the perfect CBD product elsewhere.

The brand has a returns policy, so you can return any product within 30 days as long as it is unused and remains sealed in the original packaging.

Impact Sports Review: Summary

For athletes and gym-goers, Impact Sports is an excellent brand. It offers no-fuss, high-quality products made from EU-sourced hemp. With backing from the research company CiiTECH, it’s hard to fault these products in terms of their effectiveness.

Other than having a limited product range and no visible lab reports, there are few faults with this company. As it continues to grow, it’s possible that Impact Sports will also iron out these kinks, making it a strong contender in the UK CBD market.

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