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CBD BioCare: Quick Summary


  • Products contain full-spectrum extract
  • All items derived from American grown hemp
  • Diverse product range
  • Products are third-party laboratory tested
  • Employs a first-class customer service team


  • Website isn’t clear and concise
  • Limited variety of pet products

CBD BioCare Review

CBD BioCare began as a way to boost the health and wellness of the broader community. The founders, Matthew and Stacy Pitts realized many years ago that CBD contained many potential benefits. They saw the many ways it had positively impacted people from all walks of life. Determined to bring quality and accessible CBD to the market, they created CBD BioCare.

Their company focuses on using only the highest grade of organic hemp grown in the United States. The result is a plethora of plant-based options that consumers can integrate seamlessly into their busy lifestyles. CBD BioCare also ensures that its products meet rigorous standards.

What Products Did We Review?

CBD BioCare is the premier carrier of CBD products. Their items come with a hefty dose of organically grown and American-farmed CBD. They’ve made it their mission to bring balance and wellness to the public. To this end, they’ve created a host of products that consumers can enjoy.

Consumers can purchase CBD oils, capsules, and a wealth of CBD skincare items. CBD BioCare also carries premium pet care products, topical solutions, creams, and lifestyle apparel. They have a wide range of products consumers can choose from and price points that match different household budgets.

CBD BioCare: The Entire Product Line

Although there are few regulations in the CBD industry, CBD BioCare seeks to stand out from the crowd. It adheres to strict guidelines and sources its materials from American farmers. There is a wide selection of quality products, and we will take a look at what makes these items so exceptional. We’ll go over some highlights and talk about how the products may fit into a daily routine.

CBD Oils

CBD BioCare offers high-grade CBD oils. Each bottle comes with a convenient dropper for mess-free measuring. They also contain the quality hemp extract that this brand is known for. There are several potencies available, from 500mg for a small daily boost to 3500mg for a revitalizing change of pace. Consumers can also purchase a 750mg or a 1000mg sample.

cbd oils

For those who enjoy the taste of hemp, the original formulation includes naturally flavored cannabinoids and terpenes. If consumers aren’t fans of hemp but love its effects, they can purchase the refreshing peppermint flavor.

CBD Capsules

cbd capsules

CBD BioCare also carries CBD capsules. These items are perfect for those who don’t like to take CBD oil. The easy to swallow capsules feature the same formulation as the popular CBD oils. Consumers can purchase either 10mg or 25mg per tablet. Each bottle contains 30 capsules.

CBD Gummies

cbd gummies

CBD enthusiasts with a sweet tooth will love CBD BioCare’s infused gummies. Each bottle has 30 gummies and 600mg of CBD. They’ve packed each gummy with 20mg of top-notch CBD and intense fruity flavor. These treats have no fat, for a guilt-free boost of CBD that may reduce nausea, mitigate muscle spasms and pain, and decrease stress and tension. They are also available in a 10-count pack.


If you’re looking for CBD on the run, CBD BioCare provides a convenient chewing gum. Each cube has a punch of peppermint for an effervescent taste along with 10mg of full-spectrum CBD. The pack carries ten cubes and travels well in a purse, bag, or briefcase.

CBD Coffee Pods

Coffee drinkers everywhere can get their cup of joe with an infusion of CBD. CBD BioCare has carefully crafted its selection of pods for premium quality. Each pod contains 10mg of high-grade CBD.

cbd coffee pods

The pods also come with a specialized blend of Panama Lerida Estate, Mexican Custepec, and Hawaiian Kona. They’ve also roasted the beans to a dark, Viennese style for ultimate flavor.

CBD Topicals

CBD BioCare provides a variety of topical options. They’ve manufactured these options for maximum potency. For instance, the CBD Pain Relief Balm has 500mg of CBD along with soothing emu oil.

Each tube comes with 3.8 ounces and is free of gluten, sulfates, and parabens. Their balm allows consumers to apply the CBD directly to the affected area. Its calming formulation mitigates pain and boosts moisture for supple and rejuvenated skin.

For those looking for just a little CBD pick me up, CBD BioCare offers the 60mg and 75 mg options. These feature the same great creams available in the 500mg tub. Meanwhile, the Pain Relief Roll-On is a good fit for those seeking potential relief from joint pain and tense muscles.

This product has a total of 100mg of full-spectrum CBD per tube. Each roll-on also includes essential oils and unique flower extracts.

CBD Skin Care

Skin Care gets an upgrade with CBD BioCare’s selection of CBD-infused skincare products. The CBD Apple Stem Rejuvenating Cream promotes the protection of the skin’s stem cells. It’s packed with 6mg of CBD, apple stem cells, antioxidants, essential oils, and vitamins.

The result is a formulation that moisturizes, soothes, and assists the daily maintenance of skin. Each tub is free of parabens, sulfates, fragrance, and talc and contains 1 ounce of cream. Other CBD BioCare Skin Care items include the Ageless Cream.

cbd skin care

This cream contains shea butter and other emollients that provide critical moisture and hydration. The addition of 25mg of CBD and vitamins E and D assist with elasticity and aging in the skin. The extensive skin line also includes:

  • CBD-Infused AM/PM Anti-Aging Moisturizer
  • CBD Collagen Retinol Cream
  • CBD Under Eye Cream
  • CBD Prebiotic Spray
  • All-Natural CBD Scrub

Pet Care Line

CBD BioCare offers great CBD solutions for pet owners. These items include CBD oils that owners can give directly to pets or mix into food and water. There are two options with a 500mg and a 750mg potency. Every 30ml bottle has full-spectrum CBD along with soothing cannabinoids and phytochemicals. It is ideal for both cats and dogs.

pet care line

BioCare also sells full-spectrum CBD treats. These bacon flavored soft treats promote overall health, maintenance, and daily stress support. They contain natural flavors, no artificial colors, and 5mg of full-spectrum CBD per chew.

CBD BioCare’s Pet Spray serves as an excellent gift for any pet lover. Each spray contains 150mg of phytochemicals, including terpenes and flavonoids. Pet owners can apply the prebiotic solution directly to any areas to soothe irritated skin and maintain healthy bacteria.


CBD BioCare sells apparel and other lifestyle items. These include t-shirts, polo shirts, golf bags, and pens. Other items include the 20-ounce tumbler and coffee mug inscribed with the company’s signature logo. Consumers can also opt for a gift card that is valid for purchasing anything on the site.

What Else Should I Know About CBD BioCare? A Few Important Details

CBD BioCare began as a journey into wellness. While the founders, Matthew and Stacy Pitts, create quality products, they also use their platform for critical social issues. They are proponents of giving back to the broader community. They have committed their time and efforts to helping others.

Their program Youth for Christ is aimed at raising money and awareness for youth education, leadership, and spreading hope, peace, and wellness. CBD BioCare dedicates 10% of its profits to furthering this mission. In addition to helping the youth, CBD BioCare helps its consumers by offering:

  • Responsible and quality shipping
  • Exclusive deals and discounts
  • Informative videos about CBD and general health
  • Honest reviews from customers
  • Online Certificates of Analysis (COA’s)
  • Instant batch testing results

CBD BioCare CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

CBD BioCare carries a wide selection of CBD-infused products. Their diverse range of items can fit into any lifestyle and price point. Each category exhibits the care and attention they put in, and from the CBD oils to the pet treats, there is something for any CBD lover to enjoy.

Their extensive collection of topicals, oils, capsules, and apparel may exceed many expectations and set an ongoing high standard. While their website may need some improvement, their products are top-notch, and their customer service team is knowledgeable and responsive. Those interested in purchasing from CBD BioCare can log onto their site at and see for themselves the potential wellness benefits of CBD.

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