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Love CBD Quick Overview


  • Uses hemp grown without chemical pesticides, herbicides, or fertilizers
  • Products contain a broad range of cannabinoids and terpenes
  • Member of the Cannabis Trades Association
  • Uses CO2 extraction, the industry  gold standard
  • Laboratory reports are available on the website
  • Free second-class shipping within the UK


  • Some products are on the expensive side
  • Limited product range compared to some brands

Read on for our complete Love CBD review, or check out some other top-rated UK CBD brands here:

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Love CBD Full Review

Particularly in the UK, searching for the perfect CBD product can be confusing. There are hundreds of brands on the market, all making claims about the quality of their products. In reality, however, the CBD industry is not well-regulated and many products do not live up to these claims.

Love CBD UK is one of the founding members of the Cannabis Trades Association, a body committed to promoting good practice within the hemp and CBD industry.

The company itself was founded in 2014, and its philosophy is simple; to provide high-quality CBD products at a reasonable price.

Love CBD UK products are made from hemp grown in farms across Europe without the use of pesticides, herbicides, artificial fertilizers, or other harmful chemicals. Moreover, they extract their CBD using state-of-the-art CO2 technology, which really is the safest and most efficient way to make CBD oil from hemp.

During the extraction process, cannabis flowers are “treated” with supercritical carbon dioxide to extract their cannabinoids without the use of solvents. This procedure is widely considered the best CBD extraction method there is.

The people at Love CBD UK believe that their products should be as natural as possible, and this shows in the fact that their CBD sprays contain just two ingredients: cannabis extract and olive oil.

The fact that Love CBD does not add any artificial flavorings or other unnecessary ingredients means that you will not get the ‘sickly’ aftertaste that some CBD oils can produce. It also means that all Love CBD products are vegan-friendly and entirely lactose-free.

The company favors a spray delivery system for its CBD oils, as sprays are easier to use and less messy compared with dropper bottles. By using the spray under your tongue, the CBD has a chance to enter your bloodstream without passing through the digestive system — meaning quicker results. (If you would prefer your CBD oil to be supplied with a dropper, you can request this in the ‘Order Notes’ box on the checkout page).

Without further ado, let’s take a look at this Love CBD review and check out their range of products for sale in the UK, including things like size, potency, flavours, and price.

Love CBD UK Review: Current Product Range

We reviewed some of Love CBD’s most popular products. Here’s what we thought:

Love CBD Entourage Oil


One of Love CBD’s most popular products is its Entourage Oil. This oil is made from a unique blend of carefully selected, legal strains of cannabis grown in a variety of climates around Europe. This means that the oil contains a wide array of cannabinoids and terpenes in order to maximize the “entourage effect.”

The entourage effect describes the combined power of all of cannabis’ active compounds, which is far greater than that of CBD alone. Love CBD has spent two years perfecting this blend, and lab results show that it contains a complete range of cannabinoids including:

It also contains terpenes such as:

Terpenes are aromatic compounds that contribute to the entourage effect while giving the oil its subtle, peppery flavor.

During our Love CBD review, we were astonished to find out that their products are made up of just two ingredients: cannabis extract and olive oil.

This means no additives, no nasty chemicals, and no artificial flavorings are included in Love CBD UK products.

The recommended dosage is one spray under the tongue daily, preferably with food. Also, it’s worth pointing out that Love CBD Entourage Oil comes in three different strengths, all of which are available in 20ml spray bottles. The lowest strength oil also comes in a smaller 10ml size:

  • 400mg 10ml bottle/6.4mg CBD per spray | £25.99
  • 800mg 20ml bottle/6.4mg CBD per spray | £48.99
  • 1400mg 20ml bottle/11.2mg CBD per spray | £79.99
  • 2000mg 20ml bottle/16mg per spray |£99.99

Love CBD Entourage Capsules

Like the Entourage Oil, these CBD capsules use cannabis extract from a blend of strains to maximize the entourage effect. The capsules contain just two ingredients, cannabis extract and coconut oil, contained in a size 2 HPMC vegetable capsule. These capsules do not contain gelatin, and are suitable for vegetarians and vegans alike.

The recommended starting dosage for Love CBD capsules is one capsule daily, which you can to a maximum of two capsules, three times daily, if necessary.

Love CBD Entourage Capsules come in packs of 60, and are available in two strengths:

  • 300mg per pack/10mg CBD + CBDa per capsule | £18.99
  • 600mg per pack/10mg CBD + CBDa per capsule | £34.99

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil is extracted from the highest quality cannabis grown in the Netherlands. The product is 100% natural, containing just cannabis extract and olive oil. The recommended dosage is 1–2 sprays under the tongue daily, preferably with food.

Love CBD Dutch CBD Oil is available in three different strengths, all of which come in easy-to-use 20ml spray bottles:

  • 150mg per bottle/1.2mg CBD per spray | £9.99
  • 300mg per bottle/2.4mg CBD per spray | £18.99
  • 500mg per bottle/4mg CBD per spray | £28.99

Love CBD Dutch CBD Capsules

Like the Dutch CBD oil, these capsules contain extracts from the finest quality cannabis plants farmed in the Netherlands. They contain cannabis extract and coconut oil, enclosed in a size 2 HPMC vegetable capsule. The capsules do not contain gelatin and are vegetarian and vegan-friendly.

The recommended starting dosage is one capsule daily, which can be slowly increased to three capsules, three times a day if required.

Product details:

  • 150mg per pack/5mg CBD per capsule | £9.99 (30 capsules per pack)
  • 150mg per pack/5mg CBD per capsule | £18.99 (60 capsules per pack)

love cbd uk

Love CBD Gold Spray

Love CBD Gold Spray contains two ingredients, hemp extract and MCT oil (extracted from coconut oil). MCT is considered one of the best mediums for absorbing cannabinoids as well as having a light, subtle flavor. The difference between this and the other Love CBD oils is that it is THC-free.

The product is available in three different strengths, packaged in a 20ml spray bottle [each bottle contains roughly 120 sprays]:

  • 250mg per bottle/2mg CBD per spray | £17.99
  • 500mg per bottle/4mg CBD per spray | £29.99
  • 1000mg per bottle/8mg CBD per spray | £49.99

Love CBD Balm

Love CBD UK balm is a multi-purpose skin balm containing pure cannabis extract combined with natural, skin-nourishing ingredients like coconut oil, shea butter, cacao, grape seed oil, rosemary, vanilla, and beta-caryophyllene. The balm can be applied liberally to the skin as and when required.

Love CBD Balm comes in three handy sizes:

  • 10g/100mg CBD + CBDa per jar | £13.99
  • 30g/300mg CBD + CBDa per jar | £22.99
  • 100g/1000mg CBD + CBDa per jar | £59.99

Love CBD E-Liquid

Love CBD E-Liquid is a blend of CBD and terpenes in an e-liquid base, suitable for use in vaporizers. There are two different products, Love CBD E-Liquid Sativa, and Love CBD E-Liquid Indica. These two strains of cannabis are known for their different effects, with sativa being the more “uplifting” of the two and indica being the more relaxing.

Both products come in 10ml bottles that contain 250mg of CBD for a retail price of £19.99.

Love CBD Product Review

All in all, Love CBD UK provides fantastic customer service and the products are delivered fast. Their wide range of CBD products may work well to relieve pain and other symptoms.  However, as with all CBD products, it can take a bit of experimentation to find the right dose for you — which can become expensive fast.

Too low of a dose and the effects will be limited, but too high and you could experience issues such as headaches, drowsiness, or digestive issues. The only other downside is the taste, which some people could find unpalatable. On the whole, this is a great, affordable company that offers high-quality, natural CBD products for sale in the UK.

Where to Buy Love CBD Products

Love CBD UK products are easily available directly from their official website. The company offers free second class delivery within the UK, which can be upgraded to first class for £3.00. They also deliver to Europe for the cost of £8.00, with the exclusions of Norway and Iceland.

When you buy Love CBD products, you collect points each time you place an order. These can be redeemed later for big discounts on future orders.

Love CBD Review: Final Thoughts

All things considered, Love CBD provides high-quality, all-natural CBD products to customers in the UK and Europe. Their products may not exactly be the cheapest on the market, but they are quite reasonable when compared to some other CBD brands.

Their cannabidiol product range includes preparations of different strengths and delivery methods, including CBD sprays, capsules, balms, and e-liquids for vaping. This selection means that it should be easy to find the right Love CBD for your individual needs.

CBD oil is considered a food supplement in the UK, and is not designed to treat any specific medical condition. You should consult your physician before deciding to use any of these CBD products, especially if you suffer from chronic health issues, take any prescribed or over-the-counter medication, or are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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