The 5 Best CBD Pre-Rolls Reviewed

There are lots of ways to use CBD these days – including smoking authentic, organic hemp flower. In this article, our expert review team highlights what we feel are the best hemp CBD pre-rolls currently on the market.

In the most basic sense, hemp joints allow you to achieve the cannabis smoking experience, without getting high. They’re quickly becoming a popular method of consuming CBD, so read on to discover what we feel are the purest, most authentic options available.


  • Inhaled CBD can be faster-acting and may offer increased bioavailability compared to other methods
  • They’re easy to use, since all you need to do is light the pre-roll and inhale.
  • You can carry pre-rolls on the go (most come in single packs)
  • CBD pre-rolls contain a potent amount of CBD for a relatively low price
  • Hemp CBD pre-rolls offer an authentic cannabis smoking experience, without the high
  • Each pre-roll is accurately measured with a specific milligram amount of cannabidiol
  • Regardless of the lack of tobacco, inhaling burned plant material and paper is not the best for your lungs
  • Since they smell like regular cannabis/marijuana, smoking pre-rolls may be risky in states where cannabis is still illegal
  • Accessing lab reports for pre-rolls can be trickier than with other products


Don’t feel like reading the entire review? We don’t blame you. For our editor’s top pick of 2021 for the best CBD pre-rolls, the review team almost unanimously went with the organic hemp range from Premium Jane. These pre-rolls are potent, USA-made, and most importantly, they offer excellent calming and relaxation effects.

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What Are CBD Pre-Rolls?

Hemp pre-rolls are basically joints that contain ground-up hemp flower. It’s possible to buy your own hemp CBD flower, grind it up yourself, and roll it. However, CBD pre-rolled joints offer convenience because they’re ready to go – all the work has been done for you. And since they’re made using hemp flower, they’re available for online ordering in all 50 U.S. states.

Simply defined, CBD pre-rolls are joints rolled with hemp flower. Unlike “traditional” joints, they don’t get you high.

(In this review, we focus on brands that sell CBD pre-rolls containing less than 0.3% THC).

CBD Pre-Rolls Review

Below, we review five CBD pre-roll brands and rank them according to categories:

  • Best overall quality
  • Best organic hemp quality
  • Highest potency
  • Best taste
  • Best price

Our CBD joints review will focus on brands that provide lab reports and sell pre-rolls with less than 0.3% THC. Continue reading below to discover which brands you should be checking out next time you shop for CBD pre-rolls.

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Overall Pick for the Best CBD Pre-Rolls

Premium Jane is a brand that’s dedicated to being eco-friendly, which we love. Perhaps more importantly, their quality is undeniable. They have a stunning lineup of products that cater to a big audience, and their recently introduced range of Hemp CBD Pre-Rolls come in two authentic flavors: Cherry Limeade and Midwest Jupiter.

These pre-rolls are, in our opinion, by far the best quality on the market right now. They come in packs of three, with each individual pre-roll containing a potent 45mg of authentic CBD from organically-grown hemp flower. The Cherry Limeade pre-rolls are quite frankly delicious and are something that everyone should try at least once.


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Best Pick for Quality Hemp Flower

Tillmans Tranquils is a brand that’s known for offering unique CBD products, so it’s not surprising that they’ve decided to delve into hemp flower. The website features a list of available hemp strains, with new ones coming in all the time; keep your eyes peeled to see what’s going on.

The Tillmans Tranquils CBD pre-rolls garnered our pick for the highest-quality hemp flower, and if you try them out, it’s easy to see why. The plant material is non-GMO, and is some of the finest smokable hemp around. Each pre-roll comes in a tube to preserve freshness, and authentic RAW cones are used for the rolling paper (which is completely organic).

These joints contain about 20% CBD, depending on the strain. The Casino Cookies strain, for example, packs 190mg of CBD per 1g (the full pre-roll), which is quite a bit of CBD for what you pay!

Other strains include Honolulu Haze, Micropine Haze, Sour Space Candy, and Sunshine Haze. You can purchase each one separately, or you can buy multi-packs.



Best High-Potency CBD Pre-Rolls

Premium Jane was the winner again here for the “Most Potent” category. This is a brand that specializes specifically in high-grade, CBD-rich genetic hemp.

To achieve its mission of providing some of the most potent hemp flower around, Premium Jane works closely with certified U.S. growers to obtain genetic strains that are rich in phytocannabinoid content. Each plant is individually trimmed and cured, which helps to preserve the structure of the flower(s) and maximize potency. Premium Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls are crafted with exquisite attention to detail. They’re also made from potent, genetically-selected hemp CBD flower.

We also like that Premium Jane CBD pre-rolls come in attractive, eco-friendly packaging. They also offer different flavor profiles, including Midwest Jupiter and our personal favorite – Cherry Limeade. These also come with lab reports that verify phytochemical content.


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Best Tasting CBD Pre-Rolls

If you’re looking for some of the best-tasting CBD pre-rolls available, Secret Nature is probably your best bet. This brand has a plethora of positive reviews from satisfied customers, and it’s easy to see why.

Secret Nature CBD pre-rolls come from the brand’s indoor-grown cannabis. They grow hemp using organic methods, which include the use of a hermetically-sealed environment and indoor climate control. With such carefully regulated conditions, the hemp is pure and high-quality.

Secret Nature also harvests in low-light conditions to maintain the delicate terpenes and cannabinoid content of their hemp. They also have a combined 20 years of experience, which counts for a lot in this industry.

Available strains include Secret Dream, Dough Boy, Papaya Nights, and many more. Boxes of 7 joints cost $40. The packaging is professional and has a high-quality feel, so it’s no wonder these are so popular. The boxes also have a smell-proof, airtight seal.


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Lowest-Priced CBD Pre-Rolls

Surprise, surprise. Premium Jane takes the honors again here for the lowest-priced CBD pre-rolls on the market. This is a company that pays a lot of attention to detail, and few would deny that they use some of the finest quality organic hemp on the market to make their pre-rolls. If you’re looking for the purest, smoothest hemp flavor and an authentic cannabis smoking experience at the best value, you will not find a better option on the market than the Premium Jane Hemp Pre-Rolls lineup.

The company also features information on overall cannabinoid content, which is important for transparency. All in all, this is hand-crafted hemp at its best; all the buds are hand-trimmed, which is the only way possible to maintain an authentic hemp taste in pre-rolls of this quality. At just $18 for a 3-pack, you will not find a better option for less.


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CBD Pre-Rolls Benefits

In case you were wondering, the benefits of CBD joints are immense. At the end of the day, they have a similar list of potential benefits as many other methods of consuming CBD.

In general, people take CBD daily as a wellness supplement, in a similar way to taking multivitamins. It works by interacting with the endocannabinoid system (ECS), a system that exists throughout the human body and is tasked with maintaining homeostasis.

The ECS has a broad range of functions, and thus CBD can have an extensive array of effects. Primarily, people use CBD for the following reasons:

  • Mood: According to studies such as this 2020 paper published by Wright et al., CBD can have calming effects. This is one area of CBD research where human trials have taken place, meaning we know more about CBD’s effects on anxiety than we do other issues. The authors of the paper note that preliminary evidence suggests CBD has anxiolytic effects. In other words, it may calm you down and help you to de-stress.
  • Sleep: Anecdotally, better sleep is one of the key effects of CBD. Another 2020 study, this time by Kesner & Lovinger, notes that cannabinoids can have hypnotic and sleep-inducing effects. Admittedly, more human research must be done in this arena, but many CBD users will tell you that they swear by pre-bedtime CBD sleep aids.
  • Pain: Much of the research on CBD and pain has focused on animal models, leaving much to be desired. However, animal studies have shown promising results. Some athletes, particularly in the UFC, have argued that CBD has helped their pain when applied topically. It’s certainly an interesting area of research.

All in all, CBD is best used for general health and wellness. Whether you take it every day or every other day, it could support your overall wellbeing. CBD pre-rolls are just one of the ways to use cannabidiol daily, but for some people, it’s the best option.

CBD pre-rolled joints could be for you if you are or have been a smoker, if you enjoy the taste of cannabis, or if you are looking for a more impactful way of inhaling cannabinoids compared to vaping. In fact, inhaled CBD may be more bioavailable and act faster than other methods of consuming CBD, which is just one reason why vapes and pre-rolls are so popular.

Bottom Line on the Best CBD Pre-Rolls

If you’re someone who loves smoking, then CBD hemp pre-rolls could be the ideal product for you. They offer a convenient solution while on the go. After all, all you need to do is take out your hemp joint, light it, and smoke away! They’re basically a legal alternative to marijuana joints.

That said, you may need to be careful when using CBD joints. Since marijuana is not legal in all 50 states, you may end up in trouble by accident for smoking a hemp joint if it is mistaken for weed. This is also why it’s vital to buy from a reputable brand that uses testable, traceable hemp.

All five brands featured in this list stock high-quality hemp pre-rolls with less than 0.3% THC. Furthermore, most of them come in delicious flavors that offer the tasty terpenes of various hemp strains. If you’re looking for the absolute best in terms of overall quality, however, there really is no other option – in our opinion – than Premium Jane.


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