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In an industry that offers little in terms of regulatory oversight and quality standards, it is imperative to implement supplementary strategies in order to earn the trust of a readership. While the internet offers countless informational resources on CBD, hemp, cannabis, and so on, it is often difficult for readers to gauge and objectify the authenticity of said information.

This is why, at WayofLeaf, we remain thoroughly dedicated to the delivery of reliable, well-researched, accurate information. This level of integrity is evident across all content that we publish, including how we select our partners and how we review various products and services.

No Claims, No Biases, Just Facts

One of the ongoing goals here at WayofLeaf – particularly with content relating to brand and product reviews – is to offer unbiased, research-backed information. We pledge to never make claims or suggest that something is a fact without the evidence to back it up. This means executing detailed research into various medical studies relating to hemp, cannabis, and/or specific products. Much of our content is reviewed by licensed physicians, and/or experts that boast quantifiable experience in a specific field.

Also, the topics we choose to cover represent what we believe matters most to our readers. Whether we’re discussing cannabis strain information, contemporary medical marijuana research, or product reviews, the underlying goal of the WayofLeaf team is to inform – not to influence.

While our team believes that hemp, cannabis, and cannabinoids have many uses, they do not shirk from their responsibility of providing readers with the full picture. This means outlining any and all risks and side effects that may be associated with using cannabis-based products.

We also do everything in our power to keep up with the ever-changing legal landscape of the hemp and cannabis industries. This involves continuous updates to video and article content, as well as working closely with a team of legal experts who are able to advise on shifting legislation when and where applicable.

The Product Selection Process

A major objective amongst the WayofLeaf team is to deliver quality, unbiased information and reviews on popular cannabis and CBD products. The cannabis industry (including CBD) is ever growing, and this means an increasing number of products that are available to global consumers. Like any industry, these products can – and do – vary tremendously in quality. It is our goal to offer objective, unbiased information based on research and firsthand product experience.

For every product and brand that we review, our aim is to provide an objective list of pros and cons that helps the reader weigh out all considerations evenly. Our team does the research for you, and supplies you with the information you need to make a quality, well-informed buying decision.

That being said, we do have affiliate partners, and we may receive commission on certain products when a reader navigates from a WayofLeaf article to an e-commerce site and makes a purchase within a specified range of time.

Our Rigorous Testing Process

Above all else, WayofLeaf aims to provide readers with trust and transparency in an industry that, in many ways, remains opaque. Our rigorous testing process involves key considerations relating to product use, quality, price, and overall effectiveness. Some of these considerations include:

  • Testing products firsthand
  • Collecting data on product quality and efficacy
  • Reviewing available reports published by the Better Business Bureau (BBB), Trustpilot, etc
  • Analyzing customer reviews across a variety of third-party platforms
  • Comparing similar products across a range of use-specific categories
  • Analyzing third-party lab reports and Certificates of Analysis (COAs)
  • Speaking directly with employees/members of a specific brand

Why Readers Can (And Should) Trust The WayofLeaf Process

WayofLeaf operates a stringent advertising policy, meaning partners and/or affiliates do not influence the opinions and suggestions that are contained in article content and/or article reviews. Our team remains dedicated to a singular goal, and that goal is providing readers with informative, accurate, honest information.

When it comes to making an informed, well-educated buying decision on cannabis or CBD products, our team is here to help by offering expert-backed information you can trust. If you have any additional questions or inquiries on how we review products, feel free to get in touch with us directly by visiting our Contact Us page.

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