Premium Jane CBD Review – The Comprehensive 2024 Guide

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Premium Jane: Brand Snapshot
WayofLeaf Rating:95%
Headquartered in Scottsdale, Arizona, Premium Jane has risen to the top of the CBD industry. It uses high-quality hemp for everything it sells and has updated lab reports to prove it. The brand utilizes state-of-the-art technology to extract cannabinoids from the hemp plant and ensures the final products are clean and pure. Keep reading to learn more about the Premium Jane range and whether you should spend money on this brand.
  • Complete transparency in everything it does, from product ingredients to hemp source
  • Featured in a variety of top-rated lifestyle publications
  • Extremely detailed lab reports
  • Free shipping throughout the United States
  • 4.4-star TrustPilot rating from over 1,600 reviews
  • Products are relatively expensive, though proponents suggest you get value for money
  • Doesn't sell vape products
Lab test results
Online reviews

$ - Inexpensive

$$ - Average

$$$ - Moderately Expensive

$$$$ - Very Expensive

$$ - $$$$


Who Is Premium Jane?

Founded in 2018 by Jeff Yauck, Premium Jane is based in Scottsdale, Arizona. Jeff’s vision was to create a brand that offered nothing but high-quality products in what was, and still is, a poorly regulated industry. Rather than cater to occasional users who jumped on the CBD hype train, Premium Jane is all about serious, long-term users of the cannabinoid who genuinely believe in its potential.

The brand has been featured in numerous top publications over the last few years, including Forbes, The New Yorker, and Healthline. However, Jeff is adamant that Premium Jane is more concerned about getting positive customer feedback than attaining fame. As you’ll discover later, the brand easily achieves that particular goal.

We spoke directly to Jeff, and it was quickly apparent that Premium Jane is NOT a brand looking to make a fast buck. There’s a genuine desire to serve as an antidote to the litany of low-grade CBD products on the market. The use of the word “Premium” in the company’s name is no accident. It is part of its pledge to ensure customers always receive the best possible products AND service.

Premium Jane’s Overall Score

WayofLeaf’s Online Review Rating
WayofLeaf’s Reliability Factor
WayofLeaf’s Lab Report Verification
Product Potency Factor
Price Range$$ – $$$$
Locally grown / sourcedYes (Oregon, USA)
Current promotions/coupons
Free Shipping:
Types of products offeredOils, Gummies, Capsules, Topicals, Pets, Delta 8, THC-O, Delta 9

WayofLeaf’s Top 3 Favorite Premium Jane Products

Premium Jane has a long list of great products. However, for the sake of brevity, we elected to reduce the number of items we directly reviewed to three.

1 – Premium Jane CBD Gummies Review (1500mg Sleep Aid)

WayofLeaf product rating:92%
Lab Results
Duration of effects
Current price
$ 90.00

When it comes to the Premium Jane CBD gummies range, the brand keeps things simple. The 750mg option is only available in mixed fruit flavor and is suitable for vegans.

You can buy the 1500mg option (60 x 25mg gummies) in three flavors. The Mango Berry product is designed to be a sleep aid and contains melatonin, GABA, and chamomile. At 25mg of CBD apiece, these gummies contain an industry-standard amount of the cannabinoid.

There are no concerns about getting the right amount of CBD from these gummies. A recent COA showed that Premium Jane gummies (strawberry flavor) contained 26.8mg of cannabidiol.

Our tester also acknowledged that Mango Berry gummies provided a relaxing sensation within 60 minutes of consumption. He said they enabled him to become calm enough to sleep and reported a high quality of rest. Moreover, he admitted that limiting himself to a single gummy was exceedingly difficult due to the gorgeous flavor. However, as Premium Jane readily admits, its products aren’t cheap, so you must resist the urge!

What We Loved About This Product:
  • Refreshing fruity flavor with the right level of sweetness
  • The addition of melatonin helps you relax and get ready to sleep
  • The fact there are 60 gummies in the bottle instead of the usual 30
What We Didn’t Love:
  • It would be nice to have a full-spectrum option
Mg CBD:1500Mg
Mg THC:0Mg
Extract typeBroad-spectrum
Product Price$90 ($0.06 / mg)
Type of lab reportCOA (DB Labs / Confident Cannabis) (Batch # 210227PJS)
Best used for?Sleep, stress/anxiety
Product sourceHemp (Oregon, USA)
Terpenes/aromaCitrus, floral
TasteSweet, fruity, berry
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2 – Premium Jane 5000mg Broad-Spectrum CBD Oil

Wayofleaf Product Rating:93%
General wellness
Lab Results
Duration of effects
Current price
$ 275.00

Brands tend to live and die based on the quality of their CBD oils. Therefore, it’s no surprise that Premium Jane put a lot of effort into its range. There should be something for everyone with five CBD concentrations and six flavors. The Lemon Lime and Peach Nectar options are only available in 3000mg and 5000mg sizes, though.

The 300mg bottle is a nice starting point and provides 7.5mg per serving. Those looking for a large CBD dosage will be delighted to know that the 5000mg container offers an impressive 62.5mg of the cannabinoid per serving (half a 1.5ml dropper).

Many brands claim you get a huge degree of CBD in their most expensive products, so does Premium Jane deliver? Yes! A recent COA shows that the 5000mg Peach Nectar oil contains an incredible 5594mg of CBD and 456mg of CBG per container.

The team member who tested this product elected to try the 5000mg Peach Nectar Premium Jane CBD oil. She expected it to have a sickly-sweet taste but was pleasantly surprised by the refreshing flavor. With a knee pain that bothers her in the morning, taking half a dropper of CBD seemed the most logical choice. After a few days, she reported a noticeable reduction in pain, allowing her to be more active early in the morning.

What We Loved About This Product:
  • Huge CBD concentration of 83.33mg per ml
  • Outstanding value for money
  • Pleasant tasting
What We Didn’t Love:
  • The lack of a full-spectrum option in the 3000mg and 5000mg concentrations
Mg CBD:5000mg
Mg THC:0mg
Extract typeBroad-Spectrum
Price$275 ($0.06 / mg)
Type of lab reportCOA (DB Labs / Confident Cannabis) (Batch # PJPN50000004)
Best used for?All-around use / general wellness
Product sourceHemp (Oregon, USA)
Terpenes/aromaCitrus, floral, fruity
TasteSweet, tropical, fruity
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3 – Premium Jane 1500mg Pain Relief Salve w/CBG

Wayofleaf Product Rating:92%
Pain relief
Muscle/joint soreness
Lab Results
Duration of effects
Current price
$ 125.00

There are many CBD consumption methods, with topicals becoming extremely popular recently. However, Premium Jane has resisted the temptation to create a detailed range, instead focusing on quality over quantity, and it has undoubtedly succeeded.

The 750mg Eucalyptus CBD Topical Salve also contains 225mg of CBG isolate. The 1500mg Cocoa Butter option has 450mg of CBG isolate. CBG is linked with analgesic benefits, and research suggests it could fight inflammation. Therefore, adding it to a CBD topical seems like a smart move on behalf of Premium Jane.

First, the scent from both salves is pleasant, with the Cocoa Butter product scoring top marks in this category. It genuinely smells good enough to eat! Both options contain eucalyptus oil, so you can feel the salve getting to work.

I massaged some into my shoulder several times a day and was delighted with the gradual reduction in pain. As these are salves, remember that the texture is a little thicker than a lotion, so you’ll have to apply a little pressure when rubbing it into your skin. The extra effort is worth it when you feel the relief later on.

What We Loved About This Product:
  • The gorgeous scent
  • Absorbs into the skin well despite having a moderately thick texture
  • The addition of CBG and eucalyptus oil gives the salve a little extra kick
What We Didn’t Love:
  • The lack of a smaller starter option
Mg CBD:1500Mg
Mg THC:44mg
Extract type:Full-Spectrum
Price:$125 ($0.08 / mg)
Type of lab reportCOA (DB Labs / Confident Cannabis) (Batch # SLV0322-03)
Best used for?Muscle soreness, pain
Product sourceHemp (Oregon, USA)
Buy with Special Offer and Save 20%
20% coupon code: 20JANE

Premium Jane Q + A: What Our Readers Wanted to Know

When spending a decent sum of money on CBD products, it is important to know as much as possible about the brand. Below is what we learned after performing a deep dive into Premium Jane.

Where Does Premium Jane Get Its Hemp From?

Premium Jane gets its products from hemp cultivated in Oregon, a state known for producing among the best quality hemp in the United States. Its products are formulated in a state-of-the-art facility in Michigan. For security reasons, Jeff was understandably unable to divulge the exact location of these facilities.

What Extraction Methods Does Premium Jane Use?

A significant number of brands continue to utilize ethanol extraction. As long as the process involves food-grade ethanol and the solvent is dissolved, this usually isn’t a problem. However, there is always a danger of residual solvent remaining in your product.

You have no such concerns when it comes to Premium Jane’s products. The brand uses CO2 as the “solvent,” which is eliminated after extraction. Moreover, the company utilizes a supercritical closed-loop system, producing an extract rich in cannabinoids and free from impurities.

Where Does Premium Jane Lab Test Its Products?

Premium Jane uses the services of DB Labs, a reputable company based in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 2014, it was the first cannabis lab certified to open for cannabis testing in Nevada. It specializes in organic, inorganic, and microbiological analyses. It tests the plant matter of its clients for over 60 contaminants, so you can rest assured that no low-quality or harmful extracts get past the rigorous testing of DB Labs.

What Does Premium Jane Test For?

Third-party lab reports are an essential consideration when buying CBD products. It is a serious concern if a brand doesn’t provide them or makes them hard to view. Furthermore, the certificates of analysis (COAs) provided by the third-party lab must be up to date. Finally, the lab in question should have a good reputation.

We’ve already established that DB Labs are a widely respected laboratory. Premium Jane’s lab reports are highly detailed and test for the following:

  • Cannabinoids
  • Terpenes
  • Pesticides
  • Microbials
  • Mycotoxins
  • Heavy metals
  • Residual solvents

Premium Jane includes COAs for several batches of each product, and you can easily find them on each relevant product page. In many cases, the COAs are up to date; indeed, several are less than four months old. The brand takes its testing very seriously.

Is Premium Jane’s Official Website Up to Scratch?

At WayofLeaf, we firmly believe that the standard of a company’s website tells you a lot about its general quality. Premium Jane impresses in this department too. Indeed, the site’s ease of navigation is routinely mentioned in customer reviews.

The site has a nice, neat design, clean lines, and a modern look and feel. The various product categories are well spaced out, with plenty of information about each item. With every product, you can view information on the ingredients, customer reviews, shipping information, recommended use, and lab sheets. Most importantly, making a purchase is effortless, requiring nothing more than a few clicks.

Premium Jane has a dedicated blog with well-written, informative content about CBD. Apart from outlining the benefits of the cannabinoid, the blog also provides helpful tips on creating different recipes using cannabidiol. There are dozens of posts, and it is regularly updated.

Where Can You Purchase Premium Jane’s Products?

As we’ve already mentioned throughout this article, Premium Jane has one of the best online stores. That said, PremiumJane products can also be found in selected retail stores. That information is accessible on the Premium Jane website by using their store locator. Simply type in your Zip code and locate a store close to you. If you can’t find a store close to you, then their online store is your best bet. Products are shipped virtually instantly; in most cases, you’ll receive them within a few days.

What Do I Do If I Have Any Issues with My Products?

We mentioned at the beginning of the article that Premium Jane invests an enormous amount of resources into their customer support. Premium Jane has 24/7 automated customer support that will provide you with 90% of the answers to most of your questions. In addition, the company employs a team of live customer support representatives ready to take calls during working hours from Monday to Friday. Most issues are resolved instantly and those with less common questions are resolved up to 48 hours.

One thing we noticed about Premium Jane is that they believe in a “satisfied customer” policy. We’ve noticed in their testimonials that, on occasion, they will even give a full refund of the product while allowing the customer to keep it if the customer is not satisfied or an issue occurs. In a world where anything can happen, you’ll never get 100% customer satisfaction, but Premium Jane do their best to provide the best customer support possible.

What Are the Potential Risks & Side Effects?

With any natural or herbal product, there comes a risk. Remember that alternative products are not regulated by the FDA. Most reputable CBD brands ensure that their products meet a certain standard and all batches frequently undergo rigorous testing to ensure that the products and formulas are safe to consume and use. With that said, it is important to state that CBD products, including Premium Jane’s, should not be used with or considered a replacement for any other medications. It is always advisable to consult with your physician before consuming any dietary supplement product. At WayofLeaf, we believe that if you are not sure about a product or its side effects, then simply don’t use it, irrespective of its potential upside effects.


How to Choose the Right Premium Jane Product

Premium Jane carefully chooses the additional ingredients it adds and won’t include anything that doesn’t improve the quality of its products. CBD, of course, is associated with many health benefits.  Below, we outline the possible reasons someone might use CBD and the most suitable Premium Jane products in each case.

  • Pain relief: If you’re looking for a product from Premium Jane that will help with your pain, take a look at their topical CBD lotions and salves, which contain eucalyptus and cannabigerol (CBG), which is an analgesic cannabinoid. Often used as a natural cold remedy, eucalyptus oil can ease joint pain and even help soothe cold sores. This is why it is such a popular ingredient in many CBD brands’ pain relieving topical products.
  • Stress/anxiety relief: Stress and anxiety relief are easily the most common and popular uses for CBD. If you’re looking to calm down and help ease your daily stress, check out Premium Jane’s extensive range of full and broad-spectrum CBD oils.
  • Improved sleep: The best choice here is Premium Jane’s Mango Berry CBD Gummies, which contain melatonin. Known as the “sleep hormone,” melatonin can help manage your sleep pattern. There’s also evidence that it can reduce symptoms of seasonal depression and improve eye health.
  • Intoxicating effects: Similar to other leading brands on the market, Premium Jane has recently released a line of delta 8 and THC-O products, which produce a subtle high and mild intoxication. Definitely worth a try if you’re interested in cerebral effects but don’t have access to legal cannabis. Certainly, Premium Jane delta 8 reviews are positive.

What Do Other Customers Have To Say?

Apart from the high quality of the products, customers are impressed by the speed of delivery, the standard of the website, and the attentive customer service. Third-party Premium Jane reviews are typically generous in their praise, as you can see below.

Incidentally, on Trustpilot, the brand replies to 94% of negative reviews within two business days; which speaks volumes regarding its desire to provide great customer service. Here are a few customer reviews that reflect customer consensus regarding Premium Jane.

a day ago
I appreciate the company and quality of products…I did a lot of research before ordering. Happy they have oil for dogs offered in 500 mg. We use for our older dog to help manage hip pain. I use oil as well and love the citrus flavor.
a day ago
This is the greatest CBD and the price is awsome also if there’s ever any problem with the mail or receiving g item they take care of you and this product works so awsome THANKS Premiun Jane
a day ago
We’ve just started wandering through the world of THC-0 gummies and this is BY FAR the best of every brand we’ve tried so far.
a day ago
Prices are cheaper than my local vape store and there is more variety to choose from


Additional Premium Jane Products

In addition to the top products listed above, Premium Jane also sells additional hemp-derived products that serve a variety of other purposes:

Delta 8 / THC-O: These products represent an interesting new niche in the hemp/CBD market. Essentially, Premium Jane delta 8 and THC-O products are made from hemp but produce intoxicating effects (similar to marijuana). Since the products are made from hemp, however, which is a legal plant under the U.S. Farm Bill, they are available in most U.S. states.

Capsules: Capsules essentially serve the same purpose as CBD oils, but they’re pre-formulated and easier to dose and take daily. Their only downfall is that since they have to go through the digestive system (unlike CBD oils), they take longer to take effect and sometimes aren’t as potent.

Bath Bombs: These are essentially bath/hygiene products. They’re not super potent, but they are a cool way to boost relaxation and stress relief after a long day. Pour yourself a glass of wine, drop one of these in a hot bath, and you’ll be immensely relaxed in no time.

Pet Products: Premium Jane also offers a range of CBD pet products in addition to its extensive range of “human” products. Like its regular product range, the Premium Jane CBD pet lineup boasts excellent customer reviews across a variety of third-party websites and review platforms.

Premium Jane CBD Review: Final Summary

WayofLeaf’s Overall Value Rating
WayofLeaf’s Customer Service Rating
Ships outside the USA?
Available for online ordering?
Available in retail stores?
Military/veteran’s discount available?
Money back guarantee?Yes (30 days)
Shipping/returns policyPremium Jane accepts returns and refunds as long as a product is unused and the box is unopened. If you’ve used the product but are not satisfied with the effects, you can email Premium Jane customer service to ask about a refund.
Link to
Wrap-Up: Our Final Thoughts

Premium Jane has a wide range to suit the needs of most CBD customers. Apart from the superb standard of the products, Premium Jane also excels in the customer service category. Whether you want a quick answer to a basic query or a more detailed, hands-on service, this is one brand you can rely on.

One might argue that the products come with a “premium” cost, but as thousands of glowing customer reviews attest, Premium Jane gives you your money’s worth, and then some.

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