5 Cool Cannabis Strains for a Hell of a Party [TESTED]

What is the consensus best party starter? For many people, it is alcohol. It is easy to get your hands on, and relatively cheap. It also provides a little Dutch courage and helps you unwind. However, who wants that next day hangover? Speaking from experience, overdoing alcohol consumption results in an appalling next-day feeling. There are headaches, sickness, and a feeling that you have wasted a day.

What if there was another effective social lubricant? One that you can enjoy without succumbing to a killer hangover? An increasing number of people view marijuana as a prime intoxicant at parties. However, it is essential to choose the right strain. Get it wrong, and you’re the person falling asleep during conversations.

First of all, you can expect minimal mention of indica strains making these types of lists. Fortunately, we have a host of delicious sativa and hybrid buds to help get you in a party frame of mind. Feast your eyes on these delectable selections that will see you having the time of your life. Best of all, you can create memories you’ll remember the next day! Make sure you don’t overdo it, though!

#1 Jesus OG – The Party Animal Strain

Jesus OG is a sativa-dominant strain and a cross of Hell’s OG and Jack the Ripper. It has a distinctive taste that is both spicy and earthy. The result is a tingling sensation felt long after use! Similarly, the aroma is unlike anything else we have smelled before. It offers a chemical scent that reminds us of cleaning products.


With a THC content ranging from 17% to 25%, Jesus OG commands respect. It also has just 0.5% CBD, so don’t expect the cannabidiol to counteract the THC. If you are an experienced smoker, you will probably manage with this strain. Alas, we wouldn’t recommend passing it around to newbies at the party. It provides you with an extremely intense mental and physical high.

While it sounds quite unpleasant, Jesus OG is renowned for its super body high and head rush. Eventually, it subsides and makes way for a burst of energy, as well as a relaxed body and mind. You will feel the effects for hours, which means it is excellent for giving you staying power. Jesus OG also induces the munchies, so make sure you have ample snacks available.

#2 Chocolope – The Happy Guest Strain

chocolope marijuana strain (sativa)

Whether you are the host or an attendee, Chocolope is the ideal strain to get you into the party mindset. This strongly sativa-dominant strain is pretty potent, with 18-21% THC. It is a cross of Cannalope Haze sativa and Chocolate Thai sativa. DNA Genetics created this strain, which is a favorite amongst those seeking a morning pick-me-up.

Similar to Jesus OG, we don’t recommend that beginners try Chocolope. Even well-seasoned smokers should take caution here. Chocolope delivers an intense stoned feeling that is unpleasant if one is unprepared! On the plus side, it has a beautiful aroma with hints of coffee and chocolate.

Chocolope is perfect for pre-party anxiety and nerves. It is a mentally relaxing strain with a potent flavor and sweetness that makes it fantastic to smoke. You can expect a boost in confidence and mega euphoria. In the perfect doses, this will make you the happiest person at the party without a doubt!

#3 Sour Lemon OG – The Social Butterfly Strain

Sour Lemon OG is a fruity strain that will leave you feeling sociable without an excessive feeling of intoxication. It is a sativa-dominant hybrid that’s a cross of California Sour and Lemon OG. It is also world-famous for its fresh and fruity flavor that is unlike anything else we have tasted! Imagine all the characteristics of a sour apple with an aroma to match, and you have Sour Lemon OG.


With an average THC content of 15-17%, Sour Lemon OG won’t blast you into space. Perhaps this is why it is such a favored party strain.  It is ideal for social atmospheres, as you will probably feel relaxed and energized all at once. For a high that won’t see you passed out in a corner somewhere, we love this social butterfly strain!

Emerald Triangle Seeds bred Sour Lemon OG, and have created a marvelous option if you wish to chill out. If you feel tired, the initial cerebral buzz gives you a mini-boost. Soon, you will probably feel friendlier than usual, and perhaps enjoy a greater sense of clarity and focus.

#4 Durban Cookies – The High-Energy Strain

Durban Cookies is a wonderful all-rounder strain that provides you with an insatiable lust to party. It also helps you achieve a clear and chilled out mental state to see you through the night! This sativa-dominant hybrid is a cross between Durban Poison and OG Kush. Its THC content ranges from a reasonable 17% to an extremely potent 26%.

durban poison strain

Durban Cookies is especially useful if you are dragged along to a party you never wanted to attend. It will leave you uplifted and eager to meet new friends. You even find that you become the life and soul of the whole soiree!

DC isn’t the easiest strain to source, but it is well worth the extra effort. Not only does it provide a long-lasting effect, but it is also one of our favorite tastes. The warm vanilla and nutty undertone are exceptionally sweet and moreish! In our humble opinion, you are crazy if you don’t feel the love for Durban Cookies!

#5 Strawberry – The Third Wheel Strain

strawberry – the third wheel strain

We’ve all been there. You get invited to a party and end up being the third wheel and knowing nobody! The next time it happens, know that Strawberry is your ticket to a good time. With an easy-going high that is relaxing and joyful, you will make friends and influence people before you know it.

The origins of Strawberry are a mystery even to this day, with much speculation about its parentage. We are still in the dark when it comes to the exact background. It was probably bred in the Netherlands and has a THC content of between 15% and 18%. It seems to have a great balance between indica and sativa.

One thing that makes Strawberry stand out is its delectable aroma and taste. Think freshly picked strawberries and cream! The flavor and smell of each drag will overcome your senses with sweet and fruity bliss! Strawberry is a great strain to treat anxiety, and is ideal if you are a nervous partygoer! You will feel a new sense of confidence that will see you ditching your third wheel status in no time!

Final Thoughts on our Top Strains for a Killer Party

If you are naturally introverted, the large crowds of the social scene are potentially nightmarish. In this scenario, it is easy to fall for the foul temptress known as alcohol. One drink becomes eight, and soon, you are falling on the floor in a state of confusion. The following morning brings embarrassment and recriminations.

The above scenario is not conducive to a repeat performance! Marijuana is a viable party alternative. Once you find the right strain, it is all about using it in moderation. Try at least one of the strains we have listed above. Allow the herb to ease your anxiety and sensibly lower your inhibitions.

Let us know your favorite bud to let loose with!

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