Dr. Yolanda C. Holmes

Yolanda Holmes is a Board-Certified and fellowship trained dermatologist who currently serves as the Medical Director at Washington DC Dermatology. She has hands-on clinical experience in private practices, hospitals, and residential/long-term care environments.

Dr. Holmes received her medical degree from the Medical College of Pennsylvania and has been practicing for more than 20 years. She runs her own practice in Washington, D.C., where the focus is on working to ensure that all patients receive the most current dermatologic medical expertise.

Currently, Dr. Holmes works closely with the health and beauty industry and other health care providers and resources in the development of new medications, devices, and skin and health care products which are focused on the immediate needs and concerns of each of her patients.

Dr. Holmes is also a dedicated presenter who is accustomed to engaging both clinical and non-clinical audiences at conferences, professional associations, and other venues.

Dr. Holmes’ Experience

Dr. Holmes has been serving as Medical Director at Washington DC Dermatology since September 2002. Her focus is on Medical and Cosmetic Dermatology.

In addition, Dr. Holmes has been working as a Clinical Instructor at the George Washington University since 2015. She has also been running her own practice – Yoland C. Holmes, M.D since 2002. The practice specializes in acne, hair loss, dark spots, skin brightening, and rosacea.

On the company website, it’s stated that the practice offers the best in skin medical care for treating all complexions, cultures, and colors. There is a cosmetic and medical side to the practice. The medical side includes mole removal, treatment of skin cancer, warts, growths, eczema, psoriasis, foot care, excessive sweating, and lots more.

In terms of cosmetic services, you can find the following here: Chemical peels, hair removal, cellulite treatment, botox, body sculpting, complexion blending & texture, pore reduction, eye treatment, skin rejuvenation, vein treatment, and a lot more.

Dr. Holmes’ first notable experience in the industry was the role she held as a dermatologist at Skin Medicine U.S.A – where she worked between 2000 and 2002.

Dr. Holmes’ Education

Dr. Holmes has almost 20 years of experience in the industry.

She completed her undergraduate: BS in Human Development from Howard University and then went on to get her Doctor of Medicine (MD) from the Medical College of Pennsylvania, Philadelphia.

Her postgraduate education includes an Internal Medicine internship that she did at the Washington Hospital Center, as well as a research fellowship in dermatology that she completed at the Department of Dermatology, Howard University. In addition, she completed a postdoctoral fellowship at Georgetown University – through the Department of Biochemistry.

Dr. Holmes is a member of the American Academy of Dermatology (AAD) and is licensed to practice medicine by the federal government in Washington DC, as well as the State of Maryland.

Other Interests and Accomplishments

Dr. Holmes main interest and focus is on playing a significant part in the advancement of skincare for everyone.

She is also big on volunteer work and has served as a volunteer in the following capacities:

  • Former Mentor – Hoop Dreams, Washington, DC
  • Volunteer – Love and Peace Missionary Society
  • Volunteer – Metropolitan A. M. E. Washington, D.C.
  • Angel Tree Donor – Christ House / N Street Village
  • Mentor – Washington, DC Upward Bound Program
  • Mentor – Washington, DC Mentor in Medicine Program

She has also received a few rewards for clinical research. These include the first place award from the National Medical Association for both the John A. Kenney, MD Residents Research Symposium, National Medical Association Annual Meeting in Las Vegas and Chicago. She also received first place from the Roland Nickens Research Scientific Forum for an oral presentation and second place for poster presentation.

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