Sherbet Queen | Cannabis Strain Review

Sherbet Queen | Cannabis Strain Review

A brilliant strain for a variety of purposes, Sherbet Queen smells and tastes fantastic, and seems to be like 50 different great cannabis strains in one.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Guaiol, Humulene, Phellandrene
Cookies (Girl Scout Cookies)EarthyFloweryNuttySourSweet
Common Usage
AnxietyChronic painCrampingDepressionLack of appetiteMigrainesStress
Body high/numbingCalmingRelaxationSpacy/cerebralUplifting
Growing Info
A remarkably simple strain to grow yourself, the only downside it comes with is the fact that you won't get much yield at the end.

Most cannabis growers breed strains with a few key attributes that will sell their buds. Some strains are focused entirely on their unique or exciting flavor profile, while other strains are all about the specific effects.

However, some strains break this mold entirely; they seek to do it all at once and combine as many different flavors and effects as possible.

If there were any strain that perfectly exemplified this type of cannabis breeding, it would be the Sherbet Queen strain. Let’s investigate this incredibly well-designed cannabis strain and figure out if it deserves to be the queen.

What Is the Sherbet Queen Strain?

Sherbet Queen weed comes from everybody’s favorite cannabis growers, Royal Queen Seeds. Bred from an incredibly long line of delicious and potent strains, Sherbet Queen manages to bring together all the different tastes from its parents and combine them into something extraordinary.

While Sherbet Queen’s primary parents are the oddly named Pink Panties and Sunset Sherbet strains, this variety of cannabis has more in common with its ancestors than its direct parents.

Hailing from a long line of cannabis strains that starts with Girl Scout Cookies, this strain brings out a myriad of diverse and exciting flavor profiles.

From sweetness and sourness to intense, caramel nuttiness, this strain is a flavor explosion.

But don’t worry, because it isn’t just about taste – all the wonderful effects of its ancestor strains can be felt in the Sherbet Queen high as well.

After smoking some of this unusually potent strain, expect to find yourself quickly locked into a sudden state of utter immobility. The couch-lock with this strain is intense, almost overpoweringly so, and leaves your muscles practically useless.

However, it isn’t so strong as to induce feelings of panic, like so many other stronger indica-leaning strains can do. Instead, your mind will become settled and calm, but with an underlying sense of immediacy that makes you want to think about every element of your life. If you have ever experienced a quiet, reflective moment while staring at a beautiful vista, you might have some idea of how it will make you feel.

This is what makes Sherbet Queen a tremendous strain for afternoon use because taking it a bit earlier in the day allows you plenty of time to sit back and enjoy the high to its fullest.


As you approach the buds of this strain, the first thing you will smell is a sort of wafting, delicate woodiness. It isn’t definable. Instead, it is rather like the smell of a newly felled tree in a wild forest. There is plenty of woodiness, but also a great quantity of vibrant life. Green moss, sweet nectar from flowers, and a general sense of the vibrancy of life.

While it might seem difficult to imagine that a simple cannabis strain can induce such aromas, Sherbet Queen needs to be smelled to be believed. As you break the buds open, these aromas are even more noticeable, with strong hints of extra sweetness coming through as well.

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As you burn Sherbet Queen, the first flavor that you will notice is a deeply sweet, yet complicated flavor. That same woodiness in the aroma is there, but it takes a back seat to a primarily sweet and intricate flavor profile.

Just like its predecessor, Girl Scout Cookies, this strain offers up plenty of rich, toffee-like sweetness that has a complexity of its own.

However, there is also a good quantity of sourness, like sucking on a mild sour candy, to round out the flavor and bring it all together. This is the first evidence of Sherbet being a part of this strain’s growing history, and it quickly gets lost again as the smoke settles on your tongue, and you start to exhale.

There is a caramel nuttiness that never goes away, coating your mouth and leaving you partially salivating.


At first glance, Sherbet Queen’s buds might seem pretty ordinary in appearance. A rich green coating of leaves and a little bit of orange from the pistils; nothing much to speak about.

However, as you get closer and take your first little hit of the aroma, you will notice a profound beauty to its tight bud structure.

More of the orange pistils are clustered under the surface, needing only a slight touch to show themselves and make the bud pop out like a puffball.

Its appearance is very inviting and seems to make you want to take hold and grind it up immediately.

Sherbet Queen Strain Grow Info

The Sherbet Queen strain is not a common one for most growers, primarily because of its relatively light yield. While it is renowned for its potency and intense flavor, it sadly does not produce much harvestable bud.

However, one significant benefit of growing this strain is how little attention it needs, so you can probably consider that a fair trade-off. This makes it a good strain for amateurs looking for a hands-off strain, and for those who don’t mind only getting a small amount of usable bud at the end.


You won’t need to do much trimming, nor tethering to trellises. This strain grows strong and steady, plodding along peacefully without any intervention.

Sherbet Queen is resistant to diseases and mold and is more than capable of handling most growing temperatures – assuming you live in a relatively warm climate. The only thing that you might need to watch is the humidity, but that’s only if you are planning on growing it inside.

Make sure to get a dehumidifier to encourage healthier patterns, or you might find some slight signs of disease.

Picking up Sherbet Queen seeds is remarkably easy because Royal Queen Seeds regularly sells them. So, if you want to experience a strain that needs very little attention and smells wonderful, head there to pick some up.

THC Content – Highest Test

Sherbet Queen cannabis is primarily known for its potency, alongside its myriad different flavors. This potency comes from its frankly ridiculous quantity of THC, which exists thanks to the sheer amount of intense crossbreeding that was done to create this excellent strain.

This is why you can expect to find around 24% THC content in your Sherbet Queen bud, which is more than enough to induce every effect you could dream of.

CBD Content – Highest Test

When you get a strain with a huge THC quantity, it is sadly inevitable that you won’t really have any CBD whatsoever.

Consequently, Sherbet Queen has basically no CBD. Don’t worry, though – there are still plenty of useful medical benefits.

Medical Benefits of the Sherbet Queen Strain

Sherbet Queen has an almost unending series of effects, which results in a vast range of useful medical benefits.

The first thing you will find after smoking Sherbet Queen is that all of your stress will almost instantly dissipate. Any sensation or awareness of stress, anxiety, or even depression will fade away, to be replaced by a perfectly calm serenity that seems to go on and on.

The sheer quantity of THC within this strain enables it to vanquish any negativity and helps in removing feelings of pain. If you struggle with long-term pain, especially when it comes to things like headaches or migraines, this is the strain for you.

It almost forcibly ejects the pain from your body like a potent painkiller, leaving you feeling light and airy. Thanks to its long-lasting effects and its tendency to leave you in a relaxed state, this strain is excellent for taking after work in the afternoon.

You can sit back and allow this strain to work its magic, giving you a nice soothing afternoon that makes you forget all of your worries.

Possible Side Effects of the Sherbet Queen Strain

While many people sing Sherbet Queen’s praises, there are always going to be a few negatives with any potent cannabis strain.

For starters, both dry mouth and dry eyes will hit you pretty quickly, and many people report it being a continuous nuisance once the couch lock has begun. Make sure you stay hydrated to help combat both of these. Otherwise, you might find yourself struggling.

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The other side effects that people report with the Sherbet Queen strain are primarily to do with taking too much at once. When you get such a tasty and aromatic strain like Sherbet Queen, you might find yourself going overboard. After all, how can you have too much of a good thing?

Sadly, with strains like this, you absolutely can.

Smoking too much Sherbet Queen at once can induce feelings of paranoia, anxiety, or even sensations of time dilation and inadvertent panic. Make sure you are carefully modulating and controlling precisely how much you smoke.

Maybe only smoke this for the first time with someone who knows what they are doing. Also, be sure you don’t smoke too much by accident.

Final Thoughts on the Sherbet Queen Strain

Despite its potential for leaving you frightened and couch-locked far beyond your expectations, if you take the right amount, this is an incredible strain.

This strain is great just as a taste sample, boasting a wide variety of different flavors, effects, and aromas.

You can truly taste the history in this strain, leaving you feeling incredibly pleased with yourself that you bought such a delectable strain.

Keep this strain for afternoon use, when you want to relax and chill out, but don’t have anything especially important to do later. It won’t make you fall asleep, but it is a great way to help ease you into the arms of your pillow.

Or, just keep it around so you can occasionally sniff its wonderful aroma – that’s good too.

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