Which Scissors Are the Best for Trimming Marijuana?

Cannabis lovers in legal states often enjoy letting friends know when they get their hands on a bag of buds. However, unless you are a grower, it is difficult to appreciate the time and effort that goes into cultivating it.

There is so much involved in growing a delicious flower. A massive part of that process is maintaining and tending to your plant during its most vital stages. For instance, you have to trim away excess foliage for a variety of reasons.  Today, we focus on the best scissors to trim your herb. Here are the brands we look at:

  1. Fiskars Non-Stick Micro Pruning Snips
  2. Gonicc 8-inch Professional Titanium Pruning Shears
  3. Happy Hydro Non-Stick Scissors
  4. Grow1 Titanium Coated Curved Blade Trimming Scissors
  5. Hydrofarm Curved Blade Pruner

Why Do I Need to Trim My Marijuana Plant?

Seasoned cultivators know that the maintenance of any marijuana plant is vital. The process ensures it is safe to consume and of the highest quality possible.


It is essential to trim your marijuana plant to get the most out of the plant’s yield potential. Trimming also improves the end result. It could even help reduce the risk of mold and mildew growth. A failure to trim regularly also means you could miss infestations!

You need your whole plant to achieve the right degree of light exposure. Allowing it to grow out of control means light won’t reach all the branches and leaves. One rule of thumb says you should start trimming your plant once it starts to take on a bushy appearance. You must scrutinize your plant for milky trichomes, which often signify that it is time for a trim!

Trimming Cannabis 101

When your plant becomes bushier, it is best to remove the following parts:

  • Leaves that are dying due to a lack of light.
  • Branches low down on the plant that have little chance of getting sunlight.
  • Bud sites low down that don’t get much light.

As we said above, it is best to prune when your plants develop a bushy shape. Topping them at this point is advisable to promote further growth. It is best to refrain from trimming once your plants are four weeks into the flowering stage. Late pruning can result in your crop producing vegetative growth, which will reduce the quality and size of the final yield.

Later on, we analyze the best scissors for the job. First of all, however, here’s a quick guide to the trimming process:

  • Get rid of large branches first. This process gives you ample space to complete the more complex pruning. Branches on the bottom of the plant are a prime candidate as the first to go.
  • Remove branches growing into the middle of the plants beneath the canopy. They will receive minimal light and will not develop full-sized buds.
  • Finally, get rid of any small dying leaves or branches.
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Trimming correctly helps you control your crop and direct where your plants put their energy. It is also a fantastic opportunity to spend more time in your cannabis garden. The process should ensure you become more familiar with the marijuana plant in general.

Picking Your Tools of Choice!

Having the right tools in your arsenal goes a long way towards getting your plants ready for harvest time! Before you invest in your trimming scissors, take the following into account:

  • You will use your scissors for medium to long periods. Make sure they are comfortable and don’t cause your hand to cramp up.
  • Please note that blades come in a variety of shapes and sizes. They can be curved, straight, or non-stick, for example.
  • Experienced trimmers know that spring-loaded scissors are a lifesaver. They significantly reduce the level of cramping you experience in your hands.
  • Resin will accumulate on your scissors. This process diminishes performance and ensures the device requires regular cleaning. We advise you to purchase at least two pairs. It is also a good idea to buy scissors with a coating on their blades. You’ll find that they are easier to clean without alcohol.
  • If you plan to spend a reasonable amount of money, opt for scissors with proven durability.

Now that you have ample information on trimming let’s look at five of the best pairs for the job.

#1 Fiskars Non-Stick Micro Pruning Snips


  • Opens by itself after every cut
  • Hardened and precision-ground stainless steel blades
  • Extremely light – only weighs 2.5 pounds
  • Non-stick coating

Remember, you’ll spend a lot of time trimming and snipping, and this can take a toll on your hands. Therefore, comfort is an essential consideration. Enter the Fiskars Non-Stick Micro Pruning Snips. They are designed with a spongy, non-slip grip for comfort and a spring mechanism to allow for reduced fatigue when cutting.

These extremely precise scissors work effectively without clogging up with resin. The non-stick coating makes for light work and easy cleaning!


  • The scissors are comfortable and easy to handle
  • They trim to a high degree of precision
  • The return spring ensures your hands don’t feel cramped


  • With the Fiskars snips, you can only work on a single stalk at a time
  • Some users claim the spring comes out during use

#2 Gonicc 8-inch Professional Titanium Pruning Shears


  • Drop forged body and handles
  • Premium titanium steel blade
  • Sap groove design

Ideal for cutting away nuisance branches, these are excellent pruning shears for the earlier stages of your plant’s life. The ultra-sharp blades slice through small branches without any issue, making for fast and practical work. The ultra-fine polishing technology used on these blades offers durability. You shouldn’t need to replace your scissors for a long time.

The Gonicc pruning shears have PVC wrapped around the aluminum handles for comfort and less friction. This is excellent news when working for long periods, as it allows you to tackle even the biggest of jobs with ease!


  • These shears don’t gunk up for a long time
  • The non-slip handles are incredibly comfortable
  • They are ideal for cutting thick branches


  • Consumers claim the spring pops out occasionally
  • It seems to be designed for people with larger hands

#3 Happy Hydro Non-Stick Scissors


  • Titanium-coated blade
  • Low price tag
  • Simplistic design

When it comes to straight-blade scissors, these are among the best on the market! Coated with non-stick Teflon, the blades are long-lasting, easy to keep clean, and rust-free.

The Happy Hydro scissors boast thick handles with a supporting grip for comfort.

You can take these scissors to almost any part of your marijuana plant and find them useful. Designed for comfort, efficacy, and style, users are grateful to have these in their toolkit!


  • The blade lasts for a long time
  • Extremely comfortable to handle
  • Incredibly precise blade


  • The plastic handle isn’t exceptionally durable
  • You may find that the spring comes out during use

#4 Grow1 Titanium Coated Curved Blade Trimming Scissors


  • Made from a combination of titanium and stainless steel
  • It comes with a lock to keep the handle together when the scissors are not in use
  • Ergonomic handle and thick wrap

Every marijuana cultivator needs a pair of curved blade trimmers in their arsenal, and these are our favorites! These Grow1 scissors are designed with a clever combination of titanium and stainless steel.

The curved blade trimmers are your best friend when it comes to cutting marijuana. The sleek micro-blade makes short work of angled trimming. Also, the easy-lock handle design makes them easy to store and keep out of harm’s way.


  • Ideal for cutting at a curved angle
  • Portable and space-efficient
  • Spring mechanism for increased comfort


  • Not the best option for precision trimming
  • Tips of the shears don’t meet precisely

#5 Hydrofarm Curved Blade Pruner


  • Curved blade
  • Comfortable spring action
  • Ergonomic design

For those fine details and nitty-gritty work, the Hydrofarm curved blade pruners are ideal! Snip away at buds, small leaves, and branches with these sleek curved blades that make light work of those smaller areas.

They have razor-sharp blades made with surgical steel and spring-action handles for comfort and reduced cramping. These Hydrofarm scissors are perfect for doing the jobs that larger tools can’t!


  • It helps prevent hand cramping
  • The design of the blade is ideal for trimming buds
  • The spring action lasts for a long time


  • Gunks up rather quickly
  • Relatively expensive

Final Thoughts: Become a Master Cultivator and Trim Weed Like a Pro

Successfully growing cannabis takes more than the right attitude, patience, and know-how. It also requires a set of fantastic scissors so that you can take on every aspect of the plant with confidence.

The above are just five of several excellent options for trimming cannabis. We would love to hear from you if you have other suggestions or go-to favorites!

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