Grape Soda | Weed Strain Review

Grape Soda | Weed Strain Review

Who didn’t love grape soda growing up? Now you can reminisce about that sweet, purple goodness all you want, except in a more adult form: the Grape Soda cannabis strain. The Grape Soda strain is an utterly delicious strain, with notes of grape, citrus, and pine. It can help you to destress and relax and also offers a nice body high to top it all off.

Dominant Terpene:
Body high/numbing, Focus, Relaxation
Common Usage
AnxietyInflammationUpset stomach
Body high/numbingFocusRelaxation
Growing Info
Flowering period is approximately 50 days, can be grown both indoors and outdoors

The marijuana industry has exploded over the last few years, and as a result, there is an ever growing choice when it comes to strains. While the choice is always great, allowing you to find just the right strain for whatever you need, it can also feel daunting. You are often left wondering whether you are picking the highest quality strain that is going to give you the desired effects or whether you are simply being swept away by clever marketing. One thing to look out for is strains that have won awards and accolades; it is often a good indication not just of a strain’s popularity, but also that it has been tested and won the respect of industry experts.

Grape Soda has won a number of awards, helping it to stand out from the crowd, as an indica-dominant hybrid. Ever increasing in popularity, Grape Soda is loved by both recreational and medical users alike.

Let’s take a closer look this award-winning strain and why it is so popular.

What is the Grape Soda Cannabis Strain?

During 2017, Grape Soda won a number of awards. including Best Indica at the Hempcon Heart of Nature Festival 2017 and Connoisseurs Choice at the same festival; ever since then Grape Soda has continued to increase in popularity, especially among indica lovers who are looking for a hybrid that still manages to maintain a strong indica body high. Being a 70% indica / 30% sativa hybrid strain, the effects of Grape Soda are very much in line with what you would expect from an indica, with just a hint of a sativa mind high adding an uplifting mood boost.

Very little is known about the lineage of Grape Soda, a strain that was bred by Taste Budz. We know that Tahoe OG Kush was involved in the breeding process, but it remains a mystery as to the other strains that played a part in the creation of such a sugary, sweet strain. As Tahoe OG Kush is known for its deep, earthy, pine flavors, one thing is for sure that somewhere in Grape Soda’s lineage there is a strain with a strong grape flavor responsible for both the aroma and flavor profile that earned the strain its name.

Grape Soda is best enjoyed during the evening after a long day at work when you are looking to unwind and tuck your worries away in the back of your mind. Setting in slowly, the first things that you will notice after smoking Grape Soda is an increased sense of focus; this does not last long but is a great time to complete simple tasks that require your full attention. If the beginning stages of Grape Soda’s high are something you intend to take full advantage of, it is best to smoke during the early evening, giving you plenty of time to benefit from this deep level of focus while still having the whole evening ahead of you to zone out.

Over time, your mind gently slips from focus to relaxation, clearing away negative thoughts and worries from the day. Everything starts to feel slightly easier and less anxiety-inducing. You will find yourself wondering why you have spent all day stressing over trivial concerns that now, with a different mindset, barely even seem like problems. This stage of the high can be an ideal time to deal with these small issues, as the body high has not yet kicked in and your new calm outlook on the world allows you to deal with stressful situations calmly and rationally. Whether it be that phone call to family you have been putting off for days or fixing the broken lock on the bathroom door that has been driving you crazy for weeks, getting these small things out of the way while you are overcome with calm will allow you to truly enjoy the blissful body high that is still to come.

As the high develops, you will begin to feel a slight pressure around your eyes, spreading across your face. This is your time to settle in for the evening, grab a book or your favorite Netflix show, and get comfy. As the heaviness of the high works its way through your body, you are overcome with a feeling of relaxation both mentally and physically. With the uplifting effects from the sativa and the heavy body feeling from the indica, you are all set for a peaceful night in away from the worries of daily life. Unlike more traditional indicas that have an intense body high, Grape Soda will not leave you feeling totally couch locked.

What can you expect from Grape Soda in terms of aroma and flavor? Does it actually taste like your favorite childhood soda?


As its name would suggest, Grape Soda has a sweet, soda-like aroma that reminds you of walking into a candy store and being hit by the sudden sweetness that feels the air. Rolling a nug of Grape Soda in your hand, you start to notice the earthy undertones that come from its parent strain Tahoe OG Kush, giving it a more traditional skunk smell.

Grinding Grape Soda unleashes its full medley of aromas, with a pungent sweet citrus smell mixed with grape juice. Lingering in the background is the earthy scent of its parent.

When burned, the sweetness begins to mellow, and the natural earthiness starts to overpower the air with a surprising hint of spice that shocks you at first but quickly adds warmth to the atmosphere that feels rather fitting for an evening strain.

How does Grape Soda’s flavor profile compare to its aroma?


With just one short toke of Grape Soda, you instantly understand how this strain got its name. As the smooth smoke hits your taste buds, you are overcome with childhood memories of being given a can of grape soda as a treat after a long day at school. The cloying sweetness lingers in your mouth as the smoke travels down your throat filling you with a sense of warmth and familiar comfort. The strong grape flavor is accompanied by gentle citrus notes that add a burst of fizz, similar (unsurprisingly) to soda.

Upon exhale, the sugariness is combined with subtle notes of pine, creating an exciting sense of confusion in your mouth that leaves you wanting to take a further drag in an attempt to work out precisely what it is you are tasting.

What can you expect from Grape Soda in terms of appearance?


Grape Soda is a beautiful looking plant that you have to stop yourself from stroking as you would a cat. Covered in a thick layer of fine white hairs, Grape Soda has a distinct fluffy appearance that gives the deceiving impression that this is plant to handle with care, when in fact it is made up of dense, structurally sound buds that can handle being thrown around. Hidden under the beautiful white hairs are dark purple buds with scattered orange tufts that are reminiscent of grated carrot clumped together.

The fine white hairs go beyond the buds, covering the entire plant including the leaves. Looking beyond this fluffy layer, you notice the unique color blend of bright green mixed with a deep purple that makes these leaves stand out from the rest of the plant.

Let’s take a look at how you can grow your own fluffy Grape Soda plant at home.

Grape Soda Cannabis Strain Grow Info

Grape Soda is an easy to grow strain that requires very little maintenance, making it the perfect strain for beginners. Happy to be grown both indoors and outside in warmer climates, it is best to stick with indoor growing if you live in a colder country or somewhere that does not receive very much sunlight. You can expect your Grape Soda plant to grow to an average height, blending in well among other plants. The only thing to note is that, due to the plants distinct coloring, it does tend to stand out when planted among bushes and plants that are lacking in color and is something worth considering if you do not want to draw too much attention.

Grape Soda has a relatively fast growth time, with plants being ready to harvest as early as just 50 days. It offers a quick reward for minimal effort – another reason why it is often recommended for first-time growers.

Before you start growing your own Grape Soda plants at home, you might be wondering what level of THC and CBD you can expect.

THC Content – Highest Test

Grape Soda is not a strain that holds back, and this is due to its higher than average THC content, resulting in a strong mind high that quickly moves through various stages and develops into a heavy body high. The average level of THC that you can expect to find in Grape Soda is 20%, considerably higher than the average of 12% for hybrid strains.

How does its CBD content compare?

CBD Content – Highest Test

Given the high level of THC found in Grape Soda, it is unsurprising that this is a strain with an extremely low level of CBD, with just 0.4% CBD being found when tested.

CBD is the cannabinoid responsible for the majority of the medical benefits associated with Marijuana and so you might be wondering given the low level of CBD in Grape Soda is this a strain that can be used for medicinal purposes. Taste Budz, the breeder of Grape Soda, actually recommend their strain for a number of different medical reasons and the positive effects that it can have on your health. So, let’s take a closer look at what some of these medicinal benefits are.

Medical Benefits of the Grape Soda Cannabis Strain

Taste Budz initially marketed Grape Soda within the medicinal market as being the perfect strain for managing Depression. As a result of the uplifting mind high that quickly takes hold and the sense of clear-headedness that lasts throughout the entirety of the high, Grape Soda can help you to focus on the things that make you happy rather than feeling stuck in a never-ending cycle of negative thoughts.

When taken in larger doses during the evening, the heavy body high combined with the strain’s mental effects can make it easier to drift off into a peaceful sleep, free from constant worries that all too often prevent you from getting to sleep. For very similar reasons Grape Soda has also been recommended for people who suffer from anxiety; the strain’s mind-clearing effects help to make situations appear less stressful and much more manageable.

The medical benefits of Grape Soda are not limited to just the mental side of the high, with there being a number of physical health benefits. Grape Soda can help to reduce minor aches and pains, acting as a natural alternative to traditional over the counter painkillers. It has also been proven to alleviate muscle spasms and reduce inflammation that can, in turn, cause further pains.

Grape Soda has a number of dietary benefits that make it an ideal strain for people suffering from a loss of appetite or stomach related issues. Acting as an appetite enhancer, Grape Soda works to counter the negative effects of some medications that make the thought of a full meal almost unbearable. Grape Soda has also been shown to improve indigestion, helping to eliminate common annoyances such as bloating and a general feeling of uncomfortableness after meals, which can put you off eating.

As with most strains, there are unfortunately negative side effects that come with all of Grape Soda’s benefits, but what exactly can you expect in terms of the negatives?

Possible Side Effects of the Grape Soda Cannabis Strain

The negative side effects of Grape Soda tend to be on the milder side and have no long-lasting negative health effects. The two most common side effects are dry eyes and cottonmouth, both of which are not limited to Grape Soda and are often experienced with most strains. The good news is that neither last more than a few hours and due to the calm, clear-headed effects of the high, they will be barely noticeable.

Rarer effects that have been reported include dizziness and headaches, both tending to last for a few hours after the effects of the high have worn off. While headaches can be an annoying side effect, they have a less than 25% chance of occurring and these chances can be minimized by ensuring that you stay hydrated and avoid Grape Soda when you can already feel the early signs of a headache coming on.

For anyone who suffers from paranoia, it is worth noting that there have been reports of an increased feeling of paranoia after smoking Grape Soda. If this is something that you are concerned about it is recommended that you experiment with small doses in an environment that you feel safe in, and ideally with a close friend that you know you can trust.

Final Thoughts on Grape Soda Cannabis Strain

Grape Soda is a strain that will not disappoint. From its childish aroma that reminds you of after-school treats to its calming and almost euphoric high, Grape Soda is an experience that should not be missed.

Being a hybrid strain, Grape Soda has a little something for everyone, with a strong indica focus that results in a pleasant substantial body high while still managing to work in the mind focus of a sativa. Whether you are in search of a strain to clear your mind and help you get through challenging tasks or you are looking for a body high that allows you to enjoy a relaxing evening in without leaving you unable to lift your body off the sofa, Grape Soda might just be the perfect strain for you.

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