Carolina Hemp Company Review

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  • Product range is lab-tested
  • Each item comes from top-value hemp
  • Diverse price range
  • An array of products are available
  • Efficient U.S. shipping options


  • There are no refunds on items
  • There is no international shipping

Carolina Hemp Brand Review

Carolina Hemp Company is a premium seller of CBD-infused items. This North Carolina based operation is an all-in-one CBD retailer. Their collection of products run the gamut; from topicals to edibles, they have everything for the CBD enthusiast.

Their collection of products run the gamut; from topicals to edibles, they have everything for the CBD enthusiast.

And while some companies use cheap imported sources, Carolina Hemp Company selects premium, high-grade and local hemp. From seed to shelf, consumers can rely on a measure of transparency and trust not available from other CBD retailers. Their products undergo lab-testing, and the results are available via request.

What Products Did We Test?

Carolina Hemp Company has a variety of consumer products. These products include topicals, tinctures, hemp-infused foods, CBD concentrates, hemp-based drinks, and more. All of these items are well-categorized on their website, making them easy to find and purchase.

They also feature Carolina hemp flowers and an extensive array of vaping accessories. They also have a holistic approach to their products. You won’t just find tinctures and a few products here or there. Instead, they aim for lifestyle and balance, with even a clothing and apparel line consumers can buy. They also provide a diverse selection of capsules.

Carolina Hemp Company: Their Complete Product Line

Carolina Hemp Company specializes in quality CBD and customer choice. Their philosophy includes plant-based wellness that customers can integrate into every aspect of their lives. This includes easy to use products that won’t interrupt a busy routine. Consumers can choose what works for their unique needs and goals.

Many of the products on the website are simple to transport. Also, they offer various price points for many different budgets. Their price variability works to make their top-notch CBD accessible for a wide array of individuals. Some of their CBD products include:

CBD Tinctures

Tinctures are a mainstay of the CBD scene. They offer flexibility that consumers love. Carolina Hemp Company brings this versatility to its customers with its high-value CBD drops. Consumers can choose between several kinds, including:

  • Nourish (15 ml or 30ml/1% concentrate)
  • Support (30ml only/2% concentrate)
  • XO (30ml only/4% concentrate)
  • Pet (30 ml)
  • Equine (30ml)

Carolina Hemp has crafted each tincture to serve different wellness goals. Their Nourish brand contains a formulation that assists in promoting balance and releasing stress. Their Support tincture aids in the daily maintenance of the body and encourages optimal fitness.

They have crafted the XO line of drops with an extraordinary blend of compounds, allowing for a potent effect and multiple potential benefits. Their line of drops for Pets will enable owners to give their furry companions a dose of soothing and relaxing CBD. Equine friends aren’t excluded. The Equine formulation aids with stress and daily maintenance.

CBD Hemp Flower

Consumers that prefer to smoke their CBD can choose between several strains. Carolina Hemp has manufactured many of these strains for optimal taste and flavor and CBD rich content. Consumers can enjoy a variety of flavor sensations while getting a significant boost of CBD.

cbd hemp flower

The strains offered include:

These strains contain a wide range of cannabinoids that can assist with relaxation, stress, and overall wellness.

Edibles, Foods & Drinks

If you’re looking for an easy but delicious way to get your CBD, Carolina Hemp offers many varieties of infused edibles, foodstuffs, and drinks. This vast collection includes culinary delights that many CBD connoisseurs may love. These items include tasty chocolates, honey, and gummies.

Other foodstuffs and edibles can seamlessly blend into a hectic schedule. CBD lovers can consume their CBD with Carolina Hemp’s delicious honey, pasta, dressings, flax crackers, and more. Also, their wide variety of CBD rich drinks include refreshing coffees and teas, water, and energy drinks.


People don’t always like the taste of CBD tinctures. Instead, some prefer to get their CBD through capsules. Capsules can be a no-hassle way of procuring the best that hemp has to offer. Carolina Hemp provides consumers with an expansive collection of top-shelf capsules.

CBD users can take a capsule with water, juice, or any beverage of their choosing. Each bottle contains 1 or 4 ounces of capsules. Each serving also has 8mg of premium CBD. Consumers can purchase the following varieties:

  • Pure Fire
  • Detox & Balance
  • Digestion Capsules
  • Immunity Support
  • Mental Wellness
  • Sleep Aid
  • Super Citrus
  • Super Greens
  • Supreme Vitality


Carolina Hemp provides many different topical CBD solutions. Each one is useful for a specific need, and consumers can use these products in conjunction with other Carolina Hemp items. Their line-up includes an exclusive brand of eye cream, face oil and body butter, and more.


These skincare items revitalize and smooth skin and increase hydration. Other topical care products include Meta-Flora Warming Salve, hydrating face wash, and many more options.

Concentrates & Hardware

If you’re looking for an effective concentrate, Carolina Hemp sells the Extract Labs crumble in an array of tasty flavors. Each tub contains highly-concentrated, top-value hemp extract along with terpenes and other phytochemicals, including CBG and CBN.

Consumers can also purchase the Pulsar APX Volt with a variable wax setting, 3.5-inch size, and 1100mAh battery. Also available is the Kind Pen. The Kind Pen is one of the best vaporizers on the market. It boasts a powerful 1500mAh battery and efficient heat settings. Two options of the Kind Pen include the Dream version and Slim Premium.

Other hardware solutions include the Liberty CBD 750mg vape cartridge, the Seshgear Ride vaporizer, and lighters. Those searching for smoking accessories can buy rolling papers, grinders, matchbooks, and more.


Pet lovers can purchase a variety of great items for their canine friends. Carolina Hemp provides tasty Superfood Hemp Treats, Lala’s CBD Dog Treats, and several leashes. These items keep your pet happy and healthy.

The dog treats are incredibly helpful, as each pack is affordable and contains organic hemp. The leashes are also a great pet accessory that helps pets and their owners enjoy leisurely walks without the stress.

Clothing & Accessories

Carolina Hemp has more than CBD. They are a company dedicated to a healthier, better lifestyle. This philosophy includes a dose of fun and comfort. They provide a great selection of t-shirts, hoodies, shoes, hats, and a selection of knick-knacks, including twine balls, hemp paper journals, even fun Carolina Hemp stickers.

What Else Should I Know About Carolina Hemp Company? Highlights and Details

Carolina Hemp is an American-based CBD retailer with an exciting array of quality products. They also offer an extensive range of lifestyle and apparel items. They have dedicated themselves to becoming the premier destination for CBD, and enthusiasts can enjoy getting their daily boost in various forms.

However, they also offer different resources for learning about CBD. Their website contains links to informative articles and blog posts. They also give back to the community in ways that benefit consumers. For example:

  • Features products for dental health
  • Wholesale and franchise opportunities for consumers
  • Free shipping on all orders
  • Affordable sales prices available

Carolina Hemp CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Carolina Hemp has a history of giving back to the CBD community. Their commitment to helping consumers learn about the ins and outs of this plant-based compound shows in their educational outreach. They routinely work with local businesses and dentists to promote the benefits of natural wellness.

The company also provides various price points, making their products accessible. They believe that CBD is beneficial to many, and therefore should be widely available.

The company also provides various price points, making their products accessible. They believe that CBD is beneficial to many, and therefore should be widely available. Those interested in purchasing any of their items can visit their website. However, for those that would like to shop in person, there are shop locations available.

All in all, this company creates a business model of excellence and commitment to quality. Their diverse range of products, fast and efficient shipping options, and concise information make them one of the industry’s leading companies.

Final Verdict: 8/10

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