Gold Standard CBD Review

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Gold Standard CBD: Quick Summary


  • Great selection of items
  • The product range is third-party tested
  • All products contain American hemp
  • Features price points for any budget
  • Offers fast and convenient shipping options


  • They don’t seem to have any topicals
  • The website indicates they don’t accept returns of opened products

Gold Standard CBD BD Review

Gold Standard CBD is an American-owned company that specializes in CBD-infused products. They use only organic, Oregon-grown hemp that is third-party tested. We liked that although this company has some humble roots, they are rapidly expanding and have a great lineup.

We liked that although this company has some humble roots, they are rapidly expanding and have a great lineup.

They offer various products that CBD lovers can enjoy and what’s more, they have a good selection of smokable CBD flowers. We also liked that they seem to have a good handle on transparency and offer detailed lab reports. We were also excited that many of their products had affordable price points.

What Products Did We Review?

Gold Standard CBD has a range of items. Their products include premium hemp-infused drops, honey, gummies, CBD flower, and hemp stix. They also have lifestyle apparel items and money-saving bundles. In this review, we’ll take a look at what they have to offer.

We’ll also discuss how consumers may purchase their products for shipping to their area. If you’re looking to check out a new CBD company, keep reading for more information below.

Gold Standard CBD: All Products

Gold Standard CBD adds a few fun and exciting twists to CBD consumption. In addition to their line of tinctures, they have an incredible assortment of other items. The product range includes the following:

Honey Stix

If you’re a coffee or tea drinker, the Gold Standard Honey Stix are a worthwhile buy. Each stick delivers 100mg of premium CBD. We liked that they offer two different and tasty flavors: Regular and Chocolate. You get seven servings in each pack. You can mix these into various beverages, drizzle over desserts, or even share with friends and family.

Hemp Stix

Those that enjoy a quality smoke may like Gold Standard’s Hemp Stix. Each hemp-infused stick comes with 75-150mg of hemp. They offer several varieties, including the Hemp Stick Cones in:

  • Original (75mg)
  • Mint (75mg)
  • Bold (100mg)
  • Calm (100mg)
  • CBG (1:1/150mg)
  • Frosted Lime (150mg)
  • Hawaiian Haze (150mg)
  • Kush (150mg)
  • Lifter (150mg)

There are many more flavors are available for purchase. Plus, we love the fact that they offer a 750mg Original and Mint pack with ten stix in addition to their single hemp cones. They are also available in a 1000mg in Bold flavor. The stix contain organic ingredients such as mugwort, mullein, and coltsfoot.



These packs don’t contain tobacco or nicotine and may function as a better alternative to cigarettes. CBD lovers also have the option of buying the 500mg Hemp Stix .5G Cone 5-pack. Each cone in this pack has 70mg of CBD along with unbleached tubes. You can purchase this item in several different flavor profiles, including Suver Haze, Kush, Sour Space Candy, and more.

Hemp Drops

Anyone that enjoys traditional tinctures should check out Gold Standard CBD’s Hemp Drops. They offer a wide range, including both broad and full-spectrum formulations. Their broad-spectrum line includes 1000mg and 2500mg bottles in the flavor Natural.


They also offer a selection of full-spectrum drops. Many within this range have a potent combination of CBG and CBD. Their lineup further includes:

  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 1:1(1000mg)
  • Hemp Drops Full Spectrum Kush (1000mg)
  • Hemp Drops Full Spectrum Kush (2000mg)
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 3:1(2000mg)
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 2:1(2000mg)
  • Hemp Drops CBD:CBG 3:1(1000mg)

Hemp Gummy

Gold Standard CBD also sells tasty full-spectrum gummies. While the range isn’t extensive, we like that they have the option of a low dose gummy at 250mg, 10-count tub. If you’d like something with a bit more oomph, there’s the 750mg, 30-count tub. Flavors include Mango, Watermelon, Sour Apple, and Sour Strawberry.

The other great thing about their gummies is that they’re vegan-friendly. They also contain natural ingredients such as apple pectin and are gluten-free.


Gold Standard CBD doesn’t leave vapers behind. They offer a substantial collection of vape cartridges. These cartridges feature flavors such as Mint, Natural, Strawnana, Trainwreck, and Sour Diesel.

Vapers can choose from a range of potencies, starting from 250mg of CBD to a max of 450mg. All cartridges are THC-free, broad-spectrum, and come with a glass tank and ceramic tips. They also provide adjustable voltage batteries.

CBD Flower

Fans of CBD flower can purchase Gold Standard’s CBD line. Their CBD flowers have minimal THC and have versatile uses. CBD lovers can smoke these varieties or use them in several recipes. Gold Standard CBD offers the following strains for sale:

  • Bubba Kush
  • Hawaiian Haze
  • Suver Haze
  • White CBG
  • Lifter
  • Sour Space Candy
  • Elektra


This range is third-party lab tested, and Certificates of Analysis are available for viewing.

Gold Swag & Bundles

Gold Standard CBD provides several options for those that like unique lifestyle apparel items. These include tee-shirts, hats, lighters, iron-on patches, and tanks. In addition to their apparel, they also offer money-saving bundles. These bundles include a mix and match of some of their most popular and in-demand items.

What Else Should I Know About Gold Standard CBD? A Few Great Highlights

Gold Standard CBD began in 2017 as a collaboration between Zion Greenfield and Lucas Brown. The company is small, but quickly growing and currently boasts a team of 20. We like that they aren’t a corporate behemoth and have an incredible eye for detail and customer service.

They seem informed about what people like most about CBD, which is apparent in their foray into hemp rolls. They were the first company to market this concept, and this item has quickly become a fan favorite. Gold Standard also boast several other fantastic qualities, including:

  • A responsive customer care team
  • Honest reviews on their site
  • Wholesale opportunities
  • Military discounts
  • Reward points for future purchases
  • An easy-to-navigate website

Gold Standard CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Gold Standard is available online and can ship to a variety of destinations across the U.S. They offer some excellent deals, and many of their prices don’t break the bank. Besides their affordability, what we liked most is their product selection. From vape cartridges to gummies, Gold Standard CBD runs the gamut.

Besides their affordability, what we liked most is their product selection.

We especially like that all their products are third-party tested. They also ensure that they source their hemp from Oregon farms. The result is a quality product with lots of positive feedback from consumers online. Consumers interested in purchasing their products have lots of great choices and, with the money-saving bundles, can get a range of items at once.

Final Verdict – 7/10

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