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The U.S dietary supplement market has been a fast-growing sector for decades, and it is only going to get bigger. According to Statista, the entire market was worth $35.9 billion in 2018 but will swell to $56.7 billion by 2024. Whether we like it or not, charlatans tend to swoop in on such markets, gouge consumers, and get the hell out.

This is one of the main reasons why we try to cover as many CBD companies as we can. Cannabidiol is a rapidly growing part of the dietary supplement market but contains its fair share of frauds in what is an unregulated industry. Today, we switch our focus to Every Day Optimal to see if it is a CBD company you can rely on.

Who are Every Day Optimal CBD?

every day optimal cbd

The company was founded by Alex Gould and Frederik Drejfald in 2016. They reached out to would-be CBD growers in Colorado to see if they could find anyone willing to help them on their mission. It didn’t take long for them to find enough farmers to help grow their firm.

Every Day Optimal certainly sets the bar high for itself: The company calls itself “America’s Most Reputable Brand.” All of its items include CBD from organically grown, non-GMO hemp. Also, the CBD is taken from the industrial hemp plant via pressurized CO2 extraction.

It is always important to find evidence of a CBD company’s trustworthiness in the form of third-party lab reports, and Every Day Optimal has them on its website. Click on the link to discover the level of cannabinoids in each product.

Review of Every Day Optimal CBD’s Tinctures

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The brand’s oil tincture contains organic hemp oil, pure CBD, grape seed oil, fractionated MCT oil, and is available in peppermint oil flavor. The tincture comes in seven strengths:

  • 300mg: $39.99
  • 600mg: $69.99
  • 1000mg: $99.99
  • 1800mg: $159.95
  • 2000mg: $169.99
  • 4000mg: $289.99
  • 10000mg: $478

It isn’t often that you see a brand offering more than 2000mg of CBD in a bottle, but Every Day Optimal goes all the way up to 10000 mg! If you believe in the brand, paying just $47.80 per 1000mg of CBD is a deal you are unlikely to beat.

Incidentally, all of the bottles contain 30ml of liquid which means the CBD concentration varies drastically. For someone with chronic pain or a child with epilepsy, the 10000mg option provides an incredible 166.66mg of CBD per dose. Every Day Optimal claim it is the world’s most potent CBD oil tincture.

The brand provides a helpful dosage chart which varies depending on the severity of your condition and your weight in pounds. For example, a 250-pound person with a severe condition needs at least 45 mg of CBD a day. In contrast, a 135-pound person with a mild condition only requires 12mg a day. Please note that these are advisory guidelines; experiment by beginning with a small dose and work your way up to the minimum effective dosage.

You can add the tincture to food or a beverage, but I placed it beneath the tongue. I used the 600mg bottle and felt that the peppermint taste was strong but not overpowering. The dropper holds up to 1 ml of liquid, and Every Day Optimal recommends using half a dropper a day, to begin with. I felt it did a good job helping me feel relaxed. The effects don’t hit you between the eyes, but you’ll notice them eventually.

Review of Every Day Optimal CBD’s Gummies

everyday optimal

If you don’t like the taste of oil, CBD gummies are a fun way to get your cannabidiol intake. Bear in mind that they are usually far more expensive than a tincture but provide greater bioavailability and convenience. There are three strengths, and all bottles contain 30 gummies:

  • 10mg: $59.99
  • 15mg: $64.99
  • 25mg: $89.99

There is also a 60 x 25mg gummies option for $149.99.

The gummies contain gelatin, calcium lactate, citric acid, silicon dioxide, sugar, corn syrup, and natural & artificial flavors along with the CBD oil. A word of warning: These gummies have a sour candy flavor so don’t buy them if you don’t like that kind of taste. I happen to like sour candy, so I thought the gummies were delicious.

The lowest strength edibles are best for anxiety and headaches. I believe the 15mg might provide useful for moderate pain, while the 25mg gummies are a potentially good option for more severe pain and insomnia.

If you are a proponent of microdosing, you will be delighted to learn that Every Day Optimal sells CBD chewing gum. It comes in a cool mint flavor, and there is 10mg of CBD in every piece. There are eight tablets in a pack, and you can purchase one packet for $19.99 or four packs for $59.99; effectively a 4 for the price of 3 deal.

There may not be that much CBD in the gum, but it does offer greater sublingual absorption than oil. It acts pretty fast, but more importantly, the effects should last for several hours. The gum is also sugar-free.

Review of Every Day Optimal CBD E-Liquids

every day optimal cbd

Given the increasing popularity of vaping, it is hardly a surprise that Every Day Optimal CBD sells e-liquids. You can choose a 300mg bottle of liquid for $39.99 or the stronger 1,000mg option for $89.99. There are three delicious flavors:

  • Strawberry Cream
  • Honey Melon Kush
  • Marshmallow Magic

Each bottle contains 60ml of e-liquid in a 70/30 VG/PG split. There is no THC or nicotine so you can use it with your vaporizer, safe in the knowledge that you can enjoy a smooth hit of CBD with no psychoactive effects. It is an excellent option if you own a vaping device because of the higher bioavailability, plus the fact it works faster.

What About Every Day Optimal CBD’s Other Products?

everyday optimal cbd

The firm sells CBD tablets in four strengths:

  • 10mg: $59.99
  • 15mg: $59.99
  • 25mg: $69.99
  • 100mg: $159.99

There are 30 tablets in a bottle and are a handy way to consume CBD with no fuss. The 200mg of CBD capsules are ideal if you have chronic pain. 30 such capsules cost$299.99 which is outstanding value for money. There are also special capsules to help you sleep, to provide relief from fibromyalgia, and if you need to de-stress.

You can buy a special ‘bundle’ pack which typically features several products for a lower than normal price. There is also the usual pet CBD oil. In this instance, the beef flavored oil comes in a 30ml bottle with 125mg of CBD for $29.99

Where Can I Purchase Every Day Optimal CBD Products?

every day optimal hemp review

Make your way to the official Every Day Optimal CBD website and click on one of the options at the top of the scene. The brand says it will deliver most packages within 72 hours from the day the order has been received, but that is on top of the 3-5 business days it takes to package the product. It is also important to note that the company doesn’t ship on national holidays or weekends.

Every Day Optimal does not ship overseas, but U.S. customers can avail of a 10% discount on their first purchase.

Final Thoughts on Every Day Optimal CBD

This is a brand that ticks most of the right boxes. It uses CO2 extraction, and the CBD comes from organically grown hemp in Colorado. Every Day Optimal sells a wide variety of products including e-liquids and specialized tablets for an array of medical conditions. It is also the first time I have seen a brand sell a 10000mg CBD tincture, and for under $500, the price is insane!

Overall, Every Day Optimal is a brand worth exploring. The products I used were effective, and I had no issues with shipping or customer service. It appears to be a reputable brand based on my experience, and the litany of reviews I have found online. If you want non-GMO, pesticide-free CBD that works, give this brand a chance. As a bonus, it also provides plenty of useful information about cannabidiol on the site, including dosage recommendations. This is a feature sorely lacking on the websites of most CBD sellers.

Rating: 9/10

Every Day Optimal CBD Pros

  • Excellent value for money.
  • A wide range of high-quality CBD products.
  • 10% discount for new customers.
  • Innovative products not seen on most websites.
  • Third party lab reports easily accessible on the site.

Every Day Optimal CBD Cons

  • Does not sell to international customers.
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