4 Corners Cannabis [Providing Product Reviews and Opinions]

4 Corners is a company built by two friends that were passionate about health and CBD. Their company is based in Colorado, and is centered on delivering effective CBD products. Their strategy includes sourcing quality hemp and utilzing vertical integration. Their approach ensures that at their products are analyzed and examined at every stage, from seed to shelf.
organic avocado oil (avocado tincture only), organic limonene, MCT oil, glycerin (used only in the glycerin tincture), hemp extract, organic cane alcohol (cinnamon tincture only), organic cinnamon (cinnamon tincture only).
Recommended use
If you are taking 2000mg take 1 drop per every 10lbs. of body weight once a day. For 500 and 1000mg take 2. For 250 take 4. And for 100mg, take 6 drops per day for every 10lbs. of body weight daily.
Extraction process
sugar-derived ethanol extraction
Medical benefits
People take CBD for the relief and reduction of many symptoms. This may include pain and stress.

*All the data provided is for oil products only

Potency range
Price range

To say that CBD is a big deal right now is an understatement akin to saying derivatives are ‘moderately complex.’ An often-cited report by the Brightfield Group suggests that the CBD industry could be worth $22 billion by 2022. While this would have been a bold prediction a year ago, the Farm Bill of 2018 makes it exceedingly likely.

If the bill passes into law, which appears certain, it will fully legalize industrial hemp as an agricultural crop. For CBD sellers such as 4 Corners, it will increase the availability of the cannabinoid. However, it will also increase competition, which means CBD firms need to up their game. Let’s see how 4 Corners fares in this product review.

Who is 4 Corners Cannabis?

4 Corners Cannabis is a Colorado-based CBD seller that has been in business since 2013. Unlike a significant proportion of its rivals, 4 Corners grows its own hemp which means it controls every aspect of production, from seed to oil. The firm claims it sources the finest ingredients for its products, and it grows its hemp organically.

The company gets its name from the fact it is based in Colorado’s Four Corners region, and the pair of brothers who founded the organization has approximately 30 years of organic cannabis farming experience. The company’s organic sugar cane extraction process means you should get the very best quality CBD.

What I liked was the easy access to Lab Reports on the company website. For instance, its 1,000 mg oral tincture actually contains 1,074.48mg per unit, against 27.36mg of THC. There is also over 49mg of CBG and 114.6mg of CBC. There is a CBD science section which provides useful information on what CBD is, and how it can help treat certain conditions. As for products, 4 Corners sells oral and avocado tinctures, animal grade oil, CBD salve, vape liquid, and t-shirts.

Review of 4 Corners Oral and Avocado Oil Tinctures

Review of 4 Corners Oral and Avocado Oil Tinctures


The company’s Blue Label oral tincture comes in three sizes:

  • 250mg/15ml: $59.99
  • 500mg/15ml: $109.99
  • 1000mg/30ml: $199.99

When you choose an option, the website tells you how many units are left. For example, there were 200+ bottles of the 1,000 mg tincture left when we checked it out. Credit to 4 Corners, it provides you with detailed instructions on how to use the tincture. For example, you should use the CBD at least 90 minutes before taking any other medication. The company also points out that consuming hemp products could occasionally result in a false positive drug test.

I tried the 1,000mg bottle and took a drop for every 10 pounds of body weight (I weigh 200 pounds, which equated to 20 drops a day). You do this once a day. Make sure you hold the dose beneath your tongue for a minimum of 30 seconds to increase bioavailability. For me, this meant consuming 33.4mg of CBD because each drop contains 1.67mg of CBD. The tincture contains nothing but coconut (MCT) oil, CBD-dominant hemp extract, and the terpene Limonene.

It could be because I read it on the website, but I did taste a hint of orange when consuming the tincture. It took a while, but I felt somehow calmer after using it. It did little for my bicep tendonitis for the few first days, but within a week or so, it was noticeably less painful. I was not ‘cured’ by any means, but the pain was more manageable than before.

The avocado oil tincture is the same as the 1,000mg Blue Label bottle, except that it is made with CBD dominant hemp and virgin organic avocado oil only. To be fair, 4 Corners warns you about the bitter taste which I personally found to be a bit much. It costs $199.99 and is just as effective as the Blue Label, but it won’t be to the taste of a lot of users.

Review of 4 Corners Cannabis Vape Liquid

I’ll be honest, CBD tinctures are not my thing, so I was relieved to find that 4 Corners also sells a vape liquid. Once again, there are three size options:
250mg/15ml: $59.99
500mg/15ml: $109.99
1000mg/30ml: $199.99

As you can see, it offers three choices at the same strength and price as the CBD tinctures. The difference is that this Orange Label product is specifically designed for use with a vaporizer. It consists of Limonene, the CBD hemp extract, and vegetable glycerine (a standard ingredient in e-liquids).

I loaded the strongest version (naturally) into my vaporizer and got down to business. ‘This is more like it’, I thought. Although it is a matter of personal taste, I find the process of sitting down and vaping CBD juice to be a lot more relaxing than using drops. Perhaps this is why the vape liquid seemed to take effect a lot faster. Within minutes, I went from fidgety writer with a racing mind to a calmer and more placid scribe whose mind had been cleansed of irrelevant thoughts.

Again, I wouldn’t expect this to be everyone’s experience, but for me at least, 4 Corners Cannabis’ vape liquid was excellent. I was also pleased to note that the firm’s CBD products are free from the compound that increases the risk of popcorn lung, diacetyl. Incidentally, if you ever see that the vape liquid you want to buy contains diacetyl, get the hell away from that website!

Review of 4 Corners Cannabis Salve

Review of 4 Corners Cannabis Salve


I was looking forward to testing this topical on my bicep tendonitis. The 4 Corners salve comes in a two-ounce tub which contains a total of 100mg of CBD for $49.99. Once again, the company’s assertions were correct; I did get a lovely scent of coconut oil when I opened the tub. The salve’s ingredients are coconut oil, CBD-dominant hemp extract, beeswax, and a selection of terpenes.

To use the salve, rub it on a painful area. You can use it as often as you like but at $50 a tub, you have to be careful! I rubbed it liberally on my sore bicep area, crossed my fingers, and hoped for magic. In the end, I noticed a reduction in pain but was acutely aware that the salve was only a temporary measure. The pain came back of course, but the relief was real. Certainly, it is worth considering this salve instead of opioid painkillers. You benefit from temporary pain relief, don’t feel zoned out, and won’t get addicted.

Where to Buy 4 Corner Cannabis

As always, we can only recommend purchasing products directly from the 4 Corners Cannabis website. I had no issues with the quality of the delivery service. 4 Corners deliver to all 50 U.S. states, but unfortunately, at the time of writing, they do not offer an overseas delivery service. I have had no reason to contact customer service over an issue, so I can’t provide an honest appraisal.

Final Thoughts on 4 Corners Cannabis

Final Thoughts on 4 Corners Cannabis


One of the main downsides of 4 Corners is its price range. $200 for 1,000 mg of CBD is VERY expensive. Using myself as an example, a bottle would last about a month. You can argue that painkillers are even more costly (unless you use a generic brand) but other excellent CBD providers offer tinctures for half the price.

Even so, I have to say that you get what you pay for with 4 Corners. It is reassuring to know that the company grows its own hemp, and its Certificates of Analysis have been recently updated. It is clear that you get far more than just CBD when you purchase a 4 Corners product. Aside from minimal THC, there is CBD, CBG, CBN, CBL, and a variety of terpenes.

As a result, you benefit from the ‘entourage effect,’ a term given to the discovery that cannabinoids apparently work better together than when isolated. Overall, 4 Corners is a trustworthy provider, and its CBD is among the best you’ll find. However, it is exceedingly expensive and may not fit into everyone’s budget.

Verdict: 9/10

4 Corners Cannabis Pros

  • High-quality CBD products that work effectively and relatively quickly.
  • The Blue Label CBD tincture has a pleasant taste, while the Salve’s aroma is delightful.
  • 4 Corners grow its own special cannabis and oversee all aspects of growth and extraction.
  • Well-designed, informative website.
  • Easily accessible lab reports.

4 Corners Cannabis Cons

  • Extremely expensive.
  • Does not ship internationally.
  • The avocado tincture’s taste may be too bitter for some.