Hemp Health Inc. CBD Review

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Hemp Health Inc. Quick Summary


  • No artificial flavorings
  • Free from several common allergens, including gluten, dairy, peanut, and tree nuts
  • The tinctures come with pump lids rather than droppers for ease of use
  • Wide range of products
  • Easy-to-navigate website design


  • Third-party lab reports can only be accessed upon request
  • Very limited information as to the effects of their CBD oils
  • Flavor options are limited

Hemp Health Inc. Review

Hemp Health Inc is a leading brand within the CBD industry. It is made up of a small team who are passionate about CBD and its health benefits. As part of their mission, the team at Hemp Health strives to educate people about hemp CBD and how it has the potential to shape the health industry of the future.

Hemp Health has a wide range of CBD rich products that are designed to showcase the potential that can be unlocked within hemp plants. All of the hemp plants used by Hemp Health are sourced from organic US farms, ensuring that only the very best CBD is used in its products.

All of the hemp plants used by Hemp Health are sourced from organic US farms, ensuring that only the very best CBD is used in its products.

Hemp Health uses third-party lab testing to check the quality and purity of the hemp that it uses, ensuring that the plants are 100% free from toxins. CO2 extraction methods are then used, resulting in rich hemp oil that Hemp Health uses to infuse all of its products.

Hemp Health Inc.: All the Different Products

Over the years, Hemp Health has continued to grow as a brand, expanding the range of CBD products available to customers. Hemp Health now offers many different options alongside their popular CBD oil tinctures, making it easy to work CBD into every part of your day.

Original CBD Tinctures

Hemp Health’s Original CBD Tinctures provide an excellent option as a general-purpose CBD supplement. Designed to both help you relax and to get productive, Hemp Health’s CBD tinctures provide a powerful dose of rich CBD no matter what the situation.

There are four different tinctures to choose from, including concentration options ranging from 120mg up to 1100mg. Hemp Health also offers its tinctures in two flavor options: peppermint and unflavored.

One of the main features that make Hemp Health’s CBD tinctures stand out from the many other options that they are available in unique bottles. Rather than the standard dropper lid, Hemp Health has instead opted for a pump dispenser. The pump feature makes it quicker to use CBD oil while also helping to reduce mess and cut down on waste.

All of Hemp Health’s tinctures are made using the same full-spectrum CBD formula and core ingredients. By using the same recipe across all of its tinctures, Hemp Health has made it easy to try all the different options.

CBD Capsules

Hemp Health’s CBD capsules are a great alternative to CBD oils for those days when you need something quick that you can take while on the go. Hemp Health uses the same CBD rich formula in its capsules as in the popular oil tinctures.


There are different concentrations to choose from, including 15mg and 25mg capsules, helping to create a great level of choice. Hemp Health also has capsules that contain added extras for additional effects that work alongside CBD. Options include turmeric capsules and matcha spirulina chlorella capsules.

All of Hemp Health’s CBD capsules contain pure full-spectrum CBD and are guaranteed to be GMO-free, kosher, and suitable for vegans.

CBD Edibles

Hemp Health has a number of CBD edibles available, including traditional products like CBD infused gummy bears and some slightly more unusual products such as CBD cashew butter and CBD green juice mix.

At Hemp Health, they believe that CBD edibles are a simple way to incorporate CBD into your diet and experience its benefits. For this reason, Hemp Health aims to deliver edibles that are easy to work into your diet while still tasting good.

Hemp Health’s CBD gummy bears are a great CBD edible staple packed with 25mg of rich, THC-free CBD. Gummies come in both sweet and sour flavors for a complex flavor profile that tastes just like regular candy. As an added bonus, Hemp Health CBD gummies are gluten and fat-free.

Gummies come in both sweet and sour flavors for a complex flavor profile that tastes just like regular candy.

There is also a range of CBD infused nut butters to choose from, including almond, peanut, and cashew. Hemp Health’s CBD butters are a great way to include a little extra CBD in your breakfast, helping you to start your day off in a positive way.

Other products within the Hemp Health edibles range include hemp CBD oil with honey, raw hemp CBD protein powder, and CBD green juice mix with match, spirulina, and chlorella. From breakfast to afternoon snacks, Hemp Health has all of your CBD edible needs covered.

CBD Hemp Isolate

Hemp Health has three pure hemp powder isolate options to choose from for those who prefer a pure CBD supplement, with all of the other compounds found in hemp plants having been removed. Options include Pharma Hemp Complex CBD Isolate Powder and Water Soluble CBD Isolate Nanoparticle Powder.


At Hemp Health, they understand that one of the major benefits of opting for CBD isolate powders is that they can be used to create custom CBD items. To help make the process of crafting your very own CBD solutions, Hemp Health offers both water-soluble and standard isolate powders.

Hemp Health sources CBD isolate from high-CBD hemp strains, ensuring a rewarding and robust product. CO2 extraction methods are used to achieve a powder with at least a 99% purity rate.

One of the great things about choosing Hemp Health’s isolate products is that they are guaranteed to contain zero THC while also being a naturally decarboxylated, pure hemp CBD isolate powder.

CBD for Pets

Hemp Health has a wide range of pet-friendly CBD products, including both oil tinctures and tasty treats. All of Hemp Health’s pet products are made using the same CBD rich hemp plants that can be found across the rest of their products so that pets can experience the same great benefits.

There are three main categories of pet oil to choose from: Extra Strength CBD, Fish Oil and Catnip, and Meat Flavored Tinctures. With so many options available, it is easy to find CBD oil that your pet will love.

Alongside pet-friendly CBD oils, Hemp Health also has a number of treats that make for the perfect reward for your pet. Bacon Dog Biscuits, Dried Chicken Pet Treats, and Dried Salmon Pet Treats are just a few of the pet-focused snacks that Hemp Health has on offer.

All of Hemp Health’s pet products are made from natural ingredients. Thanks to Hemp Health’s commitment to only using the very best ingredients, you can reward your pets with tasty treats with confidence.

What Makes Hemp Health Inc Different?

Hemp Health Inc is not just another CBD brand that sells a range of different CBD products. They are also a source of education and resources for everything CBD. A big part of Hemp Health’s mission is to educate people about hemp CBD and how they believe it will play a major role in future medicine and wellness.

A big part of Hemp Health’s mission is to educate people about hemp CBD.

The Resources section of Hemp Health’s website is packed with helpful information that has been carefully put together so that there is something for people of all knowledge levels. The Education tab contains many articles that together are a great place for anyone looking to start learning about CBD and its benefits.

Hemp Health has included handy articles for those who are new to CBD supplements, designed to guide you through the shopping process with confidence. Health Hemp also explains the basics of how CBD works so that you know what to expect when your first order arrives.

Whether new to CBD or simply looking to learn more about the science behind CBD, Hemp Health’s Education section is worth checking out.

Hemp Health Inc. CBD Review: Summary & Where to Buy

Hemp Health offers a wide selection of different CBD products, all of which are made using their rich CBD formula derived from organic US-grown hemp plants. Using the same base formula across all of their products, Hemp Health has achieved consistency, which means that the products all work seamlessly together.

All of Hemp Health’s CBD products can be purchased through their online store. There is also a super handy store locator feature built into Hemp Health’s website that shows all of the physical stores across the USA where their products can be found.

Hemp Health has a CBD solution for the entire family, from delicious gummies to infused pet oils, you can easily find all of your CBD needs on Hemp Health’s online store.

Final Verdict – 8/10

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