The Stuff Detox Review [2024 UPDATE]

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The Stuff Detox Review: Quick Guide

  • The Stuff detox drinks are NOT effective for THC detox
  • The products did not appear to have an impact on the ability to pass a marijuana drug test
  • Our team tested the brand’s 16oz detox drink, and failed three consecutive at-home drug testing kits


“The Stuff” is a brand of detox drinks that has been around for a number of years now. Despite their seemingly lack of effectiveness at ridding the body of THC, some cannabis users claim they can help pass a drug test.

In April of this year, the WayofLeaf team conducted a sweeping review of numerous detox products to see which products actually helped pass a drug test. Only one out of the 12 products we tested actually produced a negative test. The Stuff was not one of them.

In fact, even after following clear directions on the bottle, we consecutively failed three at-home THC tests after consuming a bottle of The Stuff liquid detox.

The one product that actually did work was an advanced 24-hour dietary fiber detox treatment. Check them out below:

Need to Pass a Drug Test Quick?

For the thousands of cannabis users that think that ‘The Stuff’ detox products actually can help pass a drug test, well… they’re in for a rude awakening come test day. The good news is, there are companies that make advanced dietary fiber detox treatments that actually do work to quickly detox the body of THC. If you have an upcoming drug test and need to detox your system fast, this 24-hour urine detox treatment was by far the best when we tested out a few products earlier this year:


Otherwise, if you want to learn more about our experience here with this particular product, continue reading our review of the Stuff detox drinks.

‘The Stuff’ Detox Drinks: How They (Supposedly) Work

The central idea behind The Stuff detox drinks is that they help dilute urine, which theoretically removes toxins from the body. Like almost all common detox methods, detox drinks contain laxatives, natural diuretics, medicinal herbs, and high doses of vitamins. (Though it’s worth pointing out that there’s a large discrepancy between industry standards – some detox drinks will be more effective than others, and each body will respond differently to the materials that are present).

Everyone’s body reacts differently to marijuana, which means that the length of time THC can be detected in your system will vary from person to person. However, it’s thought that for regular smokers, marijuana can stay in the blood and urine for as long as 90 days after use.

Many believe that the only surefire way to pass a urine test is by using synthetic urine – in other words, fake pee (pretty gross, right?). However, there are also plenty of people who have claimed success from using what’s known as detox drinks.

When using any detox drink, it’s important to remember that there are a few factors that influence the length of time it will take to rid your body of THC, or any other unwanted agents for that matter. Check out the table below to see what we’re talking about:


Frequency of exerciseGenerally speaking, the more you exercise the faster THC will be metabolized out of your system.
The amount of cannabis consumedThis one’s pretty obvious – the more cannabis you consume, the longer it will take to be fully eliminated from body tissues.
Your metabolismThis can vary wildly from person to person based on age, sex, genetics, etc.
Body Mass Index (BMI)Again, this will vary from person to person depending on a variety of complex biochemical factors.
The potency of the cannabis consumedThe more potent, the more THC it will likely contain. The more THC in the cannabis, the longer it will take to get out of your system.
How often you consume cannabisIf you’re a chronic user, you can expect it to take much longer for THC to leave your body than if you were an infrequent or one-time user.
The parameters of the testBlood tests, hair tests, urine tests, and saliva tests will all vary depending on the amount of time they are able to detect THC. Saliva tests typically detect THC for the shortest amount of time (about 24 hours or less), while hair tests can show THC contain from up to 90 days or more.

For any pot smoker who is turning to various detox methods and “tricks” in order to rid their systems of weed in the event of an upcoming drug test, it’s important to realize that there’s no guaranteed, fool-proof method that works every time, all the time. What works for one person, may very well be ineffective for another.

That being said, The Stuff detox is one of those detox drinks that has a pretty good track record. They have been around for a few years now, and generally, boast decent results in terms of being able to wipe out evidence of THC within a very short amount of time. So let’s take a closer look at the brand in this in-depth “The Stuff” detox review – how to use it, how much it costs, and what they offer (compared to their competitors) in terms of pros and cons.

The Stuff Detox Review: A Brief Overview

the stuff review

When you are looking for an intensive cleaning solution, it’s impossible to look past The Stuff detox as one of the industry’s go-to products. This drink has been scientifically engineered to work with the body’s natural cleansing process, and we can ensure you based on anecdotal claims that it kicks your system into veritable overdrive.

The drink is an intense herbal marijuana cleanse that comes in a liquid mix form, and is available in Ferocious Fruit, Gushing Grape, or Citrus Explosion flavors – actually a decent taste compared to other detox drinks that’ll “cleanse your system” by making you want to puke your guts out.

The Stuff detox drinks taste good, but they don’t seem to work at all in terms of ridding the body of THC.

It is recommended to consume The Stuff detox drinks at least 24-48 hours for pre-cleansing, and it is wise to know beforehand that the products are formulated with fiber, herbs, minerals, and vitamins to provide a full-body flush.

In terms of its effectiveness, there are some very mixed reviews out there. People are either raving about it, or they claim that it doesn’t work at all. For the most part, you will need to follow the instructions very diligently to ensure success.

Some users have suggested that The Stuff detox is more of an “assistant” than a quick fix; in other words, they claim it will help to intensify your natural detox regiment rather than doing everything by itself in a 24-hour timeframe. (Also, keep in mind the factors that we mentioned earlier which could affect results, such as metabolism and Body Mass Index).

There are some key ingredients that make-up The Stuff detox drink. These include:

Reverse Osmosis WaterThis is a technology used to remove a large majority of contaminants from water by pushing it under pressure with a semipermeable membrane
FructoseFructose contains a low glycemic index and gives a moderate release of insulin (relative to glucose and sucrose) into the bloodstream
Citric AcidAn antioxidant, meaning that it protects the body from damaging free radicals
Natural FlavorHealthier than artificial flavor, and more health effects
Sodium BenzoateHelps regulate the levels of ammonia in your blood and prevents it from becoming too high
Potassium Sorbate (a preservative) A mass-produced synthetic preservative that prevents the breakdown of ingredients

According to The Stuff’s labeling claims, their product works within one hour and will be effective in removing unwanted toxins between 3-5 hours. It has been fortified with vitamin b2 and creatine in order to aid nutrition replacement. It does not need to be refrigerated. You can buy this product in a 16 oz. size for the average body size, and you will receive easy to read instructions and cleansing tips with your purchase.

The Stuff Detox Review: How It Works

If all this “stuff” (pun intended) seems too good to be true, it might be a good idea to take a look at how detox drinks in general like The Stuff work, as there is actually quite a bit of science behind what most people think is some kind of a magical power.

When you go for a urine drug test, they will test for the concentration of THC to detect whether or not you’ve recently used weed. Detox drinks are filled with minerals and vitamins that work to restore your urine’s normal composition, and they do this by wiping out any traces of “foreign” agents.

For example, vitamin B is what helps gives your urine its natural yellow color. The best detox drinks are packed with vitamin B to make your urine look like you didn’t attempt to dilute it, and it does this by removing toxins that alter the chemical composition of the body’s liquid waste material. The same goes for creatine monohydrate, which is a substance that restores the level of creatinine in your urine.

Rather, unlike diuretics and excess fluids detox drinks flush out chemicals like THC from your system while restoring your urine back to its normal color and chemical composition.

So when it comes to detox drinks, the minerals and vitamins do all the work for you (if you chug gallons of water on the other hand, all you’ll likely do is pee out a slightly-tinged fluid that will bee too dilute to screen, meaning you’ll be back at square one).

The Stuff Detox Review | PROS

Always keep in mind the various factors that could affect the outcome of a detox drink, and how results will vary from person to person. With this in mind, here are some of the pros of using The Stuff Detox:

  • No activator required – you simply pop the cap off and consume the detox drink as is.
  • Works in 60 minutes and can last up to an hour, thus you can use it on the day of the drug test
  • This is a cheap product, especially in comparison to other detox drinks that are available on the market. You can pick it up for as little as $14.99 on Amazon.
  • It is available for sale on a number of platforms, including Amazon like we just mentioned above. Or you could also purchase it through a wholesaler or general drug store like CVS or Walgreen’s

The Stuff Detox Review | CONS

  • Simply put, there is no guarantee that it will work. It is therefore up to you to take a calculated risk and decide if it’s worth it. If you’re really in a pinch, there are probably much better options with higher “success rates” in terms of passing a last-minute drug test
  • For optimal results, you should try to begin a detox regime at least 24 hours before you consume the detox drink (this means starting to drink lots of water up to a day before consuming The Stuff)

How to Use the Stuff Detox

First off, it’s important to remember that a detox is intended for periodic intensive cleansing, and should thus be a part of an ongoing cleansing routine. It’s also a good idea to eat light meals during your pre-detox regime. This includes fruits, vegetables, and loads of fiber.

Lastly, you will need to follow these simple steps to ensure that The Stuff has a significant effect on your natural cleansing process:

Step 1 | Pick the day and specific time that you intend on using The Stuff for intensive cleansing (i.e. if you have a drug screening at 2:00 pm, it may be wise to plan to drink the bottle around noon or 1:00 pm, and begin your pre-detox at least 24 hrs prior than this

Step 2 | Begin your cleansing and pre-detox regime (do this by drinking lots of water and eating the above-mentioned foods)

Step 3 | Be sure to shake the bottle well, and proceed to drink the entire
contents of the bottle.

Step 4 | Wait 15 minutes and then refill the bottle with water. Shake and drink again.

Step 5 | Make sure to urinate frequently, as urinating between 3-4 times will indicate that you are
experiencing optimal cleansing with your detox.

Step 6 | Try to drink 16 oz. of water every two hours after using The Stuff. This will extend your
cleansing benefits throughout the day.

The Stuff Detox Review: Final Thoughts

Generally speaking, the only sure way to pass a drug test is by abstaining from marijuana prior to the test. However, for those who want a quick fix, it seems that The Stuff Detox drinks could provide a potential – and VERY inexpensive – answer.

It’s a simple detox drink that is available to purchase at a low cost, and the instructions are straightforward. If you have tried this product before, let us know in the comments section how it worked for you – we’re always super interested to hear what our readers have to say.

And if you decide to go for The Stuff Detox, the best and safest place to get it without a doubt is on Amazon. It’s cheap, it’ll (hopefully) get to your house quick, and there’s no worrying about whether or not you’re buying a real, authentic product.

Final Verdict: 3.5/10

The One THC Detox Product That Actually Worked…

Based on our review, The Stuff detox drinks didn’t do much to help rid the body of marijuana metabolites. In fact, our team failed three at-home drug tests after using the products. The only product that did work well during our review was an advanced dietary fiber detox treatment that wiped out all traces of THC within 24-hours. If you have an upcoming drug test and need to detox fast, this treatment was by far the most effective, especially for heavy marijuana users:

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