What Is a Weed ‘Tarantula Joint’?

While many people still enjoy the classic marijuana joint, the modern user is looking for something a little more adventurous. The tarantula joint is a prime example of this.

It takes joint smoking to the next level and gives you that extra rush you crave. Tarantula joints are a combination of bud, oils, concentrates, and kief. The result is a joint that looks a lot like a tarantula. As the joint is rolled in kief at the end, it gets a brown, hairy tinge, giving it a fuzzy arachnid-like appearance.

A tarantula joint is a combination of cannabis buds, concentrates, CO2 oil, and kief.

These joints are extremely potent and are NOT for novices. If you live in a state where marijuana is legal, you can find some pre-rolled tarantula joints for sale. Best of all, they are usually not too expensive, as you’re buying a single joint. However, with enough knowledge and craft, you can make a tarantula joint at home.

What’s in a Tarantula Joint, & How Do I Make One?

A tarantula joint is the creme de la creme of joints. Here is a step-by-step guide to making one:


  • Grind up your marijuana strain of choice and place the buds on a rolling paper.
  • Add some cannabis concentrates, such as budder, honey oil, butane hash oil, resin, dabs, and more. This is what gives the tarantula joint its potency. Ultimately, you’ll add anywhere from 40% to 80% extra THC when you sprinkle on some concentrates.
  • Now, roll the joint in CO2 oil. This will give it some extra strength and prepare the outside of the joint for the final and most anticipated step.
  • Finally, you roll the joint in kief for a final THC infusion.

The result is a joint with an extraordinary level of potency that also boasts a signature spider-like appearance that cannot be mistaken.

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Where Can I Get a Tarantula Joint?

There are two ways to get your hands on one of these furry, THC-packed joints. First, you can buy one. Depending on which state you live in, you might have some difficulty finding these. However, on the West Coast, where cannabis is generally legal for recreational use, you can find them individually wrapped and sold at your local dispensary.


You can expect to pay around $20 for a high-quality tarantula joint. We spotted one for sale online at this price. It contained a gram of cannabis and a whopping 173.9mg of THC! Suddenly, $20 doesn’t seem all that expensive.

The second option is possible if you have enough skill and expertise to roll a tarantula joint. As long as you know the right joint rolling technique and have all the ingredients, you can conjure up a tarantula joint quickly and easily.

How Will a Tarantula Joint Make Me Feel?

You can expect to feel a high degree of intoxication due to all the THC in a tarantula joint. It is best set aside for a day where you can lounge around and have nothing important to take care of.

The type of high you incur will greatly depend on the strength of your buds and concentrates. However, with an average THC content of around 80%, you’ll probably feel mellow and stoned but euphoric at the same time. Many people who smoke high-THC joints often crash on the sofa in a sleepy yet euphoric ecstasy.

You might find a tarantula joint useful if you’re looking for natural pain relief, due to the high concentration of cannabinoids.

In addition, you’ll potentially notice a dissipation of pain. The high THC content of a tarantula joint tends to drown out muscle aches, tension, stress, and nerve pain. Therefore, you might find it useful if you’re looking for natural pain relief, as the high concentration of cannabinoids can greatly improve soreness related to inflammation.

Tarantula Joint Side Effects

The immense potency of this creation means that side effects are not uncommon. With 80 to 90% THC, the tarantula joint is not a starting point if you’ve never smoked cannabis before.

Common side effects of tarantula joints differ depending on which strain of cannabis, concentrate, CO2 oil, and kief you use to make your joint. These effects can include dry mouth (cottonmouth), red eyes, dizziness, extreme sedation, tiredness, lack of coordination, impairment of thinking/judgment, and a potential increase in anxiety.

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People with current mental health issues or anxiety should probably avoid smoking a tarantula joint. The high THC levels may produce too much of an intoxicating high for them and potentially cause panic. People with schizophrenia should also be warned, as a tarantula joint can cause paranoid thinking or behavior.

But overall, as long as you smoke it responsibly and stay hydrated, you can mitigate most of the above side effects.

Final Thoughts on Making & Using a Tarantula Joint

The tarantula joint is a unique joint that’s true to its name; it looks like the leg of a tarantula. With its several components, the tarantula joint offers an ultra-strong dose of THC and CBD. It is highly likely to induce a very euphoric and mellow high that has the potential to help reduce pain and inflammation.

As you can buy it from a dispensary or make it yourself, a tarantula joint is never out of reach! Combine cannabis buds, concentrates, CO2 oil, and kief for a potent joint that can give you a very different marijuana-using experience.

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