How to Roll a Cannabis Cross Joint Like a Professional

Do you always tend to roll your joints in the same way? If so, consider branching out because there are plenty of styles. From the tarantula joint to the triple-barrel joint, you have the chance to get creative.

Some of these designs look extremely complicated. However, once you learn the steps, it seems less daunting. In this article, we outline how to roll a cross joint like a professional in six steps. It looks complex, but you’ll be surprised how easy it gets after a few tries.

Why Smoke a Cross Joint?

Smoking a joint remains the #1 way to consume marijuana. This is despite the variety of products such as vape juice, edibles, and topicals. Old-school users of cannabis still prefer smoking, however, and devise cool new ways to roll joints.

Old-school users of cannabis still prefer smoking and devise cool new ways to roll joints.

The cross joint became famous as it was featured in the stoner movie Pineapple Express. Seth Rogen, one of the stars of the film, apparently rolled every cross joint himself. Apart from looking great, the cross joint can help you attain an intense high. However, we recommend that people with a low tolerance to THC steer clear.

What Do You Need to Roll a Cross Joint?

Despite its seeming complexity, rolling a cross joint doesn’t require a huge array of items. Here is what you need:

  • Three rolling papers; a mix of large and small is ideal
  • A paper clip, needle, or wire
  • Your favorite cannabis strain
  • A grinder
  • A scissors
  • A small piece of cardboard, though this is optional

How to Roll a Cross Joint

Step 1

You need to roll two joints. One must be significantly fatter than the other. After making the thicker joint, leave a slight empty twist at the tip end. It ensures that the joint is easier to light.

An extra optional step is to add a piece of cardboard to the butt end of the cross joints. This is something that Seth Rogen recommends, though he hasn’t outlined why. You probably use the cardboard as a mouthpiece. You can burn the joint down to the end and use all the cannabis.

Cut a strip of cardboard that’s half an inch thick and up to three inches long. Roll it into a cylindrical shape approximately the size of the cross joint. Add the cardboard once you have rolled the joint. Remember, this isn’t a necessary step, but it may help you enjoy a better smoking experience.

Step 2

Now it is time to roll a thinner joint using a smaller paper. The thinner it is, the easier it is to create the cross joint. Leave an empty twist on both ends.

Step 3

Use a paperclip to make a hole through the large joint from one side to the other. Put the hole approximately three-quarters of the way up from the base of the joint. Once you create the hole, work carefully to enlarge it to a size similar to that of the smaller joint. The goal is to push the thinner joint through.

Step 4

Make another hole in the center of the smaller joint. The hole doesn’t have to be as big as the other joint. However, make sure it is at least twice the size of the clip or needle used to make the hole.


This hole is important because it allows air to flow from the joint’s tip to the back end. Forgetting this step will make a cross joint almost impossible to smoke. Only the ends will burn, and you can’t inhale the smoke into your lungs.

Step 5

Once you make the holes, insert the smaller joint through the hole of the larger joint. Make sure the holes you made in the smaller joint are aligned inside the larger joint. Exercise caution! If you push too quickly or aggressively, you could rip one of the joints. Keep going until the tiny hole you poked in the thinner joint is inside the larger one.

Step 6

By now, your creation should be in the shape of a cross. Grab two more rolling papers and scissors. Remove the papers’ glues and wrap them around the spot where the thinner joint passes through its larger counterpart. A failure to seal this area means smoke and air will leak out the sides. The result is enhanced difficulty in smoking your cross joint.

Final Thoughts on Creating a Cross Joint

When you are finished, you can marvel at your joint rolling skills. There is a suggestion that you need at least two lighters to use a cross joint and a friend’s help. This isn’t the case. Light the empty twist on the thick joint and toke on the butt end. Next, light the twist ends of the thinner joint. Take light pulls throughout this process. The twists burn faster than cannabis, so they remain lit while you light all the ends.

When you are finished, you can marvel at your joint rolling skills.

Proponents of the cross joint claim that it offers a more intense high. However, there is no evidence for this barring anecdotes. Try rolling and using it for yourself, and let us know if it accentuates the smoking experience. If nothing else, it is aesthetically pleasing.

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