What Is a 99.9% THC Dab [And Just How High Can It Get You?]

Dabbing has become popular in recent years. This is especially the case in states where cannabis is legal for recreational use.

Dabs are usually sticky, resin-based waxes extracted from the cannabis plant. They come in various forms, including shatter, budder, and oils. Dabs are also extremely high in THC. However, cannabis concentrate manufacturers have taken it to a new level with 99.9% THC dabs.

What Is a 99.9% THC Dab?

Dabs that consist of 99.9% THC-A are called THC-A Crystalline. This concentrated dab is not a wax or oil but a crystal-like substance. It is ultra-processed to provide an incredibly potent concentrate.

THC-A Crystalline is one of the most potent and purest THC products. It takes an immense level of skill and expertise to create a THC dab. As a result, it is expensive, often selling for around $100-150 a gram. Guild Extracts was the first company to develop this technique, but several other businesses have since followed in their footsteps.

Despite its price, THC-A Crystalline is incredibly popular. It contains no other compounds typically found in cannabis. These include flavonoids, terpenes, fats, and lipids. Instead, users experience pure THC-A.

THC-A in its natural form does not have any intoxicating effects. However, the THC-A converts to THC once combusted. That’s why you must dab, vape, or smoke the product to get the full intoxicating effect. The heat causes the THC-A to undergo decarboxylation. When this happens, a chemical and structural change occurs, and you have highly potent cannabis.

How Is THC-A Crystalline Made?

Manufacturers of THC-A Crystalline complete the process in a lab. It begins as a basic extract that contains dozens of cannabinoids, including THC-A, flavonoids, terpenes, and other plant materials. The first step is to isolate the cannabinoids and THC from the plant materials.

This is accomplished with the use of solvents which help separate the compounds. As the process removes most of the terpenes and flavonoids, you won’t get the typical herbal, floral, or sweet scent of cannabis from the THC-A Crystalline.


Generally, the lab uses a combination of hydrocarbon hexane and acetic acid as the solvent. This solution further separates the THC from the plant material. The next step involves putting the solution through a filter to get rid of more plant matter. The remaining liquid goes into a machine called a rotary evaporator.

The machine uses varying heat, motion, and pressure levels to separate the elements in the solution even more. Even then, there are still too many impure elements, so a process called chromatography gets rid of those. Then the lab workers add chloroform, dichloromethane, and Sephadex-LH20.

At this point, the lab puts the crystalline substance back into the rotary evaporator. The next step involves mixing with methanol, placing the solution through another filter, and back into the evaporator! Finally, the chemists mix the substance with dissolvent to achieve an incredible purity level of 99.997%. This is the THC level of the Guild Extracts product.

The company concludes the process by adding the solution to the rotary evaporator one more time to remove the solvent.

How to Use THC 99.9% Crystalline

Users tend to dab, smoke, or vape THC-A Crystalline. The dabbing process requires specific equipment, including a dab rig. This ensures you get the most efficient use out of your THC-A crystals. Although you can use your bong with some tweaking, a dab rig is a better option.

In addition to a dab rig, you can also use a vape box. Also known as box mod vaporizers, they work similarly to traditional vaporizers. The coil inside, which is attached to an atomizer, is heated by a battery. Once you heat the coil, the vapor starts to form, and you inhale it. Add THC-A crystals to the special loading compartment on your box, activate the temperature control, and enjoy.

Since there is almost 100% THC in the product, it is easy to measure how much you use accurately. For instance, 10mg of THC-A Crystalline contains over 9.99mg of THC.

How High Could You Get With 99.9% THC?

As you might expect, THC-A Crystalline can provide an extremely intoxicating high. Surprisingly, however, users often report a clear, fresh, energetic, and rejuvenating high. It is extremely popular amongst medical marijuana patients who find that the product can help with chronic pain. Recreational users may become so high that they’re unable to recognize the level of their intoxication!

With several times the THC content of cannabis flower, it is best if novices steer clear. THC-A Crystalline is best used by those with vast experience in marijuana use.

Since it only contains THC, users don’t benefit from the entourage effect. Also, with no terpenes, you won’t get any taste. Therefore, it is perhaps not the best option if you’re looking to enjoy the aroma and flavor often associated with marijuana.

99.9% THC Side Effects

Common side effects of THC-A Crystalline include:

  • Dry mouth (cottonmouth)
  • Red-eye
  • Dizziness
  • Extreme Drowsiness
  • Impaired cognition and thinking
  • Increased heart rate
  • Hallucinations
  • Paranoia

The risk of side effects depends on your sensitivity to THC and experience level with cannabis. Individuals with a low THC tolerance should not try 99.99% THC dabs. There is a greater risk of increased heart rate and anxiety. The intensity of the intoxication may also result in a panic attack.

Those suffering from mental illnesses such as schizophrenia should also steer clear. THC-A Crystalline could potentially cause hallucinations and an increase in paranoid thinking and behavior.

Final Thoughts on the 99.9% THC Dab

THC-A Crystalline is the ultimate dab. Consisting of 99.9% THC, this super-concentrated compound will leave you with a high comparable to no other. Whether you feel mellowed out, creative, or euphoric, you may not understand how high you are!

Smoking or vaping is the best way to enjoy THC-A Crystalline. The product won’t convert into THC unless it is decarboxylated. You can ingest it to receive potential medical benefits. However, you won’t get to experience the famous ethereal high that the 99.9% THC dab can offer. Many MMJ patients love the way it can seemingly erase or numb chronic pain.

Please exercise caution if you’re sensitive or new to THC. The high potency is no laughing matter and could cause panic or anxiety in those prone to such conditions. It may also cause dizziness or drowsiness. Therefore, make sure you’re in a safe place where you can lie down if you get sleepy or dizzy!

If you are searching for the experience of a lifetime, however, consider THC-A Crystalline.

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