The 5 Best Cannabis-Related TV Shows Ever Made!

If you are like most cannabis users when your bud starts to kick in, the thing you feel most like doing is plopping down on the sofa and enjoying some entertainment or enlightenment on the television. Something to really put your giggles to good use, or to really feed that weed-induced philosophical hunger. But what better way to fulfill these screen-related desires than to watch a show about cannabis itself?

With all the popularity and controversy surrounding cannabis use, many networks have begun to introduce shows featuring it! There is now a growing library of cannabis-related dramas, documentaries, and comedies all to feed your hunger for anything weed related.

So stay seated folks – today we’ll be looking at the top five best cannabis-related TV shows ever made.

#1 – Weeds

Weeds was an American comedy/drama that lasted from 2005 to 2012. But despite it coming to an end in production, the end of its popularity and fame will not be anytime soon. Starring Mary-Louise Parker, Hunter Parrish, Alexander Gould, and Kevin Nealon, Weeds was aired on SHOWTIME, and saw huge success.

The plot of the series starts with the main character Nancy Botwin (Mary-Louise Parker), losing her husband. After she becomes widowed, she needed to start thinking of a way to support herself and her boys. And what better way than to start growing marijuana? It is one of the most popular drugs on the planet, per se. Weeds takes you on an adventure through L.A. as this suburban mom tries her best to support her family through the sale of marijuana.

Keep in mind that during the time in which the series aired (2005), marijuana was not widely accepted as it is today. Growers often did so on the down low as it wasn’t legal, and there were serious repercussions if you did get caught.

Weeds won 6 awards in total, including a Golden Globe for Best Performing Actress and an Emmy Award for outstanding cinematography.

Although you’ll surely laugh during this series, it’ll also appeal to the philosophical pondering that may come up during your next high as you question why weed is still so frowned upon when it has so many benefits.

#2 – High Maintenance

Like Weeds, High Maintenance is also a comedy and drama series. This American TV show started appearing on Vimeo when it was just beginning in 2012, but as it attracted more fame and popularity, it started appearing on HBO in 2016.

Taking place throughout various boroughs of New York City, High Maintenance follows a cannabis dealer as he delivers weed to his clients around the city. An inside glimpse of the lives of the clients is given which allows the viewer to get a peek of what’s going on in the lives of a cannabis user, and to allow for greater understanding and sympathy behind the plant.

This series was a great shot at defying stereotypes and helping people realize that cannabis is used for many other reasons than just getting high. It really helped to humanize the plant and make viewers know that people are still people, regardless of their use of marijuana.

The series lasted 6 years and came to an end in 2018, but no worries – it can still be viewed and enjoyed on HBO Now and iTunes!

#3 – Weediquette

Weediquette is a great documentary series out there for those of you who prefer a more thought-provoking addition to your binge-watching escapades. With marijuana use being on the rise due to the legality in many states, even for recreational use, host of the show Krishna Andavolu ventures into the lives of many of the people who have put the newly accepted plant to good use.

It originally aired on and is an excellent show to watch as it explores the many uses that cannabis has to offer and even delves into some deeper topics such as families who use cannabis to help treat children who have cancer, or people suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder.

Either way, Weediquette will have you wondering why cannabis is truly so stigmatized and still illegal in many parts of the world. With so many benefits and things to offer, and very few side effects, it will have you questioning many different laws and regulations, and the intent behind hiding the cannabis plant and pushing pharmaceuticals instead.

#4 – Bong Appétit

This one is for all of you Food Network fans out there… except with a twist. Bong Appétit is a great show to watch if you love to watch cooking shows, as it’s basically a show where gourmet chefs infuse foods with cannabis. The days of simply making brownies infused with pot are over. With the growing legality and acceptance of cannabis, chefs are now turning cannabis into delicacies and high-end meals.

The host of the show, Abdullah Saeed, will take you through his experience of being a chef who incorporates cannabis into his meals, as he takes you through his preparations and parties to give you an inside scoop on this new twist to cannabis-infused foods.

If you are one to get the munchies when smoking, you will love to cuddle up on the couch and binge watch some Bong Appétit.

#5 – American Weed

Aired by National Geographic in 2012, this weed documentary takes an inside look at the medical cannabis industry in the U.S. This insightful and informing documentary aired at a time when cannabis was still under heavy stigma and there was not a lot of acceptance of the plant. It took a dive into the dispensaries, growers, patients who use cannabis, and police, and even those who oppose it and pose a threat to its legality.

By taking a look at the inside lives of those affected by marijuana, it gave an honest and unbiased view of how marijuana can come to affect people in many different ways. It looks at the people it has helped, including the farmers it gave work to, as well as opponents who say that the plant is a threat to society.

American Weed will really have you amazed at the progress we’ve come to since 2012 and how we have finally come to realize all the amazing benefits of this plant. So if you’re feeling extra knowledge-hungry during your next high, you will love this thought-provoking documentary and all the light is can shed about our transformation through the years in regards to cannabis.

Final Thoughts: The Best Weed Shows

With all the talk of cannabis and the acceptance of its usage, it’s very interesting to go back in time to some older series and see the amazing progress to that which we’ve come today as well as to see some of the newer ones that shed some light on the plant during its peak of popularity.

From ones back in the early 2000s to those that just recently started airing – there is some sort of cannabis-related TV show for people of all interests. So go ahead – binge watch away and have some good laughs, or quench that thirst for knowledge. Our top 5 cannabis related TV shows will be enjoyed by everyone – cannabis user or not.


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