17 Things That You Must Do While Stoned

It is a truth universally recognized that everything is better when you’re high. Those who disagree are simply wrong (or in denial). However, what do you do when you have nothing to do?

Over the years, we have seen trends come and go regarding what makes for a great stoner activity. In this lighthearted article, we take a look at 17 fun things to do while high. They range from the mundane to the ridiculous. Then again, few things are boring when you’re stoned!

#1 – Test Out Your Culinary Skills!

What goes better with a big joint or a tasty bong than your favorite food? Whether you prefer a Michelin star experience or out-of-date chips from the back of the kitchen cupboard, food and weed are a match made in heaven!

Why not give your local pizza delivery guy a day off, test your culinary prowess and get inventive in the kitchen? This is certainly a tip for before you get high. Let’s face it – the last thing you want to do when you’re high is to start cooking up a storm! Nonetheless, there is nothing quite like delving face-first into a plate of home-cooked food when you’re high as a kite!

If you’re stuck for inspiration, check out some of our recipes. You are spoiled for choice as we have shared everything from the gooiest brownies to the cheesiest burgers!

#2 – Get a Sweat On!

We’ve all heard of a runner’s high, right? The feeling that washes over us after a hard session at the gym or out in the open – there’s nothing quite like it! Or is there? Runner’s high is shown to reduce anxiety, dramatically boost mood and even improve focus, so where does cannabis come in here?

Endorphins cause the invincible feeling that comes from a racing heart and sweaty brow. It turns out that getting stoned also releases those brain chemicals responsible for the immense feelings of post-workout exercise!

A study performed by the University of Hamburg tested out the effects of running on the cannabinoid receptors of mice. The researchers found that there was a rise in beta-endorphins, and anandamide, which is an endocannabinoid.

 Various studies have discovered that marijuana’s interaction with the ECS can help reduce anxiety.

We already know from countless studies that cannabis reduces anxiety due to its interaction with the body’s endocannabinoid system (ECS). Yes, exercise really can make you feel high, so what’s our point? You could feel like you’re top of the world by combining the two!

Try going for a run, playing tennis with a buddy, or going swimming. Whatever tickles your fancy, getting high and working up a sweat can bring a host of mood-boosting benefits!

#3 – Get Lost in a Book

It may sound like hard work to read when stoned but choose the right book, and you can find yourself immersed in another world.

Have you ever read a book that you just couldn’t put down? Imagine that feeling, but ten times stronger as your mind runs away with different characters and places.


This one may not work for everyone. However, we find that the right type of high and book can lead to some next level page-turning!

So, whether you want to discuss matters of the universe or find yourself in the center of a tense thriller, reading can enhance a high in ways that a movie just can’t!

#4 – Unwind in a Bubble Bath

What’s better than coming home from a long day at work, a tough workout, or a stressful situation than a long hot bath? We can’t get enough of baths, but one way to make them even better is by combining them with your favorite strain!

Whether you choose to get high first or want to indulge in a joint mid-bath, here is what we suggest:

  • Turn out the lights
  • Light some candles
  • Draw the blinds
  • Put on a podcast or your favorite downtime tunes
  • Plenty of bubbles
  • A nice cold drink
  • Grab your favorite strain
  • Relax

#5 – Thrill Seek!

Are you an adrenaline junkie? Love socializing? Then take your high to a theme park and enjoy the next-level thrill of riding some of the biggest, fastest, and stomach-churning roller coasters!

Again, this is not for everyone! If you are even slightly anxious when you’re high, we do not recommend this. However, if you love socializing when high and loud atmospheres don’t bother you, then we think you will love this idea.

Drops get higher, turns get sharper, and adrenaline hits new heights as you get lost in screams, laughter, and candyfloss! Amusement parks are an excellent place to enjoy a high for the right person, trust us!

#6 – Listen to Music

Yes, we know, this old cliché! However, there is a reason every single one of these lists talks about the pleasures of listening to music when you’re high – it really is that great!

Whether you are into rock, classical, or hip hop, listening to good music when you are stoned is a unique experience. It just isn’t the same without the right marijuana strain.

#7 – Get Creative

Are you a dab hand at painting? Love to draw? Whatever your talent is, getting creative when you’re stoned is eye-opening. The experience can give you space to think and reflect – and it’s a lot of fun too!

There’s a good reason that adult coloring books have become such a huge hit in recent years. Artistic therapy is recognized as a brilliant way to relax, so when we combine it with weed, it gets even better!

Why not light a joint, crack out your childhood art kit and don your scruffs – let’s get creative!

#8 – Find Your Zen

Meditation, yoga, Pilates – they are not only great for flexibility and core strength, but they are also great for your brain. Cannabis is potentially a great way to ease muscle tension and pain, allowing for a freer and more flexible posture. It is also great for getting introspective!

We love getting high before a long and relaxing meditation session. We suggest lighting some candles or your favorite incense, rolling out your yoga mat, and finding your inner Zen.

Warning: We cannot be held responsible for the Zen levels your brain goes to while high!

#9 – Watch a Movie

Whether you love a mindless high or something that gets you thinking – watching movies can cater to both! Sometimes there’s nothing quite like popping on a film you love and know well. Other times you may want to watch a comedy with your pals as you view through hazy smoke.


Yet there are also times where nothing beats watching a movie while high. The process of sitting through an intense, mind-wrecking movie is hard to beat. Think of the fun as your stoned brain thinks of all the different avenues the movie could go down!

So, whatever your mood, we suggest getting snacks, drinks and getting lost with your favorite characters for a few hours! We would, of course, not recommend horror or thrillers if you are an anxious or paranoid stoner!

#10 – Get Deep

Sometimes, there is nothing better than a good chat. Whether it’s a catch-up with an old pal, a date, or just a casual chat with someone you are friends with, adding marijuana to the mix can make it incredible!

Cannabis has this way of bringing down walls and barriers, helping people to let their guard down while boosting their imagination. Therefore, it is sometimes a wonderful tool to help you bond with others, as long as you are all in the right mindset.

Whether you end up putting the world to rights, mending damaged relationships, or simply talking nonsense until the small hours of the morning – getting high and chatting is one of our favorite, cost-effective ways of being stoned.

#11 – Play Video Games

These days, the gaming industry is a multi-billion dollar one where the most skilled players can earn a fortune by winning tournaments. The Electronic Sports League Tournament tests players for marijuana! It is a strange one since your reaction time could slow considerably while stoned.

Did you know that the Electronic Sports League tests players for marijuana?

In any case, playing video games is one of the best things to do while high at home. Ideally, you will focus on exploration games rather than high-octane shooting games where hesitation means your character’s death!

#12 – Visit an Exhibit or Art Gallery

A lot of people claim that art is one of the best things to look at while high. This is probably due to the change of perspective one has while high on cannabis. Suddenly, that Jackson Pollock piece looks like a whole lot more than splashes of paint thrown randomly on a canvas.

#13 – Dance

Okay, this is one where we advise caution. Put on your favorite dance tunes and get your boogie on. Who knows what crazy moves you will conjure up! If you’re feeling brave, try recording yourself and watch it back when you’re no longer stoned. Then you must never, ever show it to anyone, ever. This is how you get blackmailed, people!

#14 – Write a Poem or Short Story

Once again, it is all about the different ways cannabis makes you feel. There are specific strains linked with an increase in creativity and productivity. One handy tip is to think about a childhood memory or something very important to you. Next, start crafting a poem or short story based on it. You’ll be astonished by what you come up with.

#15 – Have Sex

You’ll find that you connect on a deeper level with your partner when stoned. Perhaps now is the time to show them how you feel by making love. Couples that have tried lovemaking while both parties were high have reported enjoying the best sex of their lives. What they find is that all their senses are heightened, and ‘standard’ touching suddenly feels devastatingly arousing.

#16 – Enjoy the World Around You

It is a sad fact that we’ll never get the opportunity to see even a fraction of the world. However, while stoned, you’re more likely to appreciate the things you see regularly. Whether it is the sweet song of birds, the luxurious colors of plants, or the feeling of sand between your toes, marijuana can bring out the best in it. As an aside, you MUST check out a sunset or a star-filled night sky while high.

#17 – Do Some Activities

There are countless things worth trying while high. How about going for a gentle bike ride down beside the ocean, playing sports, or bringing a camera and going on a photo adventure? However, we recommend avoiding any potentially dangerous activities while stoned. If there is peril involved, it intensifies when high!

Round-Up: What’s Your Favorite Way to Enjoy a High?

Are you a social butterfly, or do you prefer your own company when you’re stoned? This is a huge deciding factor when it comes to how you spend your high.

Hopefully, you will find one of our suggestions to your taste. If not, let us know, how do you spend your high? The more ideas, the better, after all!

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