Steamroller Pipe DIY: Getting High With a Toilet Paper Roll!

Another clever DIY way to enjoy your weed

The internet is jam-packed with clever ways to get high with your cannabis, many of which are DIY or do-it-yourself options that are actually extremely affordable for anyone on a tight budget, or for travelers who don’t want to carry glass with them.

Although there’s the soda can pipe, the apple pipe, the gravity bong, and many others, there is also the potential of making a steamroller pipe from the very comfort of your own home using a used toilet paper roll. Some people actually call this the “prison method” of making a DIY pipe, because the materials are so easy to obtain and you won’t need any paraphernalia to produce this device (except the ganja, obviously).

Pretty neat, eh? In this article we will explain just that; how you can produce your own little steamroller DIY pipe with materials you were about to go and recycle anyways.

Keep reading to discover how you can easily build your very own steamroller pipe utilizing a used toilet paper roll…

What is a Steamroller Pipe?

A steamroller pipe actually has an extremely simple design that is quite primitive in many ways. With no fancy bells or whistles, the reason why this type of pipe works is because it allows the consumer to get massive rips off of it, simply because the actual tube of a steamroller is usually quite enormous and spacious, especially when compared with a simple, handheld glass pipe.

The design of the steamroller pipe was actually inspired by the ceremonial pipes the Native Americans once used, which may also lend a hand in its simple yet practical build. With a steamroller pipe, you light the carb on the bottom end while placing your entire mouth over the opening of the large pipe, and from there you inhale an immense wave of smoke (we’re talking insanely huge). Be sure to keep the other end covered so that no smoke escapes and many properly built steamroller pipes do offer solutions for this, such as covers.

The trouble with a steamroller pipe is not only that the hits are often too big for some, but they also aren’t always the most refreshing. You see, when you’re inhaling that much smoke all at once, it can just get really overwhelming, especially without any water to sort of dampen up the impact. This dry inhalation method certainly won’t be everyone’s cup of tea, but it is an awesome idea for those who want a little extra with their marijuana consumption, or those who just want to design a DIY steamroller at all.

What You’ll Need to Get Started with Making Your Very Own DIY Steamroller Pipe

If you’ve weighed your options and you’re dead set on getting going with making your own DIY steamroller pipe using an old toilet paper roll that’s lying around your house, we’ll now explain the items you’ll need to retrieve in order to get started:

  • A toilet paper roll. Paper towel rolls actually work just as well, and they are a lot longer so this can even offer more of that classic, traditional “steamroller” vibe.
  • A piece of tin foil.
  • A sharp object (like a pen) which you can use to break a hole through the toilet paper roll.

The Process of Building Your DIY Steamroller Pipe

Once you’ve gathered all of your super-easy-to-find household materials, you’ll be set to start making your DIY steamroller pipe so you can end up that much closer to finally enjoying your yummy ganja!

  1. Begin by utilizing your sharp object to punch a hole into the toilet paper roll. Do this about 2 inches from the bottom of the roll, maintaining a bit of space so that your smoke will have plenty of room to roll.
  2. Using the tin foil, form a bowl-like shape over the hole you just created on the bottom of the toilet roll. Get a little creative and do your best to create a concave form that you could imagine easily storing a bit of ganja.
  3. This step is a bit optional, but if you would like to design an end cap for your steamroller, utilize more foil and fold it over the end closer to the bowl. This will help to prevent any of that precious reefer smoke from escaping. An alternative method would be to just use your hand to cover the opening when you go to actually take a hit.
  4. Placing your mouth at the end of the paper roll that is the furthest away from the bowl, light up your packed-with-Mary Jane bowl and keep your hand (or a piece of tin foil) on the end closest to the bowl as you go for a smoke. Rejoice as the heavy smoke fills up your lungs and the incredible high begins settling in.

Alternatives to the Steamroller DIY Pipe

As with most DIY designs, there are usually some other homemade alternatives. This is most definitely the case with devices that can be used to smoke cannabis out of. The list of crafty creations you can come up with is reasonably extensive, and although we focus mostly upon the steamroller pipe in this article, we must mention some of the other alternative ideas just so you can understand your choices a bit better.

Probably one of the classic, at-home ways to smoke marijuana is the good ol’ apple pipe. This device involves a series of holes cut on a fresh apple, and the ganja is packed up at the space at the top of the apple once the stem is removed. If you’re interested in knowing more details about how to make an apple pipe, check out this article.

Another common DIY pipe option involves shaping a soda can. This process is pretty simple, but in order to avoid any confusion, check out this guide that can help walk you through the process step-by-step.

Final Thoughts on Getting High with Your Own DIY Steamroller Pipe

Although there are many ways you can go about getting high with a DIY generated creation, there is something so resourceful and efficient about the design of this homemade steamroller pipe. It serves as an enjoyable, convenient, and extremely inexpensive way to get high with your favorite cannabis strains, and best of all it can just be discarded after use, guilt-free (but please, recycle!).

We hope that this article has been able to provide some insightful information into the process of making your very own steamroller DIY pipe, as well as potentially given you new ideas on alternative ways that you can enjoy smoking marijuana. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

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