Cannabis Instagram Accounts: Here are the Top 10

Ranking as the second most popular social media account in the world (behind Facebook), Instagram is home to around 700 MILLION users! We can see why this app has skyrocketed to fame in the eight years since it was created back in 2010; after all, there is literally nothing you can’t find on here!

From thousands of “food porn” accounts to dedicated pages on sports, nutrition, lifestyle, cleaning, home, and pets, Instagram has an account for everyone! And of course, among the millions of pages out there, there are hundreds of cannabis-based accounts that we just can’t get enough of!

Among the benefits of educating yourself and getting insider tips on all things weed, following a few pot-centric Instagram pages is a huge step forward towards breaking down the stigma around the plant, and ultimately raising awareness.

So without further ado, here are our top ten best marijuana Instagram accounts to follow for all things cannabis!

#1 Women of Cannabiz

It’s no secret that women and cannabis go together like a dream, so when it comes to the cannabis business world, women are rocking it at the moment, and the Women of Cannabiz Instagram account is creating a movement for female entrepreneurs to get their heads around the business side of our favorite bud.

You can get access to an aesthetically pleasing array of feminine posts that pop with vibrancy and enthusiasm, and with quotes, helpful tips, and advice (and even access to a free e-book on getting into the cannabis world in 5 easy steps), this is undoubtedly an account for any business woman with a passion for pot.

#2 High Times Magazine

Dubbed ‘The Magazine of High Society,’ this one needs little introduction! Arguably the most significant marijuana publication in the world, High Times has found itself an incredibly popular platform on Instagram.


If you have ever smoked weed, then you likely already follow High Times Magazine on Instagram, but if you don’t, then do it now! Anything worth knowing can be found here, from the most up-to-date legalization news to tips and tricks for growing, rolling, smoking, and enjoying weed.

It isn’t the most aesthetically pleasing page, but the ‘gram is a hub of knowledge that any serious pot lover must get involved with.

#3 Trippy.Treez

If you’re searching for a unique look into some of the hottest new products on the cannabis market, Trippy.Treez is one to follow. Not only is the woman behind the account easy on the eye, but she is full of industry knowledge as a producer and marketer with a passion for cannabis.

From humongous bags of weed to the most quirky and weird gadgets, the Trippy.Treez IG account is creative, offers great inspiration, and is aesthetically pleasing in every sense!

#4 National Joint League

If you’re into the arts, then the National Joint League will be right up your alley! The guys behind this IG account are the Van Gogh of the cannabis world, with joints rolled into styles that your wildest dreams could not conjure up.

This Instagram account has garnered approximately 50,000 followers, all of which are encouraged to submit their works of art into the only official “joint rolling competition” on social media!

From animals to architectural masterpieces, if you are looking for inspiration for that next party trick, NJL is definitely one to check out for sure.

#5 Illadelph Glass

Masters in the art of crafting world-class glass smoking apparatuses, Illadelph Glass is your go-to for intricate bongs, majestic pipes, and out-of-this-world aesthetics that will be sure to see you saving up the dollars for your next weed-related treat.

Illadelph Glass has combined clever scientific glass blowing with a flair for the arts to bring us some of the most beautiful smoking devices on the market.

With each piece being meticulously designed, though, these won’t come cheap, but the ‘gram account is still well worth following — whether you can afford them or not!

#6 Dankshire

Dankshire offers some of the most stunning photography of cannabis concentrates that we’ve come across. Those weed lovers who appreciate photography will love this account, and they have some pretty gnarly shots of cannabis plants as well!

The macro photos, dab shots, and aesthetically pleasing layout make Dankshire a great account for a chilled out scroll through some top-notch cannabis images.

And we’re not the only ones who think so, either; this freelance photographer’s account currently has over 9,000 followers.

#7 The High Circle

An Instagram account strictly dedicated to the beautiful world of weed, The High Circle is a cannabis lifestyle account packed full of vibrant and exciting cannabis shots.

Particularly great for those seeking to find more out about their favorite bud, or simply gawk over a delicious, dank-looking strain, we love The High Circle for those times when you are couch-locked on the sofa and fancy a scroll through the old social media blackhole.

#8 Dabbing Granny

The queen of concentrates, Dabbing Granny is as incredible as she sounds! This Instagram account is all about having fun with weed, and the woman behind it all is as entertaining as she is hardcore.


If you’re a fan of dabbing and/or have a passion for the unusual, Dabbing Granny is a must-follow. She has some kick-ass bongs, some of which we’ve never seen before – and displays a fresh, truly unique (and entertaining) outlook on cannabis.

#9 Weed Humor

With a whopping 2.9 million followers, the Weed Humor Instagram account is a treasure trove of gifs, memes, and straight up wicked humor all about your favorite bud.

The account is private, but once you’re in, you can feast your eyes on hundreds of silly and hilarious posts that are the perfect accompaniment to any high!

#10 Nug Shots

Nug Shots is your one-stop Instagram account for beautifully shot professional photography. From trichomes to buds and a wide range of strains, the macro photography featured here is impressive, to say the least!

Boasting as one of the leaders of cannabis-related photography, their account is awash with stunning close-ups that capture those small, beautiful little details that are so often overlooked in your standard pot imagery. 10/10 for aesthetics, and 10/10 for quality!

Final Thoughts on the Best Marijuana Instagram Accounts to Follow

Regardless of your follower count, or what you use Instagram for on the day to day, if you love weed, then following these ten accounts is an absolute must! From hilarious and beautiful to downright stupid, they have everything you could need — and more!

Of course, though, all of these accounts are a distant second to the best marijuana Instagram account of all time — ours here at WayofLeaf! Throw us a follow, and join in on the ever-growing cannabis community!

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