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These days, it seems as if 90% of text and live chat messages include at least one emoji. Since people are often unable to detect humor or sarcasm in the written word, the emoji is a great way of ensuring a message doesn’t get misconstrued. It was created by Shigetaka Kurita in 1998. He was an engineer at NTT Docomo, a Japanese phone company that had introduced the heart symbol to its Pocket Bell device in 1995.

That being said, the first emoticons were used in Puck magazine in 1881. By 1982, emotions were communicated online in the form of the : – ) symbol. The use of emojis really took off by the early 2010s, but something was missing: There was no ‘getting high’ emoji, ‘420 emoji’, or any other emoji in the world related to marijuana. The best people could do was include weed symbols in the text, such as a tree or a rocket.

Finally, in 2016, it was possible to get a weed emoji for an Android smartphone; there was finally an emoji for smoking weed! Apple didn’t take long to follow suit, so by early 2017; there were numerous marijuana-related emojis. Now that cannabis is fully legal in Canada, and for medical or recreational purposes in two-thirds of American states, developers have been busily creating killer weed emojis. Let’s take a look at some of the best ones.

High Emoji

At the time of writing, there are around 3,000 emojis with the number increasing every day as the amount of emojis sent on Facebook alone approaches 1 billion per day. There was even an Emoji movie! As marijuana becomes more popular, one of its biggest advocates uses emojis to showcase his love for the herb. Snoop Dogg uses so many emojis that he actually won a World Emoji award in 2018!

If you want to follow suit, you can download a weed emoji app from the Google play store & iTunes, or a weed emoji keyboard for iOS and Android. In the event that you still wish to remain clandestine about your pot use, it is still possible to text emojis for weed in a kind of ‘coded’ form.

A basic brownie emoji can help get the message across. However, it may not be the best ‘secret’ code because a lot of people associate marijuana with brownies! Whatever you do, make sure you don’t make the mistake of sending the emoji above, as it means something entirely different!

If you live in a state such as California or Colorado where marijuana use is legal for recreational purposes, you can be a lot more blatant about your use of the herb. The above is a cool pot smoking emoji, and there are dozens of variations to choose from.

Given the popularity of marijuana concentrates, we expected to find scores of dabbing emojis but instead, the main ones you will find relate to the silly dance, as you can see above!

Why Does 420 Symbolize Weed?

One emoji type you WILL easily find online involves the number ‘420’. If you have any knowledge of the marijuana scene, you will understand the importance of 420 Day, which happens every year on April 20.

It came to prominence due to a group of High School students who called themselves the Waldos. Legend has it that they used to meet after school at 4:20 pm to smoke weed and try to find a hidden marijuana patch. They never found the secret field of cannabis, but they did manage to introduce a brand-new word to the weed lexicon.

Stoned Emoji

Although you have the option to use cannabidiol (CBD), the non-intoxicating compound in weed, most people use the herb for its THC content. These days, there are hybrid strains with a THC content off the charts. It doesn’t take much to get completely baked, and you can now choose between a long list of stoner emojis to denote just how high you are at the moment.

If you have marijuana on your mind, there are a ton of weed emojis on Android to showcase your love of pot. The weed emoji above helps tell the story of a thousand words in a single image.

There is genuinely a weed emoticon for every occasion. If you want to schedule a smoking session with a friend, you can simply send a 4:20 symbol to let them know what is on your mind.

The weed smoking emoji above covers a lot of angles. First, it shows that you are already stoned. Secondly, it suggests that you are not finished smoking, and finally, it pays tribute to Rastafarianism; a religion that uses marijuana in religious ceremonies.

The stoned smiley face emoji is everywhere, and it is arguably the easiest one to find, and also to understand. If you send someone this emoji, it leaves them in no doubt as to what you are talking about.

Likewise, this high emoji face leaves little to the imagination. If you receive this message from a friend, they are possibly too stoned to send a coherent text.

It took a long time, but there is finally a blunt emoji. You need to download an Apple app to get it, but it is worth the (minimal) effort to signify that it is time to chill out and listen to some Bob Marley records.

How to Use Emojis in YouTube Comments

If you see a cool weed-related video on YouTube and want to show your appreciation in the form of a cannabis emoji, it is really easy to include one in the comments section. If you are using a Mac computer, click Control, Command, and Space, and you will see a list of emojis. Alternatively, start writing your comment and then right click on your mouse. You should see an ‘Emoji’ option at the very top.

Pot Leaf Emoji

The list of stoner emoticons is increasing, and soon, it will reach the stage where adding pot emojis will be as easy as adding a smiley face.

This bong emoji is brilliant as it captures the entire process, not to mention the expression on a person’s face as they go down for their sixth hit in 20 minutes.

The weed plant emoji is all over the place. From cartoonish versions of the precious plant to more serious emoticons, you can fill a message with marijuana leaves emoticons; it is a must-have for weed growers!

Believe it or not, it is difficult to find a good joint emoji, even if you manage to find plenty of other weed emojis on your iPhone or Android. At least you can add an image of the joint rolling process which is cool.

There are sites such as that allow you to copy and paste weed emojis into social media comments. It doesn’t do much for the entire ‘lazy’ stereotype, but no self-respecting stoner will refuse the opportunity to simply copy and paste an emoji, whether it is a weed smiley face, blunt, joint, or bong.

Pot Emoji

We have covered a few marijuana emoticons, including the stoner smiley face and weed leaf emojis and outlined how to copy and paste emojis such as images that celebrate 420 day. We wish we could cover everything, but the truth is, there are a TON of smoking weed emojis that we haven’t got around to covering. There are dozens of options ranging from the obvious to the satirical.

The stoner’s version of the Make America Great Again emoji certainly falls into the latter category. It depicts Trump’s baseball hat but changes the words to something more appropriate. It is especially funny given the Republican Party’s draconian stance on the herb.

In the end, marijuana emojis are supposed to be fun, and we think you’ll agree that most, if not all, of the emoticons featured in this article, are funny at the very least. We have come a long way as a nation when it comes to our attitudes towards the herb. From being unable to even smoke a gram of weed with the risk of a prison sentence, to openly celebrating weed use via emojis. Hopefully, it is a sign that full legalization will happen sooner rather than later.

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