6 Cheap Things at Walmart to Smoke Weed Out Of

#5 will take you back in time…

If you live in a place where you have access to Walmart, then you know how it goes. This superstore seems to have just about everything, and usually for insanely affordable prices. At the time of writing, there are more than 11,000 Walmart stores in the world – yes, you saw that right; 11,000!

With this many global locations, there’s a pretty likely chance that you’ve got a Walmart not far away from you, and if you just so happen to love cannabis, you’re in luck. It turns out that, although not intentionally meaning to do so, Walmart does stock some products which can be used either obviously, or not so obviously, for marijuana consumption. From pipes to rolling papers, water bottles to apples, there are ways to use your creativity and convert some of the items sold in Walmart stores into cannabis paraphernalia. In this article, we’ll walk you through 6 affordable objects, some of which are clearly functional for this purpose, while others require a bit more effort.

Keep reading to discover 6 cheap things at Walmart to smoke marijuana out of…

1. RAW Rolling Paper Cones Made from Natural Hemp

Used by stoners and cannabis-lovers all over the world, RAW make these amazing hemp-derived rolling papers as an alternative to bleached, tobacco-based options. These unbleached, all-natural papers are not only affordable, but they’re also said to be better for your health, especially if you don’t intend to consume even trace amounts of tobacco while enjoying a joint. Consumers often report that RAW hemp papers leave their cannabis tasting better, creating an overall more pleasant experience. Designed for a controlled burn that generates smoother smoke, it makes a lot of sense why so many have switched to RAWs over the years. The cones are pre-shaped so that you can quickly pack and twist your joint, without having to worry about any rolling hassles.

If you’re looking for a wonderful bulk deal to save in the long run on hemp rolling papers, check this 6 pack out.

2. Handmade, Hand-Painted Tobacco Pipe Shaped Like a Mushroom

This quirky, mushroom-shaped pipe is, technically, tailored to a tobacco-smoking audience, but with its bong look-alike form, it feels all too familiar for the cannabis consumer. Although the design isn’t for everyone, there is something convenient about the standing shape of this hand-painted pipe, along with its large bowl that is ready to be packed with plenty of bud. All-in-all, we are rather intrigued by this device, in addition to its affordable price tag.

If you feel like this unique mushroom-shaped pipe is your style, pick it up here for just $21.95.

3. Affordable 1-Hose Hookah with a 10.5” Design

Although not an ideal way to consume cannabis and one that should be done sparingly, it is actually possible to smoke cannabis from a hookah, but it is best to blend the herb with tobacco, which does have an effect on the concentration of the THC you’ll be intaking. You’ll notice that your weed will have a much milder effect on you, which might feel like a waste to some. Cannabis also leaves behind sticky resin, which can be difficult to clean out of your hookah and can ruin the lifespan of your hookah if used frequently. However, if you enjoy smoking shisha in general and want to add a slightly different, THC-packed twist to your experience, check out this affordable and inexpensive hookah which could be discarded or put away after a few uses if the resin buildup becomes too potent.

4. Scorch Torch Helios Wooden Tobacco Pipe

This smoking pipe is technically designed for tobacco users, but it can work just as well for those who would like to light up a bit of Mary Jane. It’s old news that devices marketed for smoking tobacco can be used also for cannabis, so it comes as no surprise that this wooden tobacco pipe would be the same. With a detachable pipe stem, this sleek device is easy to clean, especially because this variety is sold alongside a 3-in-1 pipe tool for cleaning. Not only is this pipe comfortable and extremely similar to smoking from a cannabis glass-blown pipe, but it also costs only $12.99, and you’ll look incredibly classy and old-school smoking from it.

If this wooden pipe seems to be right up your alley, you can buy it here.

5. Gala Organic Apples for a Homemade Pipe

The apple pipe might have you feeling like you’re back in high school again, but if you’re just S.O.L. or don’t want to spend more than a buck making something you can smoke out of real quick and then dispose of, the apple pipe is the way to go. This option can be created with just a firm apple, a pen, and a knife, and it only requires about 10 minutes of your time until you can get to smoking.

How to Make an Apple Pipe:


If you’ve never needed to make an apple pipe before, you might consider yourself lucky. That means you’ve always had access to a more sturdy smoking device. However, if now you’re in need of this all-natural, disposable option, here are a few easy steps:

  1. Collect all your materials. Using a knife, cut the entire stem away from the apple removing it all the way from the base.
  2. Push your pen through the hole you just made at the stem and angle the direction slightly. Insert the pen until it has gone about halfway through the side of the apple. Use twisting motions if your pen doesn’t seem to be puncturing the fruit well enough.
  3. Using the pen again, create a hole at the bottom of the apple that meets up with the hole you just made from the region that contained the stem originally. You’ll be able to see the pen poking through at the top once the hole is complete.
  4. Create a third hole on the side of the apple about an inch from the hole at the top. This third hole will meet up with the chamber system you created and produce a useable carb where you can control your hits. Be sure that your carb is in a comfortable place where it is easy to cover with your finger when you inhale.
  5. Using a knife, a pen, or any other sharp object, carve out the top hole a bit more so that it has a bowl-like opening where you’ll be able to pack your cannabis bud.
  6. Place your ground cannabis at the top of the apple and use a lighter to ignite the bud. Keep your thumb covering the side hole (the carb) while you are lighting up. Inhale, and release your finger as you normally would with a pipe.
  7. Although many stores sell apples, Walmart offers this 3 lb. bag of organic apples, which is a wonderful option if you’d like to avoid any nasty chemicals or pesticides, as well as enjoy a tasty, healthy snack afterward when the munchies hit.

6. A Walmart Build-Your-Own-Bucket Gravity Bong Set

Even if all of these materials aren’t sold together in a pack at Walmart (probably for legal purposes), it is possible to easily find all of the supplies you’d need to make your own DIY gravity bong on a budget.

What You’ll Need from Walmart:

  • A plastic bucket
  • A sharp knife
  • A plastic bottle (any size will do, as long as it is single-use plastic and can be cut)
  • Aluminum foil
  • A poking device (such as toothpicks)

To create your bucket gravity bong using Walmart materials, read our easy-to-follow guide for all the information you’ll need to know to walk you through the process.

Final Thoughts on 6 Cheap Things at Walmart to Smoke Marijuana Out of

It turns out that you can find devices to smoke cannabis out of just about anywhere, especially at a store with the type of variety that Walmart has. If you’re looking for something cheap and convenient to purchase so you can enjoy your marijuana on the go, these 6 options are wonderful choices and will save you some money. Best of all, it can be a fun experiment to consume cannabis from a device that you aren’t traditionally accustomed to.

We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of cannabis is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

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