WTF is a ‘Twax’ Joint… And How Do You Roll One?

The real answer unveiled…

Maybe you’ve heard of the term ‘Twax’ Joint, maybe you haven’t. Although this revelation is not completely new, it is beginning to gain popularity steadily throughout the cannabis community, and rightfully so.

If you’re one of those marijuana lovers that is sick and tired of joints or blunts no longer getting you high, then you actually might be on the right track with a Twax Joint. This little baby is ULTRA potent, and we assure you, you’ll actually get that high-induced satisfaction you’re looking for if you decide to roll one up.

In this article we’ll explain what exactly a ‘Twax’ Joint even is, along with what you’ll need to roll your own. Finally, you’ll be provided the step-by-step process of creating your very own ‘Twax’ Joint – can you believe it?!

So, What Even IS a Twax Joint?

What a wonderful question! A Twax Joint is basically a regular joint, except hash or cannabis concentrate is added to either the inside, outside, or tip of the joint. This means that when it’s burned, it packs an insane punch, hence why it is so suitable for individuals whose tolerance has gotten so high that they no longer can get the same fulfillment from even an entire joint.

The Twax Joint is, in many ways, an appropriate alternative to dabbing, which involves vaporizing waxes or cannabis concentrates with a specialized dabbing rig. Not everyone likes dabbing or the equipment it requires, so maybe a Twax Joint is a better alternative for those who’d rather go more old-school, or for a group of people who’d really like to share a high potency joint (it’s pretty hard to share a dab).

If this type of joint sounds incredibly intriguing to you, keep reading because boy do we have a special treat for you. Find out what you’ll need to roll a beautiful Twax Joint, along with the step-by-step process you’ll have to undergo to create a Twax Joint. Happy rolling!

What You’ll Need to Roll a Beautiful Twax Joint

There are a few items you’ll need to gather before you get started with the creative process of making your Twax Joint. If you’re a regular cannabis consumer, there’s a pretty good chance you’ve already got all of what you need. If not, your local dispensary will stock everything.

  • Some form of marijuana concentrate. The type is optional, but something with a more waxy consistency is more preferable.
  • Your usual rolling papers. Pick the best, sturdiest bunch. You’ll want plenty of support for the joint.
  • A selection of your favorite cannabis buds. Be sure to pick a strain you really resonate with.
  • A handy dandy lighter which you’ll not only use to soften up your concentrate, but also to actually light up the Twax Joint.
  • A dabbing tool of your choice for convenience, so you can actually work with your concentrate and not feel like it is just doing its own thing and not taking an actual shape. The dabbing tool will make the shaping process soooo much simpler.
  • Rubbing alcohol and coconut oil. This isn’t actually for the joint itself, but rather a way to spare your fingers from the sticky mess that is to follow after you’ve created your very own Twax Joint.
  • Food. Lots and lots of food. Believe us, you probably won’t want to get up after you smoke a Twax Joint. Just be prepared with something to munch on close by.

The Step-by-Step Process of Creating a Twax Joint

Now the time has come where you’re finally going to learn how to produce your very own Twax Joint. The process isn’t actually all that difficult, but you definitely will need to know what you’re getting yourself into.

There are two primary ways to roll a Twax Joint that we will cover in this article, and that includes an option where you roll the wax on the inside and another option where you roll the wax on the outside.

Twax Joint Option #1: Roll the Wax Inside

For a Twax Joint where you roll the wax into the buds itself, the process is actually simple. Here’s what you need to do:

  1. Take a rolling paper and your already ground-up bud. Set the ground buds aside and grab your concentrate of choice. Using a lighter and the dabbing tool, melt the concentrate enough so that it is easily spreadable.
  2. Spread the melted concentrate in a snake-like line from the top of the rolling paper to the bottom. This ensures that every hit you take will include a bit of this concentrate, so your high will be that much more even.
  3. Take your ground up buds now and spread them throughout the rolling paper covered with a thin line of concentrate and roll up the joint like you would normally.
  4. Give that paper a lick, seal it off, and enjoy lighting it up! This type of Twax Joint is a bit more discreet than the next option where the concentrate is on the outside, which maybe makes it a convenient party favor because it can still be concealed just like a normal joint can be.

Twax Joint Option #2: Roll the Wax Outside

This option differs a bit from the previously described steps, and it is certainly the more difficult of the two, so get ready for a challenge. With this selection, you’ll actually need a specific type of concentrate; regular old wax or resin won’t work. You’ll need something with more of a sappy consistency, which ensures that it will form in the correct manner for your best Twax Joint possible.

  1. Begin by folding and rolling your sap cannabis concentrate into a long, snake-like tube. You’ll want to make sure the shape is a bit longer than your joint paper. Once we explain the next steps, you’ll understand why.
  2. Take your rolling paper and ground buds and make a joint as per usual. Be sure the roll is nice and tight so that there’s no chance that some marijuana will spill out of it. Definitely avoid rolling a cone-shaped joint.
  3. Take the tube you made from your cannabis concentrate and wrap it around your joint in a spiral shape. Start by pressing and attaching the sticky substance to the end of one side of the joint, and then slowly work your way around the entirety of the doobie.
  4. Your Twax Joint is ready. Give it a light and enjoy that delicious, hashy flavor.

Final Thoughts on Twax Joints… And How You Roll One

So, there you have it. Now you know what the ultra-potent Twax Joint is, in addition to the materials you’ll need to make your very own.

Finally, you should now be familiar too with the process of rolling one, and the lighting up part should be pretty self-explanatory. The next time your friends stop by to smoke with you, surprise them with one of these Twax Joints and they’ll be thoroughly impressed…and insanely high too, of course.

Please note, if you’re a novice smoker, be careful with Twax Joints! They’re immensely strong, we aren’t even kidding you, and so if you aren’t accustomed to intaking large quantities of THC, maybe start out small and work your way up, or opt for a plain bowl, joint, hit of a vape, or a light dab.

We hope that this article was educational and informative, as well as enjoyable to read. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user and discretion should always be taken.

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