Black Lime Reserve Strain Review

Black Lime Reserve Strain Review

A pure, bright, and endlessly enjoyable strain. Black Lime will keep you immersed in pleasant euphoria for hours at a time.

Price(per gram)
Dominant Terpene:
Pinene, Limonene, Myrcene
Common Usage
AnxietyDepressionNerve pain
Body high/numbingEuphoriaLaughingRelaxation
Growing Info
An easy grower, this is a strain that really only needs a little bit of help to get going through topping and trimming.

There are certain strains that you have to keep on hand for when you need them. Whether because of their absolutely incredible flavor or because of their potent effects, you should always keep a few nugs sealed for a special occasion.

Black Lime, also known as Black Lime Special Reserve, is a definite contender in this category. It boasts an intricate and surprisingly bright flavor, as well as an incredibly relieving and pleasant high.

Here is everything that is to know about the Black Lime strain, so that you can be prepared before you head straight to your local dispensary.

What Is the Black Lime Strain?

The Black Lime strain was created almost twenty years ago by Aficionado Seed Bank. These prolific growers have made lots of well known strains, but Black Lime is perhaps one of their best.

Made by crossing prominent strains like Northern Lights, ChemDawg, and Purple Kush, Black Lime has a bit of a pedigree when it comes to breeding history.

The critical thing about Black Lime is that its high is infamously consistent and long-lasting. While it does possess a potent dose of THC, it manages to avoid being overwhelming or distressing for its users.

After your first puff of Black Lime, you will feel the smoke completely fill your head, almost like the space in your skull has been saturated. You will notice a profound sense of happiness and laughter.

Over time, the high develops into one of vague tingly sensations throughout your entire body, still with waves of intriguing pleasure and calm.

However, these effects feel somehow fleeting, despite their longevity. While you will be under the spell of Black Lime for hours at a time, you will find yourself thinking that barely any time has passed at all. The critical thing to take away from it will be a profound sensation of euphoria and a lingering sense of tingles all across your skin.

This strain is perfect for having on hand for when you want to simply and easily enjoy yourself, without any kind of specific other primary effects.


On getting a chance to smell Black Lime, the first thing you will notice is one of intense citrusy tanginess.

The citrus is pretty hard to diagnose at first, but after a while, it starts to morph into the recognizably sweet, cloying tanginess of lime juice. It has the distinct smell of lime peel, the kind you get in zest form over a delicate dessert.

At the very end of its aroma, you will notice a considerable amount of black pepper, with a spicy, almost acidic aroma to it that leaves you a little bit surprised at its intensity.


After cracking the bud open and beginning to light it up, you will probably be expecting an initial hit of lime juice and citrus peel. However, the first thing you will notice is actually a massive burst of mintiness.

It is closer to the mint in artificial gum rather than fresh mint leaves; it is still extraordinarily refreshing and satisfying. However, as you start to appreciate the smoke, the lime from the aroma will make itself known. It has that same kind of tanginess; in fact, it is almost a little bit like a sweet cocktail.

If you are a lover of an Old Fashioned, then you will definitely appreciate the taste of the Black Lime strain.


The flowers of this mild strain are adorably small and colored, similar to their taste with a vaguely minty green appearance.

There are also plenty of enjoyable white trichomes that help give it its signature flavor and aroma. Additionally, there is a decent amount of orange and amber pistils, which are primarily responsible for its tangy aroma.

It is also slightly glowing, making it look a bit like it is actively shining in the light, almost as if it is calling to you to be enjoyed.

Black Lime Strain Grow Info

The Black Lime strain is surprisingly simple to grow on your own, assuming you can get some Black Lime strain seeds. If you find it pretty difficult to track some seeds down, simply find a grower with an active Black Lime plant and beg for a clipping off of them.

Once planted, you can expect a pretty standard growing time to reach the flowering stage, so roughly eight to ten weeks.

Black Lime is known for growing rather tall and a bit gangly, so it certainly benefits from pruning. To do so, simply keep the under leaves trimmed down if they become obscured by any additional growth from the top of the plant.

To encourage better bud production, make sure to lop off the top of the plant as it grows, as this will promote a more lateral growing direction. More growth to the side will typically result in better bud production when it comes time to harvest, so you definitely want to prioritize this.

One other thing to note is that the Black Lime strain is well known for its very noticeable and prolific aroma while it grows. If you are planning on growing this strain in secret, make sure you either grow it somewhere well concealed if you are outdoors, or ensure you have a ventilator. Without adequate ventilation indoors, you will quickly find that the smell is overpowering.

THC Content – Highest Test

Black Lime cannabis is well-known for its high intensity of THC. Most samples of Black Lime contain about 19% to 20% THC, which is a pretty large amount of THC compared with most strains.

This is just enough THC to be a bit overwhelming for those who are not used to it, so look after your first-time smoker friends.

CBD Content – Highest Test

Just like all strains that boast a high concentration of THC, Black Lime is pretty infamous for having virtually no CBD content at all. While you might find roughly 1% CBD within your Black Lime buds, you won’t really find anything more than that.

However, there are still plenty of useful benefits of smoking the Black Lime strain, even if you can’t really benefit from any CBD.

Medical Benefits of the Black Lime Strain

When you get a strain that produces a long-lasting, euphoric high, it is no surprise that its primary medical benefits are associated with mental health.

For those who have a hard time dealing with common mood disorders like depression, anxiety, and excess stress, this is the perfect strain for you.

Instead of feelings of abject negativity, you can enjoy the feeling of being free and able to deal with anything that the world throws at you. The euphoria of this strain is so long-lasting that it will feel like you can overcome any problems you are struggling with.

There is also another extremely common use of Black Lime – as a way to fall asleep. This is not actually because it induces heavy drowsiness or because it makes you fall asleep. However, after a few hours of its euphoric high, you will find it challenging to think about anything at all.

Insomnia is a medical condition that prevents people from sleeping. However, many people who struggle with falling asleep do so because of negative or anxious thoughts that keep them awake. Black Lime is perfect for helping those people because it helps to clear their minds, thus making it super easy to fall asleep.

Possible Side Effects of the Black Lime Strain

The primary two side effects of the Black Lime strain are the same side effects that pretty much every marijuana strain in existence induces: Dry mouth and dry eyes. This irritating pair will make you feel like you are parched, and your eyes are papery dry.

To fight this, keep yourself well hydrated and ensure you retain a moist towel on hand to soothe your aching eyes.

Other than that, the only thing you should keep in mind is the fact that it has a pretty high THC content, which consequently means there is the potential for unpleasant feelings. These take the form of mild headaches and dizziness if you take too much at a time.

To best enjoy Black Lime, you need to ensure you only smoke as much as you need, ideally with someone else there to help you learn your boundaries. It is not anywhere near as dangerous or unpleasant as many other strains, but it absolutely has the potential to leave you feeling light-headed and like you don’t know which way is up.

Final Thoughts on the Black Lime Strain

The Black Lime strain is a hybrid bud that has definitely earned its fame. With an incredibly long-lasting high that just won’t quit, combined with a super pleasant flavor and aroma, this strain is well-loved by all.

Whether you enjoy marijuana strains entirely based on their effects, or if you prefer to sample only the best tasting buds, Black Lime will likely be just what you are looking for.

Thanks to its vaguely nondescript, euphoric high, it is an excellent option for first-timers if they are careful with the amount that they smoke. The indica-leaning effects of this strain provide a body high but without the same couch lock or endless desire to crash and fall asleep.

Keep this bud on hand, stored in a tight and dry container, for when you next have friends over. Or, perhaps, for when the day has been a bit harder than usual, and you need something to help make it all better.

While there are many buds that purport to help you deal with a hard day, Black Lime is potentially better than all of them put together.

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