Mendo Breath | Marijuana Strain Review

Mendo Breath | Marijuana Strain Review

Mendo Breath is an indica-leaning strain with a deliciously sweet vanilla and caramel flavor. It induces deep feelings of relaxation, so it’s great for those looking to unwind. Mendo Breath can reportedly address insomnia, stress, and pain, making it a popular medicinal strain as well.

Dominant Terpene:
Relaxation, Sleep/Sedation, Spacy/cerebral
Common Usage
Growing Info

Mendo Breath’s sweet aroma may seem like a breath of fresh air at first, but don’t let it fool you; this strain is potent!

What Is the Mendo Breath Strain?

The Mendo Breath strain is an indica-dominant, clone-only hybrid. This Gage Green Genetics creation is a cross of OG Kush Breath and Mendo Montage.

Mendo Breath is known for its deliciously sweet aroma and flavor. While seemingly inviting and innocent, don’t be fooled; this strain packs a potent punch.

Mendo Breath’s deliciously sweet aroma and flavor may seem inviting and innocent, but don’t be fooled.

Mendo Breath weed has an average THC content of between 19%-20%. Its THC level is offset by a much more modest CBD level of 0.11%.

Mendo Breath’s initial cerebral high starts strong and comes on fast before mellowing out. Users describe feeling deeply relaxed and, in some cases, extremely couch-locked.


It is hard not to be enticed by the beautifully aromatic blend of sweet scents emanating from this fragrant strain. One whiff, and you’ll know why Mendo Breath is famous for being one of the most deliciously sweet cannabis strains. The predominant aromas are a noticeable vanilla and caramel scent offset by subtler earthy and pungent fragrances.


Not only does Mendo Breath smell great, but it tastes delicious too. Smokers love this strain for its wonderfully sweet taste, likened to candy due to its pleasing vanilla and caramel flavors. The Mendo Breath strain also has other milder but discernible flavors, such as pepper and lemon. However, these pale in comparison to its intense, sweet taste.


A Mendo Breath plant produces a dense coating of heavily frosted, mint green buds. Growing prominently among them are bright orange pistils that complement the purple calyxes beautifully.

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Mendo Breath Strain Grow Info

Mendo Breath is a clone-only strain, so getting your hands on clippings of this plant can be quite tricky. However, if you can source some from a mature plant, the good news is it’s an easy strain to grow.

Cannabis cultivators can grow Mendo Breath indoors and outdoors. However, this plant thrives in a warm, dry, sunny climate akin to California.


When growing Mendo Breath, your aim should be to enhance its terpene content to maximize its deliciously sweet flavors and aroma. A complex, healthy soil rich in essential nutrients will help nourish the plant during its different stages of growth. There are prepared super soil mixes available for about twenty to thirty bucks.

Alternatively, you can provide the Mendo Breath plant with the essential macronutrients it needs during its different stages of growth. Begin by applying above-average levels of nitrogen in the vegetative stage. When in the flowering stage, provide high levels of phosphorus and potassium to help maximize its terpene content.

Mendo Breath’s flowering period is between 7-9 weeks indoors, and October is the ideal month for outdoor harvesting. Those who grow Mendo Breath indoors can expect an average yield of between 10-12 ounces per square meter. If you grow Mendo Breath outdoors, you are looking at a return of around 12 ounces per plant.

THC Content – Highest Test

Mendo Breath contains a maximum THC content of around 20%.

CBD Content – Highest Test

This strain contains minimal CBD, reportedly around 0.11%.

Medical Benefits of the Mendo Breath Strain

The great thing about this strain is that it offers many benefits to the medicinal and recreational cannabis consumer. Mendo Breath may help to relieve pain due to arthritis or muscular pain.

Others consume this strain for relaxation and unwinding purposes. Mendo Breath weed generally provides users with a deep feeling of relaxation; therefore it may help relieve stress.

Mendo Breath weed is an excellent choice for anyone looking to de-stress and unwind after a long and busy day.

Its uplifting effects may also provide temporary relief to people with mood disorders such as depression and anxiety. Mendo Breath is considered to be very effective for insomnia. The reason is down to its indica genetics which deeply relaxes both body and mind. This strain is known to make people very sleepy after the initial euphoric high has worn off.

Possible Side Effects of the Mendo Breath Strain

Arguably the most significant side effect of consuming Mendo Breath weed is its dreaded couch-lock effect. Users are more likely to experience it if they overconsume and will likely feel too stoned to function properly. It is the reason why Mendo Breath users recommend consuming this strain in the evening. Pick an evening when you have no other plans and are free to relax for a while before laying down for a restful night’s sleep.

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Mendo Breath does have some more common but less inhibiting side effects, too. The main one is cottonmouth, so have a bottle of water nearby before the couch-lock effect kicks in. Another possible side effect is dry eyes, but eye drops will quickly take care of that.

Some Mendo Breath weed smokers may also feel anxious, dizzy, or even mildly paranoid, particularly if they overconsume.

Final Thoughts on the Mendo Breath Strain

Mendo Breath offers many benefits to both recreational and medicinal consumers due to its uplifting high, pain-relieving, and relaxation effects. The Mendo Breath strain is one of the best tasting and beautifully fragrant out there, so cannaseurs will appreciate this hybrid.

Finally, novices should note Mendo Breath’s potential to cause couchlock before deciding whether to consume it.

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