Empower Clinics Portland Review (Formerly THCF Medical)

Empower Clinics – formerly known as THCF Medical Clinics – is not your standard medical marijuana clinic. Unlike many MMJ services, they don’t just refer you to a doctor and forget all about you. They are one of a kind.

This company provides abundant information about the industry and helps patients to understand their best options. They also help cannabis users to obtain medical marijuana cards.

Empower Clinics is one of the nation’s premier cannabis physician facilities. It is a Canadian company with its headquarters in Ontario. However, it provides extensive services throughout the United States. It has 40 monthly clinics and has helped over 165,000 patients to date.

Aside from visiting a clinic in Arizona or Oregon, patients can use the Empower Clinic’s telemedicine service in the following locations:

Furthermore, Empower can help if you need to obtain a permit to possess marijuana legally.

Empower Clinics Portland: All You Need to Know

Empower Clinics is genuinely one of the most professional and highest quality services available. However, they ensure that every patient has a thorough consultation before issuing MMJ approval.

The telemedicine service enables patients to receive approval online. It is becoming one of the company’s most popular services.

The clinic provides high-level professional information about medical marijuana. It also sells a proprietary line of CBD products formulated by field experts and scientists. Recently, Empower announced that it was going to expand research into psilocybin and psychedelic research.

At the time of writing, the following are the most important individuals associated with Empower Clinics:

  • Chief Executive Officer: Steve McAuley
  • SVP Business Development: Dustin Klein
  • VP Operations: Andrea Klein
  • CTO: Joseph Cohen
  • Director: Andrejs Bunkse
  • Advisor: Darren Prins
  • Legal Counsel: Bennett Jones
  • CFO: Kyle Appleby

Products and Services

Empower Clinics is one of a handful of operations that owns a cannabinoid extraction facility. Its CBD-based product is called “Sollievo,” which is the Italian word for ‘relief.’ The range includes:

  • Lotion
  • Tinctures
  • Patches
  • Lozenges
  • Hemp extract drops
  • Pet elixir hemp extract drops
  • Capsules

Empower Clinics recently made a massive investment to extract the active phytocannabinoids from raw plant material. This has allowed them to develop a proprietary formula which can help patients without causing an intoxicating high.

The CBD extraction operation is based in Portland. Experts claim that the massive facility can produce approximately 13,000 lbs of extract annually. This includes CBD distillates, isolates, and full-spectrum tinctures.

Those interested in using Empower Clinics can also avail of the following:

  • Educational Sessions: These are 30 minutes long and involve learning how to incorporate marijuana into your existing health plan. Empower hosts a free session each month in a handful of select locations. Staff and doctors also answer the questions of attendees.
  • Holistic Services: Certain Empower locations offer 30-minute holistic services, which include acupuncture and massage therapy.
  • Medical Consultation: This involves talking to a doctor who provides you with an individualized treatment plan and options to fit your lifestyle and needs.

Highlights of Empower/THCF Clinics Portland

The knowledge that Empower’s professional staff provide is truly impressive. It is clear that this business only hires knowledgeable and well-trained staff.

They offer invaluable information for those looking to use medical cannabis but don’t know where to start. Empower’s staff help to simplify the enormous range of cannabis-related options.


Here are a few of the things that stand out the most:

  • The first highlight is Empower’s service. They have a team of medical doctors and knowledgeable, caring support staff. This team helps you get informed and can assist with any legal aspects.
  • They also make sure you have the knowledge required to make educated decisions regarding your MMJ use. They hold an array of courses, seminars, and classes.
  • There are Empower Medical clinics in dozens of locations. You also have the option of getting an online consultation.
  • Punctuality. Empower doesn’t keep patients waiting. When it gives you an appointment time, that’s when the doctor sees you. In general, you can expect a 90% punctuality rate. Most patients say their appointment lasts less than 30 minutes.

Empower Clinics Portland Review: Our Final Thoughts

We reiterate our opinion that Empower Clinics is one of the finest medical cannabis operations in the Portland, Oregon area. It is potentially one of the best in the entire region. Their professional services are unmatched with knowledgeable and friendly staff ready to help.

Empower also offers products and services that other competing organizations can’t provide.

Their state-of-the-art phytocannabinoid extraction facility in Portland gives the company a distinct edge. There, Empower produces a proprietary line of CBD distillates, isolates, and full-spectrum CBD oils. Qualified medical cannabis patients can use these products to help with a wide array of ailments and conditions.

We believe this is one of the best medical clinics that you’ll find. Empower has helped well over 150,000 patients to date, and has further plans to expand. It is a lot more than an MMJ clinic.

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