Barney’s Farm Review (Cannabis Seeds, Special Strains, & More)

Barney’s Farm: Quick Summary


  • Barney’s Farm is a critically acclaimed breeder that offers numerous award-winning strains.
  • The brand sells a variety of seeds and strains.
  • There’s lots of information regarding growing difficulty, yield, flavors, etc.
  • Barney’s ships internationally to companies around the world.


  • There are no lab reports.
  • All prices are in euros.
  • Some customers have reported receiving male seeds.
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Barney’s Farm: Complete Review

Any weed lover has heard of Barney’s Farm. This famed brand hails from the Netherlands, with a well-frequented coffee shop in Amsterdam.

This post is a little different from our usual reviews here at WayofLeaf. More commonly, we review CBD brands and specific cannabis strains. Barney’s Farm is a tried-and-true retailer of genuine cannabis seeds. When you buy from their online shop, you receive cannabis seeds that you’ll need to grow and cultivate from scratch.

Budding cannabis growers will likely want to know whether it’s worth buying seeds from Barney’s Farm. After all, this retailer isn’t the only one on the market. Should you risk investing in seeds all the way from Europe?

Let’s find out a little more…

Barney’s Farm: About This Brand

As the story goes, a man named Derry started Barney’s Farm way back in the 90s. He was traveling the Himalayas with a group of like-minded cannabis enthusiasts, searching for authentic landrace strains.

After a surreal amount of hands-on inspiration, Derry returned to the Netherlands armed with some incredible cannabis knowledge. Then, he started up his own business. In 1992, he opened Barney’s Coffee Shop – purveyor of some of the finest cannabis seeds in all the Netherlands. The shop quickly became a success, and continues to be one of the most popular coffeeshops in the Netherlands.

Nowadays however, Barney’s Farm is also well-known as the online brand that sells cannabis seeds. You can now order seeds for Barney’s famous strains, and culticate them at home for personal use (as long as you live in an area where it’s legal to do so).

Over the years, the Barney’s Farm strains have won numerous awards. In fact, Barney’s Farm is a familiar name at the Cannabis Cup thanks to strains like G13 Haze, Amnesia Haze, Willie Nelson, Tangerine Dream, and more.

Decades on, the talented growers at Barney’s Farm continue to produce some of the best strains on the market. The breeders know what people are looking for, and have even gone on to develop some high-CBD strains for lovers of cannabidiol.

Today, Barney’s Farm ships worldwide. All European orders receive free shipping when you spend over €100; the same applies to international orders over €200. As long as you are of legal age and live in an area where it’s legal to possess and grow cannabis, you can try some of the incredible strains from Barney’s Farm. (Disclaimer: Know the laws in your area! We are NOT responsible for orders that you place online!)

Barney’s Farm Product Overview

Barney’s Farm has an extensive collection and is releasing new strains all the time. Thankfully, the website is well-organized for convenient browsing. You can choose between categories including Best Sellers, New Released, High-CBD Strains, High-THC Strains, and more.

Each product description contains lots of information about the strain’s seeds, including growing difficulty.

Below, we check out three of the best strains on the Barney’s Farm website right now.

Best Seller: Sour Strawberry

Sour Strawberry is listed under Barney’s Farms best sellers right now. The breeders developed it by combining Strawberry Kush and Sour Diesel. It’s a balanced hybrid with excellent potency thanks to the high THC content, which ranges between 22% and 24%.

Barney’s Farm provides a lot of information for prospective growers, explaining the yield, effects, and genetics.  This useful data includes details of the best temperature to germinate the seeds. In the case of Sour Strawberry, the ideal temperature range is between 70 and 90 degrees Fahrenheit. Also, these seeds are feminized, so you should have no problem growing them.

This brand gives you the option of choosing how many seeds you would like to buy. Prices start at €12 for one seed, going up to €78 for ten seeds. These prices are quite reasonable for such a popular strain.

High-CBD Strain: CBD Critical Cure

It’s excellent to see a section for high-CBD strains on the Barney’s Farm website. Not everyone wants to get stoned when using cannabis, so high-CBD options are becoming increasingly popular.

Some of the high-CBD strains start at just €9 per seed, making these an affordable option for MMJ users. However, the strain we chose to review is CBD Critical Cure, a well-known example of CBD-focused cannabis. As a more popular strain, Barney’s Farm charges €29 for three seeds; it isn’t possible to buy just one. Ten seeds cost €85.

The indica-heavy Critical Cure strain contains around 15% CBD, which is remarkable by most accounts. Sadly, Barney’s Farm has not included the THC content on the website, which is a shame. It does state that the user can expect to feel uplifted, alert, and focused.

With a piney, earthy taste and a fruity aroma, CBD Critical Cure is not one to miss out on.

New Release: Wedding Cake Auto

The New Releases section on the Barney’s Farm website proves that this company works tirelessly to bring out new strains. You’ll never be bored! Sometimes, it’s a matter of making improvements to older strains.

In the case of Wedding Cake Auto, Barney’s Farm took a well-loved strain and made it auto-flowering. Now, you can enjoy the trichome-packed, tasty experience of Wedding Cake in a form that’s much easier to cultivate.

wedding cake auto

The website says that these seeds are resistant to bugs and stress, and the root structure grows more rapidly than other options. Apparently, the buds are ready after just 70 days, providing a harvest of 750g per meter squared outdoors. That’s impressive!

Furthermore, Wedding Cake Auto possesses a potent 25% THC content and an impressive 2.4% CBD level. The product description also includes links to social media videos where you can watch experienced growers cultivate this strain. It’s a lovely touch to show that Barney’s Farm goes the extra length.

Final Thoughts on Barney’s Farm

It’s tricky to find a negative word to say a bad word about Barney’s Farm when it’s so famed. This well-loved coffee shop has taken the marijuana world by storm for over 30 years, consistently bringing excellent strains to the table.

A few customers claim to have received male seeds, but Barney’s Farm does not say that all the seeds are feminized. Try using the ‘Feminized’ section on the website to ensure you’re buying female plants.

The prices are also in euros, which can be irritating. Thankfully, a quick google currency conversion is only a click away! The Barney’s website is easy to navigate and the prices are reasonable, so it’s not too much trouble.

At the end of the day, there’s a reason why Barney’s Farm has remained so successful: It’s simply the best.

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