Can You Use Already Vaped Bud (AVB)?

If you live in Oregon, you can benefit from world-class marijuana for less than $200 an ounce. However, in other states, you can expect to pay perhaps double that price. Certainly, cannabis users will take any opportunity to save money where they can.

One of the advantages of vaporizing marijuana is that you can reuse it. While combusted cannabis loses its cannabinoids, a certain amount of THC and other compounds can remain after vaping. Of course, a lot depends on the temperature you vape at. Ideally, you’ll keep it below 440 degrees Fahrenheit. Typically, the greener the already-vaped bud (AVB), the more potent it is.

If you have AVB, store it in an airtight container. It is also worth investing in a humidity pack to keep the cannabis from going bad. What this article does is highlight five cool ways to use AVB. First of all, however, let’s discuss a great technique to improve the quality of your AVB.

Water Curing Your AVB

Before you do anything else with your already-vaped bud, you should water cure it. Otherwise, the AVB will taste pretty foul. We’ve heard many users complain about the flavor of the edibles they try to create using AVB. What water curing does is remove the nasty aroma and taste.

Ideally, you will take your time with the water curing process. Experts recommend doing it across three days at the very least. Some claim this step should take up to a week. Here is a quick overview of what to do:

  • Place the AVB in a cheesecloth, and tie the cloth with a string.
  • Allow it to soak in a bowl of water. Replace the water every four hours.
  • After a few days, drain the water from the cheesecloth, and add the AVB to a baking sheet.
  • Bake it in the oven for two hours at a temperature of around 200 degrees. Shake the bud every half an hour or so.

The above process should significantly improve the quality of the AVB. Now that you have reasonable quality bud, here are five things you can do with it.

1 – Create Tasty Edibles

Follow our cannabutter recipe using AVB. This will give you the main ingredient required for marijuana edibles. Assuming you’ve water cured your AVB, this is an excellent option. The edibles you create will mask the flavor reasonably well and make use of the leftover bud.

Although AVB is less potent than its fresh counterpart, it is still wise to add it to edibles sensibly.

You can create cakes, pastries or sprinkle it on salads or your usual dinner dishes. One advantage is that you don’t need to decarboxylate it again. Although AVB is less potent than its fresh counterpart, it is still wise to add it to edibles sensibly. Unlike fresh cannabis, there is little chance of you knowing how much THC the AVB contains. Therefore, caution is advised.

2 – Marijuana Capsules

These days, THC capsules are relatively inexpensive, depending on where you live. However, it isn’t always easy to find reputable merchants. One option is to use your AVB to create cannabis capsules. One of the benefits of these pills is their ease of use. Consuming one is as simple as swallowing the capsule with water. It is also a consumption method that allows for discretion.

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If this sounds appealing, all you need to do is buy empty gel capsules. Then you can carefully add your AVB to them. Please note that it can take several hours for the THC in a capsule to take effect. Also, the bioavailability of oral consumption is much lower than if you vaporize a compound. Edibles are also consumed orally and users face the same issues with absorption rate.

3 – Create Hot THC Beverages

Once again, the fact that your AVB is already decarbed means you can add it to anything and feel the effects. Many people find that sprinkling some in their coffee or tea in the morning helps kickstart the day. If you’re brewing coffee, add the AVB to the granules. Including some delicious hazelnut syrup, milk, or cream in your drink will also mask any unpleasant flavors.


Those who prefer tea can add the already-vaped bud to their tea leaves and let everything steep for a while. Once again, it is a good idea to add sugar, honey, or milk to disguise the cannabis taste. Since cannabinoids bind to fat, it is certainly worth adding a splash of cream or milk if you normally do.

4 – Coconut Oil

While this isn’t as popular an option as the above, it is a great way to use your AVB. Remember, cannabinoids bind to fat, and coconut oil is extremely high in fat. You’ll need a slow cooker for this process, however.

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If you have one, combine coconut oil and AVB in it and keep the mixture on low heat for several hours. Make sure you occasionally stir to prevent the mixture from burning. Once you’re satisfied that it is well-mixed, let the concoction cool. Finally, use a cheesecloth to strain the oil from the plant matter. You can try filling empty gel capsules with this oil instead of using the ground-up bud.

5 – Smoke It

It is possible to smoke your AVB in a joint, but it is the least enjoyable option. This is the method of choice for people who don’t want to make edibles, sprinkle bud on food, make oil, or create capsules.

Already-vaped bud doesn’t taste great when smoked, and it is harsh on your lungs.

If the AVB is relatively green, you might find that it provides a reasonable buzz. However, brown AVB is more likely to cause a coughing fit than provide satisfying intoxication. Already-vaped bud doesn’t taste great when smoked, and it is harsh on your lungs. Therefore, you probably shouldn’t bother.

Final Thoughts on Reusing Already-Vaped Bud (AVB)

There is no longer any need to toss your vaporized bud in the garbage. With a little ingenuity and patience, you can reuse it in several ways. The options above are ideal if you love cannabis but are on a tight budget.

We also recommend vaporizing your dried flower at a relatively low temperature. This provides a nice flavor during your vaping session. It also preserves a reasonable number of terpenes, flavonoids, and cannabinoids, which ensure the bud is somewhat potent during its second use. If you have any other uses of AVB you would like to share, please leave us a comment.

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