Who Grows the Best Weed in California? [We Reveal the Truth]

It’s hard to say, but it seems there is one primary California cannabis king…

As with the time-old debate about who grows the best cannabis in the states, the same discussion exists for California specifically, and the marijuana community finds it especially difficult to decide who produces the best weed in the Golden State. There is no doubt that California grows some pretty dank herb, and certainly phenomenal product can be discovered at just about every dispensary or recreational pot shop throughout the state; but deciding on just one, that can be a real problem.

Maybe it is not even necessary to settle on a single location, but just for fun and the purpose of research and spreading of knowledge, we went ahead and thoroughly researched each region to provide the best answer to this decades-old question. Through this research, as well as personal experience and in-depth analysis, we will explain exactly where in the state you can find the best bud.

Although cannabis only became fully legal in 2016, California has been growing some of the best, top-quality bud since the 1960s, maybe even earlier. They were one of the first states to recognize marijuana for its medical use and in turn developed this into a law. Before recreational legalization, they were probably one of the easiest states to acquire a medical marijuana certification in. It is a tough call to make, choosing who produces the best Mary Jane, but we will do our best to break down the reasons why.

Keep reading to discover who grows the best weed in California…

Best Weed in California; Categories Considered:

In deciding who in California cultivates the best cannabis, these are the categories that we are considering while making our decision…

  • Cost of marijuana, for the customer
  • Growing conditions and environment, whether growing marijuana outdoor or growing cannabis indoor
  • Legalization status and overall attitude towards cannabis
  • Quality of the weed itself, in addition to access of cannabis derived products (edibles, CBD oils, concentrates, etc.)
  • Production of cutting-edge technologies and growing methods, as well as seed breeding advancements.

Who are the Growing Candidates?

When it comes to the California cannabis scene, it is at times challenging to differentiate between two different regions and the quality of their weed. For this reason, we will utilize larger classification boundaries, in order to produce a greater differentiation between locations.

San Diego County, Orange County and Los Angeles County:

These Southern California counties that line the sea and are packed full of sunshine and plenty of warm weather, are, not surprisingly, some of the best regions of CA climate-wise for growing cannabis. This is because the weather is usually predictable – it rarely drops below 40 degrees fahrenheit, and rainy days are few and far between. This implies plenty of sunshine and warmth for Mary Jane to flourish and thrive.

In addition, general attitudes towards ganja are positive in Southern California, where cannabis has already been used medically since the ‘90s. This part of Southern California also boasts an incredible pot culture, consisting of many celebrities that promote marijuana consumption, including Snoop Dogg and Cheech Marin, not to mention some of the younger ones like Miley Cyrus, Wiz Khalifa, and beyond.

San Bernardino:

Known to have not only the most skateboarders in Southern California, but also the most headshops per capita, San Bernardino has become an inland safe haven for cannabis and all things alike. This hot, desert city may seem to be an unexpected candidate, but somehow has grown to flourish into a frontrunner of the marijuana scene in California.

Additionally, the support of marijuana has been taken a step further in San Bernardino, because the city flaunts numerous cannabis-related events and festivals, including Chalice, Kushstock, and even the High Times Cannabis Cup.

The Bay Area (Oakland, San Francisco, and More):

Definitely not displaying the same type of weather that San Bernardino, San Diego, LA or Orange County does, the Bay Area is special for its own reasons because marijuana has had a history of existing in this area since the ‘60s during the flower child movement, where hippies existed freely and enjoyed their medicinal green. The practice is still prominent, but has certainly become much more organized after the recent legalization of recreational cannabis throughout the Golden State.

San Francisco, Oakland, Berkeley and Chico in particular are probably the most notorious for their incredible cannabis, with plenty of dispensaries existing in these regions as well as a generally positive attitude towards weed. This extremely liberal area has a massive tolerance and appreciation for herb, and it is not unlikely that you could witness someone lighting up on the street in plain sight. Best of all, there will not be a shortage of cannabis for you if you visit the Bay Area, particularly San Francisco, where there seems to be a dispensary on just about every block.

Humboldt County:

Known for its immense cannabis community, Humboldt County is notorious as being the Mecca of weed in California, with so much top-shelf product being produced out of this region. For this reason, even after legalization, it still remains one of the best places to get dank weed, supplying many cities across the United States as it has for years, even if it’s under the table.

Said to produce around 30% of the US’s cannabis supply, Humboldt County is filled with plenty of space and open forest regions, so you can consume your cannabis in peace and easily retreat away from the hype and madness of the city. Before the recent cannabis legalization, the feds were cracking down intensely upon growers throughout the Humboldt County region, but the recent changes have shifted this and placed less federal pressure upon local cultivators, although DEA crack-downs do still exist.

On top of all this valuable information pertaining to cannabis in California, the Golden State also has a ton of affiliation with marijuana-related companies that are introducing cutting-edge technologies and new breeds to the world of weed. Some of these companies include Aficionado Seeds, Exotic Genetix, Brothers Grimm Seeds, Bodhi Seeds, The Source Genetics, Top Dawg Seeds, Crockett Family Farms, Swamp Boys Seeds and Gage Green Group, just to name a few.

The Consensus:

After carefully weighing our research and also considering some personal experience, we believe that the place to discover the best grown weed in California is throughout the Emerald Triangle. If you are not familiar with this zone of the Golden State, it is a region of Northern California that consists of Humboldt County, Mendocino County and Trinity County, all notorious for their marijuana growing practices. There is a massive quantity of individuals growing weed in this region, long before it even became legal on a medical or recreational level.

For this reason, growers here have truly perfected the art of marijuana cultivation, paired up with the superb cultivation climate that supports quintessential conditions for ganja to thrive and flourish outdoors during the growing period from April/May till the end of October. Due to the changing of climate in recent years, it has become a bit more risky to grow outdoors, especially during April and October because there can still sometimes be frost, but overall, the weather is simply phenomenal for this purpose.

Additionally, there is quite a big cannabis cultivating community in this region, which makes it a breeze to discuss about your crops and any possible issues that might arise, as well as there being constant access to the best supplies necessary to produce out-of-this-world weed.

Challenges for the California Cannabis Scene:

By far the biggest challenge for the California cannabis scene is the presence of cartels, mafias, gangs and other illegal organizations. These organizations not only lessen the quality of marijuana that can be purchased from the state, but they also bring in competition for local farmers who are trying to allocate a market for their product.

With these types of organizations, it becomes challenging to understand what types of harmful chemical, toxins or pesticides were applied to certain cannabis types, which leads to potentially poisonous and carcinogenic herb. This can be avoided by purchasing marijuana only from reputable recreational pot shops or medical marijuana dispensaries, and with law changes that are taking place in California currently, there are stricter regulations in place regarding testing for pesticides. Although these changes do cause many vendors to take a financial hit, it holds the needs of the consumer as first priority.

Final Thoughts on Who Grows the Best Weed in California:

With so much incredible cannabis, it is pretty difficult to say what part of California has the best weed, but if you have ever wondered about the answer to this exact topic, our article carefully reviews much of the available information to make a decision. At the end of the day, it does not actually matter who grows the best weed in the Golden State, because most of it is pretty damn dank. We hope you not only found this article to be entertaining, but also educational and informative. It is important to remember that the consumption of marijuana is the sole responsibility of the user, and discretion should always be taken.