8 Tips for Growing Sunset Sherbet Marijuana: Practical Guide

If you have ever wanted to grow your favorite strain, and it happens to be Sunset Sherbet, then you’re in luck! In this growing guide for Sunset Sherbet, we provide eight helpful tips to navigate the tricky waters of marijuana cultivation. First, though, here’s a quick strain overview.

Sunset Sherbet (sometimes known as Sherbet) is a marijuana strain with an intense aroma and a delightfully fruity, citrusy taste.

It is a California Cookies Fam creation that’s a cross of Pink Panties and Girl Scout Cookies (GSC). It is a primarily indica-dominant (85%) hybrid that contains up to 19% THC.

Most recreational Sunshine Sherbet users consume it after work because of the mellow feeling it provides. Medical marijuana consumers, on the other hand, use it to address chronic stress and mood disorders like depression and anxiety.

Without further ado, here are eight helpful tips to show you how to grow the Sunset Sherbet strain successfully.

1 – Is Sunset Sherbet Difficult to Grow?

Experienced Sunset Sherbet growers rate its growth difficulty as moderate to hard. This is primarily because finding authentic genetics for this strain is tough. Once you have Sunset Sherbet seeds in your hand, you can try to grow them outdoors. However, you need to live in a sunny and warm Mediterranean-type climate, as Sunset Sherbet prefers warm nights and hot days.

Experienced Sunset Sherbet growers rate its growth difficulty as moderate to hard.

For indoor growers, make sure you keep the daytime temperature between 70 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Do not allow the temperature to veer far below 70 degrees when the lights are off.

Indoors, Sunset Sherbet offers a low to moderate yield of eight ounces per square meter and typically flowers after eight weeks. Outdoors, Sunset Sherbet is usually ready for harvesting by late September and produces up to 11 ounces per plant.

2 – Feeding Sunset Sherbet: It’s a Big Eater

For Sunset Sherbet to reach its full potential, you need to provide it with plenty of nutrients. Unlike some low-maintenance strains, Sunset Sherbet requires heavy feeding. This is especially the case during the vegetative stage for faster growth.

Feed Sunset Sherbet with lots of nitrogen, but don’t be afraid to use plenty of potassium and phosphorus. During the flowering stage, reduce the nitrogen feed and increase the amount of potassium and phosphorus. If you are growing hydroponically, try some store-bought Botanicare nutrients.

Even though Sunset Sherbet is a heavy feeder, it is still possible to overfeed it. Look for signs of nutrient burn, such as the edges of the leaves turning yellow or brown. While it is normal for the leaves to turn yellow near harvest, it may be a sign of nutrient burn during the late vegetative and early flowering stages. Consider using a feed journal to keep track of the nutrients you give to your plants. It will prove to be a helpful guide for future grows.

3 – Add Some Molasses if Growing in Soil

If growing your Sunset Sherbet in soil, add a spoonful of blackstrap molasses to the water in the final few weeks of blooming. Just a teaspoon per gallon of water can make all the difference and eliminate the need for expensive supplements. Molasses are very rich in nutrients, and the added sugars and carbohydrates enable your plants to blossom.

What happens is that the organisms in the soil eat the molasses and release the nutrients, which the cannabis plants then consume. It also improves the level of beneficial organisms in the soil. As a result, your plants benefit from better soil structure and improved moisture retention.

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4 – Use Other Organic Ingredients

Rather than spending money on chemical fertilizers, create a super soil filled with everything your Sunset Sherbet needs. Compost tea is a self-sustaining organic fertilizer that boosts growth and keeps pests at bay. All you need to do is add water to compost, allow it to steep for 24-36 hours, and apply it to your crop. For a more detailed description, check out our article, which tells you how to make compost tea.

Bat guano is another excellent soil additive. By adding it to water, you can prevent your marijuana plants from burning and ensure they remain well-hydrated. Bat Guano adds nitrogen and phosphorus and improves nutrient absorption. When you use organic materials rich in nutrients, there is no need to damage your soil with chemicals.

5 – Train Your Sunset Sherbet for Best Results

As Sunset Sherbet grows bushy, you need to consider topping and training your crop. Low-Stress Training (LST) techniques are great for generating new node growth. You can also use the Screen of Green (SCROG) method, which involves placing a screen above the plants. Once your plants grow through the mesh screen, bend the branches back through the screen. When you do this correctly, the entire plant gets direct exposure from your lights.


Topping involves removing the top of the plant’s main stem when it is still a seedling. Instead of growing a single cola, the plant is split into two stems when you ‘top’ it. It will grow several colas, which means your plants should grow more evenly.

6 – Keep Humidity in Check

It is crucial for your grow room to have the right level of humidity. When the crop is still at the seedling stage, keep the humidity level above 70% but below 80%. At this point, the plants have weak root systems, so you need to protect them. A higher humidity level ensures they take up more water from the growing environment and develop strong roots.

For successful growing, drop the humidity slightly during the vegetative stage. Assuming the temperature is 80 degrees, keep the relative humidity (RH) level at 60%. At this stage, your marijuana has a robust root system capable of absorbing more water from the soil.

By the late flowering stage, the RH should be in the 30-40% range with a room temperature of 70 degrees.

Lower humidity is the key to maximizing production by the early flowering stage. Keep your Sunset Sherbet in the 40-50% range to maximize production. Reduce the grow room temperature to around 70-75 degrees. By the late flowering stage, the RH should be in the 30-40% range with a room temperature of 70 degrees.

7 – Getting Your Lights Right

You will promote better growth if you invest in a high-quality lighting system. The main options include:

  • LEDs
  • Fluorescent Grow Lights such as T5s and CFLs
  • Metal Halide (MH) or High-Pressure Sodium (HPS) lights (Also known as HID lights)
  • LEC or CMH lights

It is crucial to use the best types of lighting. Many growers use MH and HPS, but LED lights provide a greater color spectrum and are becoming more common. Fluorescent grow lights are ideal if you are on a budget and have a small grow room.

By exposing your plants to the right levels of light, you can improve the yield, terpene profile and flavor. Also, you can prevent problems, like light burn, by placing your grow lights the correct distance from your Sunset Sherbet plants. Here is a quick lighting distance overview:

  • HID Lights: 150W should be 8-12 inches away. 1000W lights should be 16-31 inches away.
  • LEC or CMH Lights: 315W should be 18-20 inches away, while 630W should be 24-26 inches away.
  • LEDs: 1W bulbs should be at least 12 inches away, 3W or 5W bulbs at least 18 inches away, and a powerful light such as a 300W version at least 30 inches away.
  • Fluorescent: You are unlikely to give your plants light burn with these low-powered lights. Place your hand where the plants are in relation to the lights for half a minute. If it doesn’t feel too hot, it is the right distance away.
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8 – Consider Greenhouse Growing

You could produce even more Sunset Sherbet if you have the opportunity to use a greenhouse. They are a great way to grow cannabis plants all year round without exposing them to bad weather conditions. If you own or rent a greenhouse, you benefit from:

  • Lighting control
  • Climate and weather control
  • The ability to manipulate light cycles
  • Energy conservation

Crops such as peppers and tomatoes excel in greenhouses, and so does marijuana!

Final Thoughts on Growing Sunset Sherbet

Sunset Sherbet is a marijuana plant that enjoys a warm and sunny climate, which is why it is a favorite among California growers. As it is a bushy plant, you need to prune and train it to ensure all parts receive enough light, airflow, and nutrients. The good news is that it is pretty resistant to pests and diseases.

Combine nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium (NPK) in the vegetative stage. However, remember to reduce the nitrogen feed as the plants bloom.

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