Heally | The Complete MMJ Card Review

For all those people who figured it was too time-consuming, or too much of a pain to get in their car and drive down to a medical clinic to get a physical examination for a medical marijuana recommendation, Southern California based Heally is the perfect solution for you. It is a 100% online evaluation center that will help you obtain obtain your medical marijuana recommendation.

Heally, aka Get Heally, has become incredibly popular throughout California due to its easy online process and top-notch service. One of our team members was in need of a medical marijuana card, and after going through the Heally process her immediate reaction was:

“I can’t believe that by the time I had finished, I was only halfway through my morning coffee!”

Heally Highlights

  • Heally is a 100% online evaluation process – simply register on the Heally website and you’ll be connected via video chat with a physician who will assess your condition and determine if you’re eligible for a medical marijuana recommendation.
  • The online platform is HIPAA-compliant, meaning patients can rest assured that the confidentiality of their records is safe and secure.
  • Unlike other medical marijauan card providers, with Heally what you see is what you get; the price is $50 for an online examination, which can be done using any major debit or credit card. And the good thing is, there are no hidden costs or fees.
  • In most cases, MMJ recommendations are available immediately to print, and Medical Marijuana ID cards are mailed same-day to a physical address you provide during the Heally online application process.

Moreover, all of the physicians associated with Heally are California licensed, which is a requirement by state law in order for patients to receive a legitimate examination and subsequent recommendation for medical marijuana.

We’ve actually used Get Heally a few times in the past, and in honest truth we were so impressed that they’ve become one of our top recommended MMJ Card Providers on the site.

The process is incredibly smooth and streamlined, and together we’ve created a process that is so easy to use that even non-tech savvy people will understand what they are supposed to do. Simply start the process with the WayofLeaf MMJ assistant, and we’ll do all the hard work for you. All you’ll need to do is schedule your 420 evaluation with Heally, and get your medical marijuana card.

Final Thoughts About Heally MD

With Heally online MMJ evaluations, the process of getting a marijuana recommendation ID Card is incredibly simple – you don’t even have to leave your home to do it. Heally works with some of the best doctors and physicians in California, and you’ll never have to wait in line to see one.

Over the last year, they have helped hundreds of customers get approved for marijuana and receive their legal license to buy medical-grade marijuana – often on the very same day as the initial consultation!

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