8 Tips for Growing Amnesia Haze Cannabis [Grower’s Guide]

Amnesia Haze is one of the most well-known cannabis strains out there. Its fame and popularity skyrocketed as tourists from around the world flocked to Amsterdam to sample this fantastic strain. Amnesia Haze is a strain with a rich history – and an even richer taste.

However, buying Amnesia Haze at a dispensary or coffee shop is one thing; growing it yourself is something different altogether.

If you’ve ever made something, you’ll understand why it’s much more satisfying than buying the same thing from a store. This principle also extends to weed. Buying from your local store is perfectly fine, but when you grow it yourself, it tastes out of this world!

However, growing your own Amnesia Haze (or one of your other favorite strains) isn’t necessarily super easy. You need to consider things like the strain’s preferred climate. You have to factor in the flowering time. With so many different pieces of information to learn, growing a strain at home can seem like a daunting task.

Never fear, though, as, in this article, we present a simple, step-by-step Amnesia Haze grow guide. If you follow these pointers, it will save you a lot (let us reiterate – A LOT) of headaches down the road. So, without further ado, here are some tips on how to grow Amnesia Haze cannabis for potent, optimal yields.

#1) Amnesia Haze: Strain Review

Amnesia Haze was created from old Haze genetics, which gives it a rich and storied history.

Amnesia Haze is one of the original strains that was smoked back in the day. This strain is famous for its signature fruity flavor, which has a tangy, citrus quality. Amnesia Haze consumers describe its high as a euphoric buzz, with lots of happiness and positive energy.

Amnesia Haze is a high-yielding sativa, which means it typically produces a potent yield of “usable” bud.

Additionally, Amnesia Haze is a two-time Cannabis Cup winner, so it has the support of global cannabis experts backing up how great it is.


#2) Difficulty Growing Amnesia Haze

It is challenging to grow this strain reliably outdoors as it needs warm weather to flourish. If you live in a region where temperatures drop considerably during fall, then you won’t have much joy cultivating this strain. Put quite simply; we don’t recommend attempting to grow Amnesia Haze in this type of climate.

Amnesia Haze’s grow difficulty is rated as moderate by experienced growers of this strain. You will see why in the next section.

#3) Growing Techniques for Amnesia Haze

Amnesia Haze is a long flowering sativa, which means it takes quite a while to flower for harvestable yields. It will take between 10-11 weeks for this strain to flower. Therefore, you need to ensure the conditions for your Amnesia Haze crop are consistently optimal throughout its growth cycle.

As most regions experience a drop in temperature during Fall, Amnesia Haze is a difficult strain for outdoor growing. Experienced growers recommend that you use large pots when growing Amnesia Haze outdoors as the plant’s size will surprise you. You will also need to prune it regularly to keep its size and shape under control.

Amnesia Haze is pretty susceptible to pest issues and infections. You need to be on the lookout for pests as they can damage your crop.

It is also essential to ensure that your plant is receiving enough light. You can do this by trimming the broad fan leaves to help improve light distribution to the lower flowering nodes. This will also help improve airflow, too. It is also necessary to keep this plant in a well-ventilated environment.

#4) Amnesia Haze Yield

One of the best things about the Amnesia Haze strain is its impressively high yield. This generous return makes all of the extra effort you put in worth it in the long run.

Amnesia Haze can have a crazily high yield, which is one of the primary reasons people like to grow it at home.

You are looking at a yield of around 25 ounces per plant if you grow this strain outdoors. If you grow this strain indoors, then you can expect an average return of between 21 ounces per square meter.


#5) Feeding your Amnesia Haze Plants

Amnesia Haze is one of those strains that need a little extra attention when it comes to feeding. Amnesia Haze growers recommend that you use foliar feeding to help boost your plant’s immune system. Foliar feeding involves spraying the liquid fertilizer directly onto the leaves.

Experienced Amnesia Haze growers recommend using compost tea to help your plants in their battle against disease, infections, and viruses. You can create your compost tea by steeping compost in aerated water.

When you apply compost tea as a foliar spray, it can provide your plant with micronutrients. The plant absorbs these micronutrients through their stomata.

While a somewhat controversial practice, many growers believe that compost tea provides several benefits to a growing plant. Compost tea advocates believe that it introduces nutrients, beneficial bacteria, and fungal colonies to the plant’s leaves or the soil that you are growing your plants in.

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#6) Growing Outdoors/Indoors

Though we’ve already mentioned this in the growing techniques section, it’s so crucial that it needs its own section. Your local climate should determine the decision of whether or not to grow indoors or outdoors.

If you live in a place that gets a warm fall season, you typically don’t have to worry about cold weather affecting the flowering time of your Amnesia Haze plants.

An Amnesia Haze plant needs consistently warm temperatures throughout its growth cycle. As this strain has an unusually long flowering period, growing this plant outdoors is only an option for people who live in a warm climate.

If the climate where you live is unsuitable, the good news is that you can grow this plant indoors. This way, you can carefully monitor and control the temperature in your grow room. We will look at the optimal temperature range in the ‘Best Climate for Growing the Amnesia Haze Strain’ section below.

#7) Amnesia Haze Flowering Time

As already mentioned, Amnesia Haze has a long flowering time of about 10-11 weeks. This long flowering time is pretty typical of sativas. However, it does mean that you will have to pay special attention to your plants for longer.

When it’s time for flowering, you can expect to have a lot more work than you’d ever expect. Therefore, make sure you’re prepared to devote the necessary time to your plants.


#8) Best Climate for Growing the Amnesia Haze Strain

When growing cannabis, it’s essential to consider the optimal temperature ranges to produce the most bud possible. You don’t want your plants to freeze, or worse, suffer undue strain and produce inferior quality buds.

PRO TIP: To keep your Amnesia Haze plants healthy, try and keep them at a temperature between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit.

If you’re growing indoors, make sure you monitor the temperature and prevent it from dropping below this level. Keep it warm, keep it fed, and, most importantly, keep it healthy.

Final Thoughts on Growing Amnesia Haze

The key things to consider if you are planning on growing the Amnesia Haze strain:

  • This plant needs to be grown in a warm climate. The optimal temperature range is between 70-85 degrees Fahrenheit. You will not achieve the desired yield if you grow it outdoors in a cold climate. This is also true for regions where fall temperatures drop below the optimal range.
  • An Amnesia Haze plant has a more extended than average flowering period. It typically takes 10-11 weeks to flower. Optimal growing conditions need to be maintained throughout the growth cycle.
  • Regular pruning is necessary to keep this plant’s shape under control. Trim the larger fan leaves to help improve light distribution to the plant’s lower flowering nodes.
  • Keep your Amnesia Haze plants in a well-ventilated grow room.
  • This plant is susceptible to pests and infections. Use a compost tea foliar spray to help ward off pests and diseases. Feed the plants lots of nutrients and liquid fertilizer.

The Amnesia Haze strain is a moderately tricky strain to grow. Therefore, it is not recommended for novice growers. Experienced growers who are up for the challenge will enjoy exceptionally high yields in return for their efforts.

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