How to Make Those Nugs Last [And Conserve Your Weed!]

If you indulge in cannabis recreationally during the odd social get-together, then it is unlikely to be a habit that breaks the bank. However, we are well aware of the number of people who rely on marijuana for medicinal purposes, as well as those who turn to a swift joint after a long, stressful day at the office.

When it comes down to it, cannabis isn’t cheap, and it isn’t just the pot itself that you need to be mindful of, either. Along with the price of your favorite bag of bud, you also have to take into consideration the equipment that comes with it: papers, filters, bongs, vapes, pipes, etc. The list can be pretty extensive if you are a big weed enthusiast!

While it may take a certain level of self-discipline to pull it off, there are things that you can do to conserve your cannabis better and make those nugs last a much longer time! So, if you are looking for smarter ways to consume your marijuana, stick around for our top tips!

#1 Using a Zero-Waste Approach to Smoking

Ever noticed those crumbs that fall off your bud when breaking up or grinding? You’d be surprised how many cannabis lovers carelessly throw those bits into the trash, but what you might be shocked to know is that they can pack one hell of a high and are 100% smokable!

Commonly referred to as ‘kief,’ these dregs from your best buds tend to gather at the bottom of your grinder and are often thrown away, perceived to be of no use. Many dispensaries up and down America sell kief. Thanks to its potent nature as a cannabis concentrate, it is deemed medically beneficial.

If you are looking for easy ways to make the most of your money—and pot—gather up and keep that kief for a rainy day when your bud supply is running short. It may be a random array of all the buds you have smoked in the past four weeks, but it can be a great way of getting high on a budget and ensuring not a single bit of wastage.

#2 Consider Downsizing

We get it; there is nothing quite like holding a big, fat joint full to the brim with your favorite bud. It looks, feels, and tastes fantastic. However, there is a huge downside to those big-boy blunts and juicy joints, and that is the cost!

If you are using the best part of your stash in one go, you are likely to be spending hundreds of dollars a month, or even a week, on cannabis, and for the most part, that is not a sustainable way of living.

If you are on the hunt for ways to be thriftier with your weed, why not try downsizing your joints for a more cost-effective high? Creating thinner joints can be an easy way to use less pot without going out of your way or restricting entirely.

And for those worried about getting less high from smaller roll-ups, don’t worry—the smaller and tightly packed the joint, the less bud will be wasted, and it will only end up burnt into inconsumable ash anyway!

#3 Bong-Up!

If you are only used to the old-school ways of enjoying weed, then you may not be familiar with the benefits of using a bong. Although a little daunting if you are new to it, smoking marijuana through a bong can be one of the easiest ways to get high on a budget!

When you light up a joint, you are essentially starting a burning process, which is constant and so leads to a lot of cannabis being burned to ash and wasted. With a bong, you can consume the entire hit in one go, allowing no wastage, not to mention the high is on another level!

If one bong hit isn’t enough (although it is likely to be, bongs pack a harder punch than most joints), then fill her up once again; ultimately, you will still be using less weed than you would be wasting in a joint!

#4 Pass on the Wake ‘N’ Bake

You wouldn’t indulge in a pint or glass of wine first thing in the morning, so why consume weed? The concept of wake ‘n’ bake is a great one, and on a dreary Sunday, it can make all the difference to one’s mood. That being said, indulging in cannabis first thing in the morning can become a costly way of enjoying marijuana and is guaranteed to deplete your stash before you know it.

The more you smoke weed, the more your tolerance builds, and this is particularly true when it comes to a morning smoke. Any wake ‘n’ bake lover will tell you that there is something extra special about the potency and longevity of that first early morning joint, but the more you do it, the more top-ups you require throughout the day to maintain those good feels.

Skipping the wake ‘n’ bake and treating yourself to an early evening smoke after your tasks are done for the day can be a much more effective way of enjoying your best bud on a budget. Like you would treat a glass of wine, make weed your post-work indulgence.

#5 Bulk-Buy!

Perhaps you purchase your desired strain as and when you want a joint or two, and if this works for you,, then all power to you! However, if you find that you are running out of weed often and spending unreasonable amounts of money to replenish your stock, then bulk buying could be the answer you’re looking for.

Most dispensaries will offer a price cut on larger purchases of cannabis, so it can pay off to buy in bulk. The difficult bit comes when you’re back home with a couple of weeks’ worth of bud in front of you!

Exercising self-control and distributing your bud sensibly across the number of days you want it to last can be a great visual way of keeping track of how much you are consuming. Even if you go over your daily allowance on some occasions, the chances are you still consumed less and saved more money than before you decided to do this!

Round-Up: Can You Be Getting More Out of Your Cannabis?

Whether you are a full-time, part-time, or social cannabis smoker, we understand it can be easy to lose track of how much you have used and how much money you have spent!

By following just one of our tips, you can become more aware of how much weed you consume daily, and you can work towards making it last longer!

Whether it means fewer social gatherings where you are the regular cannabis supplier for your empty-handed pals or just a different way of consuming it yourself, there are always things you can do to help!

We would love to know in the comments if you have tried any of our tips for making your weed last longer or if you have any good advice to share.

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